Illustrator Technique

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Illustrator Technique. Introduction to Illustrator. PHOTOS. ILLUSTRATIONS. PHOTOS. Photo is taken by camera Edit in Photoshop When you enlarge it , it turns pixelated and loose. ILLUSTRATIONS. By hand drawing Edit in Illustrator Resizing of images w/o loss of detail - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Illustrator Technique

Illustrator Technique

Illustrator TechniqueIntroduction to IllustratorPHOTOSILLUSTRATIONS

PHOTOSPhoto is taken by cameraEdit in PhotoshopWhen you enlarge it , it turns pixelated and loose


By hand drawingEdit in IllustratorResizing of images w/o loss of detailMore simple than photo Clean crisp edge, called Path

In conclusion,Illustrator is for cartoon-like illustration, logo and text edition.X edit photoIt is a vector file that create clean and smooth path.