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Bachelor's Degree Programme (BDpy



2010-r1 (ForJuly2010 January and 2011 sessions)

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:,7 rlff.



of School Humanities Indira Garrdhi NationalOpenUniversity MaidanGarhi, New Delhi-l 10 068

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FOUNDATToNCOURSErN ENGLTSH_2 GEc_02)Programme: BDp/201 I 0-l Counse Code:FEG-02-{

Dear Student,

You arerequired toil:o..::iq_ent for the Foundariocourse rrtor MarkedAssignment in English-02. is a sstgnment (iilil;;:;:,::: carriesr oo (TMA) and rt i:y:111"" marts. It covers corurse. four blocksof the

u ;o p.upo,.,, l" ffyJlin:L j1 " 1ffiffii,:T"il';: J:t":,ili"x;J oo.u*ri|'i| *Make surethat your answer: a) b) is logical is written in simpleand correctEnglish

j[il',!i{#:,"ryfi]'1"ff 'ilffi:,jTr jo,down $*:li*1lxx*tjyqu",,ioi,*;;il: a rogicar puy introductio;;;;;;.rusion, voyr o.ir1. lTri': f.o

These assignments to,.JJ-* Ji aim vouranswers. asto nssess o"H#j:Io"t. rnu, you w'r berequired to writea paragraph, essay, an :rffirj#r:: reports, make notes and As 'n day-to-day life,-pranningimporranl]i is ,n.,rqtingtheassignment aswe'. Read

'Jlll: j*f *tfit5iil='ffiH#iJ:f *!'T,'f"t'HH"if"x:"ilxg.assessins

Aims: The TMA is primarily concerned with



," subrnit assignmen_r your before -;' nJ t t' ; * ;; il; TT;l H ;.""Jn.f youcan Jo H.f l'.T,X"f :"" li: 3;"*'l:',Ti lj;:ilH:ilHr,H"[,r;":l#:i::,oJl;;,ilt#:ffi3Jffiii$$,::rentFor JuneExam For December Exam

tothe Coordinaror Study arthe centre ailottedyou ro3 I" March 30"'Se;lt

Good l-uck,!

: H-E;qii{:qi

"_. ':::i,r;1l,,,S';'lrli:ilr"li I i;,.po,;.1.r-i.i3,,1 ,.'';i1. +i.;i;,.; 1,i,1:i; i:1



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{+.t$rl:Tryi|r.r. -.. - t--r....,

Foundation Course in English _ 2 (FIIG-02) r{ssignment

A gnmenr ssi ."0* F3Hi,f t?? irii,ffAll questions compulsuy. arel Readthe foilowing passage makenoteson it in the and Max" Marks: 100 ap;rropriate format.


Most peoplebeliev'e that childrenare the world's most verluable resource and shouldbe loved and cherished.However, because th3v Qf d.p"n,J;;;n adurts for safetyanrJ nurturing,and can neitherlo.k after themselveJi'o, rrirri rl.',i"ir rights, they are ofterr treatedbadly and abused. A.report published the viorld H"^rtr, organization(wHot by in 1999 claimedthat more than +o million children *oundii,* *o.ro suffer from abusr: and maltreatment. But things are beginning. change.Did you know to that thrl United Nationshasa special -is-;no convention on the Rights of tfie chili and that Article Article i]4 0f thir; Convention dealspecifically vrithchild abuse? child abusehas ber:ndefineclas 'all forms of physical, tnd/or emotionaltreatment or commercialor other exploitattion, resulting in actual p"""ti"l harm to the child,s right to health, survivar, deveropment or-dignity i" "",r ;;;; th; of a rerarionship or. responsibility,trust or power'.. li is being iricrelingly i.""g"Lo that even children deserveto be treatedwith digniry and that"their freed-om srrouji-L ."rp..i"JErr;il; year 2000' 20 Novernber celebiated the Internationai is as ii"v rorir'. Rightsof'the Child and l9 Novemberis wortd Day for the prevention of chir,c Af";;. Since.India is a poor countr) and we can barely guaranlee our children badichealth. nutrition and shelten, there is little time ano oppoiru"rrt i" itrinr the rights of. childrenor of their abuse. Alsr, because our tradition-of'giving "uout of unquestioning respect to elders,the convention not letting outsiders of know of pi"'ur"r". within the family and viewing childrenas the propertyof parents, great a dealoichild abuseis tolerated our in society' Peopleare neitherwiiling to talk ab-out it not irpon iito tr,. police or other authorities'since aurareness thJonly effective is responseiotir.n". and denial,talking aboutthe issueand nrakingas manypelple as possibie awarre it is the only way to deal of with the violation children's of rights. Write a summaryof the paragraph about 120-150 in words;. Give an appropriate to title the passage.

