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  • 1. Influential Music Video: Eliza Doolittle -RollerbladesAnna Wylde

2. Eliza Doolittle, not only in this video, but ingeneral, is inspirational for the artist we wishto create for many reasons. Her music isquirky, calm and happy, and her musicvideos reflect this. She gives off summervibes, and although the theme of our video iswintery, they are similar in that her videos arecheerful and upbeat and this is what we wantto achieve in our video. 3. In this particular video, Rollerblades,there are many similarities between thevideo, and the vision for our musicvideo. For example, there is noconcrete narrative with a beginning,middle and end, however there is abasic storyline that the audience canfigure out from the lyrics and thevisuals. In the video she is seen with amale character, who is presumablywho she is singing about. However, thevideo is far more focused on her (asshe is the star) rather than him. This iswhat we plan for our video. That themain focus of course will be on thefemale star, but there will beappearances from a male character. 4. Another thing about this video that Ithink is an example of how we want ourmusic video to look like is the use ofnatural lighting. The video has a verynatural look and doesnt give theimpression of being shot in a studio orhaving lots of effects used. The makersof the video have utilized the naturalsun lighting, which is something that Ipersonally looks very pretty and addsto the image Eliza Doolittle is hoping toachieve.The use of natural sun lighting issomething I definitely want to have inour video as it will help achieve thenatural look that we want. 5. Another thing I like about this particular video isits effective simplicity. If the music video for thissong had been full of computer generatedimages, or special effects, it would not havesuited the song/lyrical content OR the image ofthe artist. In the video for Rollerblades there isno complex plot or loads of characters orlocations. It simply focuses on the star having abike ride.Because our song Life Happens is a simple songwith a positive message telling us to enjoy life, itwould be confusing to make an action-packed,futuristic video. This is why we have planned tomake a home-video type, simple video, withvisuals that we hope will compliment the lyrics.I take inspiration from Eliza Doolittle as she has asimilar laid-back, fun-loving vibe to what we wishto create.