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Part 1: Generation Gray

In the science of light, a beam is passed through a prism and becomes all colors of the spectrum.

Our story begins with a lack of color, a lack of light.

Building through ten generations, our players will build color upon color, eventually leading to full light.

The Legacy Challenge rules, created by Pinstar and modified by many, will be used as guidelines. However, there are additional rules for the family to follow.

1. Each generation will be assigned a color:

1 - Gray

2 - Black

3 - Red

4 - Orange

5 - Yellow

6 Green

7 - Blue

8 - Indigo

9 - Violet

10 - White

2. Each generation will be required to add at least one room to the existing legacy house. Said room will be decorated in that generations assigned color. They may add more than one, but all must reflect their color scheme.

3. Generations may change the color of the exterior of the house to their color, but ONLY if they can afford to recolor the entire exterior.

4. Clothing and hair should match the generations assigned color as closely as possible. It can be subtle, or glaringly obvious.

5. Each generation will have one heir only. If natural twins occur, the first born will be heir and the spare will not be played once they leave the main house. They, in effect, will become the prodigal child, or long lost relative.

So, without further ado, let us meet our founder, Roy Geebiv.

What? You thought his name would be something different? Did you miss the whole rainbow theme?

Roy is not the most attractive Sim ever created, a purposeful decision on my part. While this is by no means an Uglacy, the pretty Sims get a little boring, no?

Roy moved into a large lot, not the largest, but large enough that all he could afford was this little shack/room.

Its not much. Inside is his bed, a bookshelf, a phone, a toilet and a shower head.

Around back is a small fridge, one counter, and the grill.

The table is set up for the Sims3 computer that will be delivered momentarily, and there is a chess table and chairs to the left of the patio.

Roy immediately got to skill building so he could get a job and those all important promotions.

Now is as good a time as any to list his stats.

Roy is a Libra Poplularity Sim with a LTW to have 20 best friends and a personality spread of 2/8/2/6/7. His OTH is Arts & Crafts and his turn ons/turn off are red hair/cleaning and stink.

He is employed in the politics career track.

One of the Welcome Wagon members was Linda Barthelet. Roy flirted with her and they had no bolts. They didnt really hit it off either, so she was added to the list of friends to be made in the effort to achieve his LTW.

Autumn Dallas, another member of the Welcome Wagon, was a better possibility at one bolt attraction. Being the first two women he met though, he kept his options open. There was still time.

Roy spent the next few days dividing his time between work and building friendships.

His first foray into the community led him to friendship with Sandy Bruty. They had a one bolt attraction too, but again, it was early and as a notorious Romancer, Sandy was pushed to the back of the possibility line for spouse.

Back home, he managed to eat a nasty sandwich which led to the inevitable prayer to the porcelain god and a lot of complaining about his comfort level.

A comfy lounger was added to his list of possessions. It was the highest comfort piece he could afford at the time and he took full advantage of it.

He also had a four-legged visitor who he was smart en0ugh to ignore.

Being friends with Sandy Bruty had its advantages. One night Roy was invited to join a group of her friends on an outing downtown.

He jumped at the chance to go meet more people.

The group happened to consist of a bunch of unimportant Sims who were added to Roys contact list to help fulfill his LTW.

Roy didnt remember many of the small details of this particular outing after he had his first drink at the bar. He was too confounded by the lovely vision who mixed and handed him the glass filled with fruity whatever it had been he ordered.

Uma was her name. (Its been too long so I dont remember her last name.)

A quick scope and short conversation revealed two bolt attraction between them.

For Roy, it was love at first sight. He tidied up his small living space.

Made some necessary repairs.

And invited Uma over. He figured she would be more comfortable in a group, so he had a few other people over at the same time. After all, he had hardly had a chance to speak with her while he was on his outing.

He was quickly reminded that they had done nothing more than spoken a few polite words to each other when Uma refused the hug he approached her for.

Both she and the rest of his guests left shortly thereafter.

Not to be daunted, Roy closed his eyes, relaxed back in his favorite chair and re-thought the situation and his strategy.

After work that evening, he invited her over again. This time, he was much more successful at building a relationship.

Eventually pink hearts floated above their heads.

And before Roy got too bored, red hearts followed.

Leading to the inevitable for both of them. Uma was invited to move in and accepted.

She is an Aries Poplularity Sim with a LTW to own 5 top level businesses and a personality spread of 7/6/5/0/7. Her OTH is Science and her turn ons/turn off are fat/black hair and charisma.

She is employed in the business career track.

The funds she brought with her allowed for some expansion of the indoor living space with the bedroom and bathroom now enclosed in individual rooms and the small kitchenette inside. They were also able to add an open living room space. All in all, it was a cute little cottage and suited their current needs.

An engagement quickly followed once Roy wasnt rolling the fear of one.

Vows were exchanged within minutes for much the same reason.

Life settled into a routine for the couple. A mixture of skilling for promotions, work, and trying to get the next generation started.

After several tries, finally, success.

One of the couples favorite activities was to cuddle on the lawn and study the stars.

Uma would frequently practice her singing skills, serenading Roy whenever she had a chance.

She was definitely the more flirtatious of the two.

At last the day came when their little bundle of joy made its way into the world.

Roy thought his wife never looked better.

Then we had the hand-off to the proud papa.

WAIT! A HAND-OFF?! This is not authorized! Did you not read rule number 5?! *Headdesk* *repeatedly*

So, Uma prepared to deliver their second bundle of joy.

The first born is a little boy named Obsidian. He will be heir of the next generation whose assigned color is black. He has his fathers blond hair and mothers blue eyes.

The black spare, who will fade into oblivion, is a little girl named Ebony. She also has her fathers blonde hair and mothers blue eyes.

The days were filled with the usual diaper changes and bottle feedings, which are cute the first time, but generally become boring and routine after a short while.

Uma and Roy did not throw a party for the twins birthday, but Goopy happened to be on hand after coming home from work with one of them.

The twins grew into adorable toddlers. Obsidian wisely grew up into clothing appropriate to his generational color. Ebony needed a quick change to be a little more reflective of it.

Obsidian is a 2/9/2/6/7 Libra. His only other known stat is that his OTH is Arts & Crafts.

Ebony is also a Libra with a personality spread similar to her brother - 2/8/2/6/7. Her OTH is also Arts & Crafts.

Ill admit I probably could find a better toddler outfit that is black, but Im not really that worried about it since she is an unauthorized spare.

A new bedroom was added to the house and toddler training commenced.

Early morning quiet and the children are not in their room.

Nor are they playing with the toys in the living room.

Where are they?

Well, Obsidian, the nasty little bugger, has discovered the joy of the toilet and the multitude of puddles it will create if you are messy enough. Which he is.

Ebony is practicing her stalker skills for when she gets older and is summarily ignored by the entire family and neighborhood.

Our lovely couple, upon waking, do not rush to attend to their childrens needs but instead are lip-locked together until brutally forced apart by directives from above.

Eventually it was time for the twins birthday. Obsidian was rolling the fear of a party so we didnt have one. Everyone else wanted one, but well, our little heir is spoiled.

Im not sure they would have paid any closer attention had there been guests. Theyre both Pop sims.