Improving Learners' Speaking Skills With Podcasts XVII

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Improving Learners Speaking skills with Podcasts A podcast is an audio that is loaded into the web through a free user website. The file that is uploaded by a podcast user can also be downloaded by any other person in the world. You can download it onto a computer, iPod, and a MP3 player. The internet has become a useful tool especially for educators, it has facilitated the way teachers instruct students and the way students respond to a teaching practice. Receiving, uploading, downloading information represents a source of interactive communication between students and teachers. Now, a podcast is way of interchanging information in the e-learning educational field, its an easy tool to manage for both digital natives and digital immigrants. You just need a computer, a microphone, an editing audio tool (audacity), a podcast host. Teachers can use podcasting for different purposes, for example: Monologues and dialogues: record students presentations, role plays, topic discussion, interviews, pictures description among other activities


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