In the Nets, Analysis by the ICC Global Cricket Academy
In the Nets, Analysis by the ICC Global Cricket Academy
In the Nets, Analysis by the ICC Global Cricket Academy
In the Nets, Analysis by the ICC Global Cricket Academy

In the Nets, Analysis by the ICC Global Cricket Academy

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Just what makes Sachin Tendulkar so good.

Text of In the Nets, Analysis by the ICC Global Cricket Academy

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    ABOUT MUDASSAR NAZARMudassar has a wealth of playing and coaching experience having played 76 Tests and 122 ODIs for Pakistan during the 1970s and 80s. One of his predecessors as Pakistans opening bat being his father, Nazar Mohammad. He scored over 4,000 Test runs with a highest score of 231 and an average 38. He coached the Kenyan national team, was NCA Director in Pakistan and is now at the ICC GCA.


    One of the greatest batsmen of any cricketing era, Sachin Tendulkar has consistently performed at the very highest level of international cricket for two decades. Sachin Tendulkar has currently amassed 42 Test Centuries at an average of close to 55 and has been the most complete batsman of his time, and arguably the worlds biggest

    cricketing icon as well. But what makes him so good?Technically, his batting is based on the purest basic principles:

    perfect balance, economy of movement, precision in stroke-making, and that intangible quality given only to geniuses, anticipation. His ability, skill and technique allows him to score runs freely all around the wicket, o both front foot and back, and has made runs in all parts of the world in all conditions. If we watch other great modern day players like Jacques Kallis or Ricky Ponting, they probably di er slightly in technique and style from Sachin, but all great batsmen have a common denominator: perfect Balance at the Crease.

    HEADHe watches and plays the ball with a still head.

    KNEEHe bends his back knee to offer balance and weight transfer.

    ICC Global Academy Coach and former Pakistan Test player, reveals the secrets of the master blaster


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    HANDSAllows hands to extend in direction of shot

    BACK LEGHe pushes off inside of his back foot to get well forward enabling him to get on top of the ball.

    ELBOWHis high elbow and top wrist locked to enable him to hit the ball with the full face of the bat.

    FRONT FOOTThe angle of his front foot is facing towards where he wants to hit the ball, creating a plane.

    POSITIONHis head nishes towards the front leg with eyes level. Notice the direction of his momentum

    His batting is based on the purest basic principles: perfect balance, economy of movement and precision in stroke making

    SACHIN TENDULKARThe Secrets of the Masters game 1 Sachin does what all the great compact batsmen do when driving on the front foot, he stays perfectly balanced by not over stridding. If the stride is too long or two short, balance is compromised.

    2 He plays the ball amazingly late. Sachin always watches the ball right to the end before executing any shot. This gives him effortless timing and means he rarely plays at balls he doesnt need to.

    3 Sachin keeps his head amazingly still. Even in his stance as the bowler is approaching, you wont see too much bobbing of the head. This allows his eyes to stay level and gives him the clearest view of the ball as possible at all times.

    4 In the cover drive he plays (above) you can see that his back foot is on toe and raised. This allows him to keep his head and weight over the front leg (around 75% of

    his weight is over his front leg here), instead of leaning back which may cause him to hit the ball in the air.

    5 Sachin Tendulkar doesnt seem to have a signature stroke because he is equally profi cient in each of the full range of orthodox shots. His high hands and high left elbow allow him to keep the bat face open and pointing in the direction he wants to hit the ball.


    GRIPTendulkar grips the bat low, suiting his wristy, punchy controlled play.

    HEADEyes always on the ball. He plays with a clear, calm head. Only ever focussing on the next ball

    Clarity of thought

    is the key to top quality shot selection, practice is what gives him such good execution

    What is most impressive about Sachin Tendulkar is that he keeps his game incredibly simple. Clarity of thought is the key to top quality shot selection, practice is what gives him such good shot execution. What often happens during performance is that players become distracted and their

    perception of the ball is blurred by internal battles (against poor timing or lack of foot movement or opposition etc), which only adds frustration to the problem.

    Tendulkar has always remained the epitome of calm assuredness at the crease. Never tapping his bat too

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    hard, nor losing his temper or allowing himself to become embroiled in personal battles. The time for thinking and analysing is on the training ground. The match pitch is the place for allowing all those instincts to be expressed. Nobody does that better than Sachin. Cricket

    Measured and calmEven when put under pressure by short stuff, Tendulkar remains composed. Watching the ball at all times.

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