IN-TEXT CITATIONS for Direct Quotes APA Style. What is an in-text citation? What is a direct quote? What is APA style ?

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IN-TEXT CITATIONS for Direct QuotesAPA Style

What is an in-text citation?What is a direct quote?What is APA style ?

Why are honeybees in this presentation?Why not, theyre cute.And, they make delicious honey.

Anyway, APA means American Psychological Association, a professional organization. It identifies the source of information in the body of your writing.What is an in-text citation?

A direct quote or quotation is when you use the exact words from a book or other source in your own writing.You must use quotation marks around these words to show that you did not write them.If you do not, it is plagiarism or stealing the words.

Remember, plagiarism is cheating. Students get in big trouble for cheating at HCT.Fortunately, it is easy to format direct quotations. Lets see how.

After the quotation marks, you must show where the words came from. Do it like this : (Author, year, page)You put it in the body of your writing, not at the bottom of a page or at the end.

Blah blah blah di di di tran tran tran.Open parenthesis markLetter p lower case. Dot. Page numberAuthors last name only. Comma. Space.Closed parenthesis mark Year. Comma.Space. (Author, year, p. #)

The complete citation (author name, year, title, city, publisher & pages) must be in the Bibliography or Reference List at the end of your paper.

If the authors name appears as part of your text, write the year in parentheses after the name. After the quote, write the page number in parentheses.For example : Smith (2004) has said that by 2010 Dubai will be the most interesting city in the world (p. 23).Here is a different situation.

But, the authors name, year, and page number must appear in parentheses.Words words words words words words words words words words words wordsWords words words words words wordsWords words words words words wordsWords words words words words wordsWords words words words words wordsWords words words words words wordsWords words words (Smith, 2004, p. 23).

What about very long quotations, more than 40 words?You must tab over and create a block. No quotation marks are needed around this block.

What if you dont need all the words and want to omit some words in a quotation?

Use . . . for the words you omitted. This is called an ellipsis. words . . . words

What if the grammar does not make sense when you add the quote? Or, you need to add a word?

Use square brackets to show that the word you added was not in the original.She [Lady MacBeth] suffered from guilt.

What if the source is a website?

Again, write the authors last name and year.

But, if there is no author, write the first 3 words of the title of the webpage in italics and the year.

For different examples, look in a book like this.It is on the library shelf at BF 76.7 .P47 2007Or, enter APA in a title or keyword search of the library catalogue to find similar books.

I hope this helps you understand how to write APA in-text citations for direct quotes. Ask your teacher or your friendly librarian if you have any questions.

HAPPY WRITING !Thank you for listening !


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