(l s )( r0)

write a paragraph aboutr00-r 50 wordson anyone in i. ll iii iv The happiest of 1,orur day tife. The problem child larbour In.tia. of in Your favourite film. Places hisloricalimp,ortance your state, of in

of the fo!rowing topics:

write a composition about2it0-300 in wordson anyoneof i. ii iii iv What is ailingour narional gamehockey? Realityshowrtwhereto drarvthe line? Are we losingour mother-tongue? The nrosr unforgettable p"oo,i in my life.

the foilowing:



v ff;.ifltillversities

can nowseluptheir campusesIndia. in writeargumenm for

Therehas beena naturar caramity i'.th= neighbouring your principar calleda meeting the studeni of has .srate. cafiru:t.D,ecist;il; be takenabourthe rescue work to be carriedout,resourc., to'u, coilecteJanrjitriurt.a, --- -'-'ributed, money raised. Writea report about and.on.t to be in 2SOwords. ,ro, Readthe foillowing speech made the^former by president the united write a relnrt based it i;;ilur of and -' -vv words ror 250 w('r(ts for a newspaper. States a appropriate title. ", Give it an

frfi*y:*flTf?:ff ,?1ff1;a:tftr1#Tilit],,,"**#;il;;'and retreat. nation eui,r,"y ruii.J; inio.r,'uo, r,uu" ;;;"TJ,;lJlJlg*nt.n ourbeen moved shake fcmndarions to defend a great natior the buitaii;r;. ,l;l"m:1ffi.ff ffi "r "*-lileest rr'"" :il o.i,i,'uri r,., rrT*Tr""T1#;r'" "r,,li"ftered dent steer the "un,o, A great peopilehave

rvay ofrife, very .ou,o our n underattackin aseries deliberaie .llrll of a.d deadr,;;J;ts. airplanes, in their om."r; ,".r.t*irr, Thevictimswerein o:r Uuriir;;; *d women,military and

Good evenirng' our Toda-y, felrow .i,,:r::r:-o-y

trll3l'frx,:'ffiTlfl;:x5:';fh '**,,1*dquier, a unyierding i.a't

The pictur* of airpranes flyi'g into buildings,fires burning,huge structures

brightest for y:',..ll,: ilmmJffitT.Yff**TH. rodav,;;i"; sawr,,r,. f.$ni;ffi"r""*:.'.gT.onfreedom ;"' evi *rv with the bestof Amqti:3-*itr, H: *:1":1"*:;a;T**rsof our *d neighbours;il;"r". to give .*"r, *..t"rs., with thecaring r,r.u *i r,erp anywaythey in tr,Jo*irrgImmediately fo'owing the first attar:k,. I impremented emergencyre!,ponse our government,s plans. our military i, p"ir!rdri..""

in r.i** c;t ffi'ffi:r,.'ff :::ffi;:**inJ ro,r. ;;d\t;:fr #i; "Hffiifi"*Our first priority is to get help to thosevvhohavc been injured,,nd to take every precaution to protect our citizens u, horn. una arourrJ,til. .,.,orrdfrom further The functioos01'gul SoiBrnmentcontinue rvithout intemrption. in Washingtonwhich' frua Federalagencies ,o-U.-.r,"."""A. today ar ilop.ning for essential

as well.

ffiT:ffil,1"#fl qru T.f,n.lf econcrmy our nnanciar ,ilX*l#ofrrnencan 9,'i;l',*,"oi,iJ;o,, -!'v'r6' *rqi wilr be open for uurinarr.


are searchis underu'a1'lbrttrose'urho behind these er"ilacts. I'r'e directedthe of'our intelligenceand larr etrfbrcement tr: c:omu'lunities find those lirll resources We tlre and to bring thenr11r.justice. *'ill rnakeno distinc'ionhetwr:cn rcsponsible ho trarbour tltelr. terrorists who cornmitted thcse acts and those r.r I appreciatesr) very much t.he mernbersof Congress who have .iorned tne itt And on behalf of thc Americanpeople,I thank condenrning theseatrlacks. strongl,vthc' nran\ world leaders rvlql have called to offer their condc,lenccsantl lssistance. \and our friends and allies join with u11ftcrse who want peace and ,A,rnerica securitt in the rvorld. and u,'estand together to win the war against terronsm. I'onight. I ask for )our pra!'ersfirr all those rvho grieve. for the children whose and security has been uorlds have heen shatteled.fbr all u'hose senseof safrety .,\nd I pra),the) uill be comfortedby a pouier greaterthan an;/ of us, thrcatened. ?3: spokcn through the ages in P'salnr "Hl'en though I r,valkthrough the valley of shadou' of death. I ti:ar no evil. for You are with nre." th,.' 'l'his is a da1'w'hc'n Anrericansiiom every'walk of lit'e unite in our resolvefbt all justice and peuce.Anrericahas stooddor.r'n enenries betjrre.and we will do so this tinrc. None of us urll ever fbrget this day. Yet, we go forward to defend freedom antl all that is good audjust in our rrorld.


fu, ?:t:_:T_=r*::l&-o---J fL\q{,v-t-t-*"f f**ZLa--J rv-.-.a-.{. q- --rC;t-o=f o'n',-t* t;tt/^*-