Increasing Your Website Or Blog Traffic

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  • 1. Increasing Your Website Or Blog TrafficThere are many different ways to increase the traffic to your website, but it is not easy work. Youmust put in time at lest a few times per week to get your website out there. Here are some great toolsI use to increase my website and blog traffic.TwitterMany people do not look at twitter as a way to increase website traffic. However, it is a great way todraw attention to your website. Especially if you have a good many followers.If you do not have a large amount of followers, build on your followers by creating great content.Do not over share your content, your friends and followers will feel more like you are spamming themthan attempting to increase your content.StumbleUponStumbleUpon is a great way to reach people on on their interest level. You post your link, and a littlebit about your website or blog, or specifically about your post, and you will reach the people whoshare the share your interest. That is the goal, reaching people that share the interest of your posts.RedditReddit is a great way to increase your traffic by using interest based search. You can reach a wideaudience, and other people have the chance to share your link with the people who keep an eye ontheir profile.ShareaholicShareaholic is a great way to reach people. You have all of the great sharing resources at your fingertips in a single drop down menu. All you have to do is download the toolbar and choose the websitesthat you would like to automatically share with. You can then choose one from the drop down menuand share instantly with all of your followers, on many different websites at the same content