Independent custody service solutions

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Independent custody service solutions. Operations Evaluation for Raytheon Bank of New York Mellon Asset Servicing and Korte & Associates Consulting, LLC. GIG HARBOR WASHINGTON 98335 | 253.865.8949. Independent custody service solutions. Independent custody service solutions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Operations Evaluation for Raytheon

Bank of New York Mellon Asset Servicing andKorte & Associates Consulting, LLC

GIG HARBOR WASHINGTON 98335 | 253.865.8949

Korte & Associates Consulting, LLC
We are:independent consultants focused on investment operations;seasoned professionals whose expertise is with custody services and plan sponsors operations giving us an uncommon understanding of both sides of issues;a neutral partnerfocused on your specific challengeswho can stand with you in front of your board, vendors, legal team, auditors and managers; andexperts you can rely on to streamline your processes and provide sound, objective advice.

Our Approach
Determine objectivesEstablish project goalsDocument current state of operations interviews

Our Approach
Conduct assessment of Raytheon's service needsEvaluate needs/wants compared to BNYM capabilitiesReconcile with industry practices

Our Approach
Identify and develop potential solutionsPresent findings and recommendationsAssist with implementation as required

Todays Kickoff Objective
Discuss operational friction pointsDiscuss the due diligence approach Determine resource commitments TimelineSimilar projects typically run 6-10 weeksDetermine target completion datesDiscuss immediate next stepsOnsite operational review at RaytheonDue diligence on BNYM services

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Contact Korte & Associates Consulting, LLCGreg Korte - gk@korteconsultants.comPhone: 253.265.8949

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