Important dates to ... September 2016 Important dates to remember WCHN Volunteers Christmas Luncheon

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Text of Important dates to ... September 2016 Important dates to remember WCHN Volunteers Christmas Luncheon

  • September 2016

    Important dates to remember

    WCHN Volunteers Christmas Luncheon

    12.00 for 12.30 pm, Friday 2 December 2016

    Auditorium, Lower Ground Floor

    Samuel Way Building, WCH

    International Volunteers Day

    Monday 5 December 2016

    Manager’s Note

    wonderful people as you to assist them.

    It doesn’t matter where you volunteer or

    what you do, you make a difference. I hear

    many of your stories and read much

    feedback from consumers and staff about

    how much you are appreciated and the

    impact you make.

    It takes more than a physical and mental

    act to volunteer; it takes a decision of the

    heart. Thank you.

    Thank you too, to Cynthia and Linda for all

    their hard work that contributed to a

    successful awards event and to their

    commitment to support all the volunteers

    every day.

    Lis Brittan

    Manager, WCHN Volunteers

    On Friday 26 August we

    celebrated the WCHN

    Volunteers Service Awards

    with 22 out of the 39 award

    recipients present to accept

    their award from Jenny Fereday,

    Executive Director, Nursing & Midwifery,


    The awards ranged from 100 hours to

    26,000 hours of service and 5 years to 25

    years of service. What an amazing


    The Women’s and Children’s Health

    Network is a special organisation at which

    to volunteer and work. I think we are all

    privileged to be part of people’s lives at an

    often significant time and our consumers

    are especially lucky to have such

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    Welcome to New Volunteers

    The following volunteers have commenced with the Volunteer Unit since June 2016. We give you a warm

    welcome and thank you for your commitment to volunteering with the WCHN.

    Mary-Anne Bartolo

    Kate Nisbet

    Jaimie Thompson

    Miranda Willet

    Diane Young

    Guide Team

    Cassia Ward Family Support

    My Time

    My Time

    Volunteer Unit

    In 2015, Quoc Nguyen (pictured) was selected as the TeamKids Staff Exhibition Award Winner which provided the opportunity for the artist to have his own solo exhibition in 2016 at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Quoc was a member of the Digital Media team in the Centre for Educa- tion and Training at the Women’s and Children’s Health Network and now works as a graphic designer in the New Royal Adelaide Hospital Project Office as part of the Central Adelaide Local Health Net- work. For his solo exhibition, Quoc has produced a stunning set of watercol- our and ink paintings.

    Quoc left his home in the Mekong Delta in 1990 and came to Australia as a refugee. After viewing some of Quoc’s artwork, an Australian offi- cial suggested Quoc live in South Australia to foster his evident love of art as he believed Quoc was definitely a ‘good fit’ with Adelaide’s strong art culture. In 1998, Quoc completed his Year 12 at Thebarton High School and graduated in graphic design in 2001.

    Quoc’s exquisite paintings clearly show his skills in combining ink and watercolour painting and linking traditional Vietnamese watercolour techniques with Australian content. Quoc loves the rich subject matter offered in Australia, including birds, animals and trees. While his graph- ic design work and visual art complement each other, his art provides the opportunity to relax, whereas his graphic design work is quite exact- ing.

    “Painting is very important to my life because when I come home after work and sit down to look at my paintings I feel happy and not useless,” Quoc said. “I am alive and I see some things that are beautiful around me. I feel life has changed a lot for me since I was in Vietnam. When I was there, I couldn’t do what I wanted to do, and what I wanted to do was paint.”

    Quoc’s work is now on display in Gallery C at the WCH.

    Reprinted from Around Our Region

    Quoc’s delicate brushwork depicts beauty of changing seasons

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    This article and photo is reprinted from the local Barossa paper and acknowledges new volunteers Margaret Lewis and Wendy Wigan with long term volunteer Johanna Hahn and parents from an Early

    Parent Group.

