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    Improving Overall Wellness Through Connected Health in

    Home Chris Otto, Sr. Vice President Healthcare at MobileHelp

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    • PERS – Evolution, Advantages • Fall Detection • New Form Factors • Connected Health Technology

    • Voice Activation • Remote Patient Monitoring

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    Evolution of PERS

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    Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)

    • Quick response in an emergency • Avoid Complications of not getting help quickly

    - Missed Medications, infection, hypothermia, etc. • Ability to deliver other helpful features:

    - Fall Detection - Activity Monitoring - Medication Adherence - Online Caregiver Portals

    • Empowers Seniors to Age in Place

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    Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS)

    (1) Fall Button™ does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their help button when they need assistance. Fall Button™ is not intended to replace a caregiver for users dealing with serious health issues.

    All the advantages of PERS Plus… • Emergency Help outside the home – and

    extended help on larger properties – to the mailbox & back

    • Location Services • Online Caregiver Portal enables location tracking • Confidence to go for walks and exercise

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    Fall Facts for Seniors

    Fall Facts: • 1 in 4 seniors fall each year • Every Second of every day in the U.S. an older adult falls • 6x more likely to survive a fall if help arrives in first hour

    (compared to 72 hours) • In 2015, the total medical costs for falls totaled more than

    $50 billion.11 Medicare and Medicaid shouldered 75% of these costs.

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    Fall Detection Automatic Fall Detection services can give seniors the confidence to be mobile and exercise.

    • According to the Center for Disease Control, seniors who fall tend to exercise less due to fear of another fall.

    • Reduced activity causes a decrease in balance and actually increases their risk for future falls.

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    Medication Reminders

    • Remind patients when it is time to take their medication. • Keep track of adherence – patient acknowledges reminder • Staying on track with medications can help keep patients

    healthy and prevent falls from medication mix-ups • Helps keep patients out of the hospital

    Medication errors are a leading cause of accidental falls.

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    New PERS Form Factors

    Smart Watches w/mPERS Jewelry Pendants for mPERS Smartphone Apps - mPERS - Caregiver Apps

    Touch Screen Tablets w/PERS + interactive apps

    Removing barriers to adoption through new, more acceptable form factors…

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    Voice Activation Technology

    Providing voice-first, intelligent and connected services and solutions for greater peace of mind and better health outcomes.

    LifePod® Artificial Intelligence

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    Remote Patient Monitoring How it works…

    1 2 3Vitals Monitoring Devices in the comfort of the patient’s home

    Health & Adherence Data is collected on patient population

    Notifications Abnormal readings and non-compliance allow clinicians to manage populations by exception

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    Benefits of Telehealth

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    Self-Monitoring Pilot Results

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    Surveying the Industry The Case for Remote Patient Monitoring by Healthcare Professionals


    • Who is using remote patient monitoring? • Who is not? • If not, WHY? • What are healthcare professionals concerned

    about? • What are the road blocks? information/whitepapers/surveying-the-industry/

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    Implementing a Successful Telehealth Program:

    The How To’s…

    Personnel considerations

    Identify patient populations

    Plan a successful implementation

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    Selecting the Right Partners

    …is easy to work with; has clear terms

    1 2 …offers logistics management


    Three considerations – select a vendor who…

    …has a pricing model that works for your organization

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    Advantages of RPM With an RPM program, you can:

    • Deliver high-quality care, more conveniently

    • Strengthen clinician-patient relationships/improve retention

    • Manage patients with chronic conditions

    • Access patient data for informed decisions/timely intervention

    • Lower costs, increase efficiency, improve quality

    • With new Medicare Reimbursements – it has never been

    easier to start than today!

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    Chris A. Otto SVP, Healthcare Division MobileHelp 561.347.6255 Ext 545


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