Implementing Web 2.0 Tools in the Middle Grades Science Classroom: Glogster and PBWorks Going Digital in the K-12 Classroom An Advancing Literacy Workshop.

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Implementing Web 2.0 Tools in the Middle Grades Science Classroom: Glogster and PBWorks

Going Digital in the K-12 ClassroomAn Advancing Literacy Workshop

Technical IssuesDuring the Wimba session we are limited in our ability to solve most technical problems. However, if you experience technical problems during this Wimba workshop, you can call:

866-350-4978Wimba Technical AssistanceIntroductionsDaphne Mills 8th grade Science, Anson County SchoolsTravis Flippin 6/7/8 Grade Science, Chatham County schoolsAgendaWelcome to Implementing Web 2.0 Tools in the Middle Grades Science Classroom: Glogster and PBWorks. Heres what we are covering in this presentation: Using Glogster to engage your studentsUsing PBWorks for student collaborationIndependent Practice & Follow Up DiscussionQuestions & Answers Glogs and WikiWeb 2.0 Tools or tools that allow internet users to participate and collaborate

Glogs (short for Graphical Blog) are interactive posters which students can make and share. These can include pictures, videos, links to other sites, and other tools

Wikis (From the Hawaiian word for quick) are web work spaces that people can use to collaborate and shareWhy Use These Tools?Engaging use of technology

Reaches students with different learning styles and abilities

Allows students to collaborate with each other and learn from each other

Reaches far beyond the standard paper presentations

Examples of GlogsApp share here7Making a Glog

- Can register, or just create a Glog

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Now the WikiMultiple free sites that can be used for Wikis

We will focus on PBWiki:

Create an account for yourself, then usernames/passwords for your students

Editing page

Insert Glogster using this selectionEmbed Glogster

Next StepsOver the next two days try out some of the tools weve shared with you here and think about how you can use them in your classroom with your students.Create your own Glog, using any topic you teach, or that interests you at an account at, join our session wiki at http://implementingweb2inmidgrsciclass.pbworks.comMake your own page, and embed your Glog to share with the other participants

Next StepsParticipate in the discussion on the Adolescent Literacy Ning located at: down the page to find the discussion forum for this presentation titled: Presentation 8: Web 2.0 Tools in the Science Classroom (2 p.m. Wednesday session)The discussion will close on Monday, July 25!!!!Information about this was included in the workshop packet that was sent out by email.For More InformationFor more information about this workshop and others go to the Center for Adolescent Literacies website at:

Presentation materials including this Power Point are posted at:

Thank You!Thank you for joining us today. In about a week, you will receive a short survey that helps us evaluate these workshops. Thanks in advance for filling that out.

For additional questions contact:Bruce TaylorDirector, The Center for Adolescent Literacies at UNC