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    A world-class ensemble of performers from the Adelaide Guitar Festival recently gave two concerts for patients

    at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

    Part of the Festival’s Resonance Program, the initiative aims to bring the festival experience to those who

    otherwise cannot attend. Performers at the hospital included the Guitar Festival Director and classical guitar

    virtuoso Slava Grigoryan, Australian String Quartet cellist Sharon Draper, blues guitarist Cal Williams Jr; and

    flamenco artists Aloysius Leeson and Kristy Manuel.

    The concerts took place in the Starlight Express Room and in the Day of Surgery Admissions area of the

    hospital and provided several hours of entertainment for both patients and staff.

    The concerts were arranged by TeamKids/Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation as part of the TeamKids

    Arts in Health program.

    Reprinted from Around Our Region

    Guitar Festival visit

    Sharon Draper (Cello) and Slava Grigoryan (guitar) performing in the Starlight Express Room.

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    A Guide’s story

    The Guide Team Role

    Coming to hospital as a consumer or visitor, can

    sometimes be stressful and confusing. The Women’s

    and Children’s Hospital Guide Team provides volun-

    teer support to welcome and assist consumers, their

    families, and visitors to the hospital. The Guide Team

    plays an important part in helping people to confident-

    ly navigate the hospital and to find the right clinical or

    support service.

    The Guide Services Team operates from a base in the hospital entrance foyer in Kermode Street.

    Working as a Volunteer Guide

    In 2014 and 2015 there were several events that

    changed my busy life leaving me lost and in need to

    offer myself in a caring role somewhere in the com-

    munity. My niece suggested the Women’s & Chil-

    dren’s Hospital.

    Applying on-line to become a volunteer was challeng-

    ing as I hadn’t needed a resume for a long time but

    thankfully Lis and Cynthia gave me the opportunity to

    join the newly formed Guide Team set to commence

    May 2016. During March and April I joined around 40

    others for some training sessions, plus group and

    personal interviews. Negotiating myself around the

    hospital prior to commencing as a guide using Cyn-

    thia’s directions was a challenge in itself and left me

    wondering how I would ever be able to get consum-

    ers from A to B, or B to C, etc.

    May 11 was my first initiation along with two other

    hard working guides Isabella and David. We were all

    quite overwhelmed with the number of inquiries and

    queries that we were not prepared for on that day. I

    managed to guide people around the hospital with-

    out too many hitches, except for the last query.

    Thankfully the family were understanding as it took

    me around fifteen minutes to get them from A to E


    As a guide we assist many consumers as they enter

    from Kermode Street. We may either direct them to

    a specified location, or physically walk with them to

    their destination. Walking with the consumer is my

    favourite part of being a guide as I can chat to them

    and know when they reach their destination they

    are often more relaxed. Every shift gives us guides

    many unexpected challenges as there are many

    requests we don’t always have the answer for, such

    as some consumers who lose or forget their ap-

    pointment paperwork. But after being in the role for

    three months the questions are now less daunting.

    The opportunity to help a stressed family member

    feel a little more relaxed being in a large hospital

    complex is rewarding and I personally feel very

    blessed to be in this position. Working with the other

    guides is enjoyable as they are a friendly, intelligent

    and hard-working team, always willing to assist. Al-

    so, having the support of Lis, Cynthia, Allan and

    Linda makes the role more enjoyable and very man-

    ageable. I look around the hospital and only ever

    see happy volunteers whether it be in the café or

    elsewhere and know the management team have

    contributed to making the environment a happier

    place for all who enter this hospital..

    Marilyn Foran

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    Researching creepy crawlies

    High up in lofty perch of the seventh floor in the Samuel Way Building you can look right and squint to find a door with a plain piece of paper blue-tacked with the an inscription simply reading ‘Toxinology Department’. Yes, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital has one. Inside that door is a staff of three dedicated doctors who spend their days making sure that suspicious spider bite you attained won’t cause you too much distress or perhaps prevent that dodgy mushroom you found making you swear off soup for life.