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  • Igniting Engaged Scholars: The Graduate Certification in Community Engagement

    Burton A. Bargerstock Co-Director, National Collaborative for the Study of University Engagement Director, UOE Communication and Information Technology E-mail: bargerst@msu.edu

    Igniting Innovation: MSUglobal 10-year Symposia East Lansing, Michigan January 28, 2011


  • What is Outreach and Engagement?

    “Outreach [and engagement] is a form of scholarship that cuts across teaching, research, and service. It involves generating, transmitting, applying, and preserving knowledge for the direct benefit of external audiences in ways that are consistent with university and unit missions.”

    ~Provost's Committee on University Outreach (1993) University Outreach at Michigan State University: Extending Knowledge to Serve Society

    Provost’s Committee on University Outreach. (1993, 2009). University outreach at Michigan State University: Extending knowledge to serve society. East Lansing: Michigan State University. Retrieved from http://outreach.msu.edu/documents.aspx


  • What is Outreach and Engagement?

    Engaged Research and Creative Activity

    Engaged Teaching and Learning Engaged Service

    • Community-based research

    • Applied research

    • Contractual research

    • Demonstration projects

    • Needs and assets assessments

    • Program evaluations • Translation of scholarship through

    presentations, publications, and web sites

    • Exhibitions and performances

    • Online and off-campus education • Continuing education • Occupational short course,

    certificate, and licensure programs • Contract instructional programs • Participatory curriculum

    development • Non-credit classes and programs • Conferences, seminars, and

    workshops • Educational enrichment programs

    for the public and alumni • Service-learning • Study abroad programs with

    engagement components • Pre-college programs

    • Technical assistance

    • Consulting

    • Policy analysis

    • Expert testimony

    • Knowledge transfer • Commercialization of discoveries • Creation of new business ventures • Clinical services

    • Human and animal patient care

    © 2009 Michigan State University Board of Trustees

  • Who are MSU’s Engaged Scholars?

  • What is the Graduate Certification in Community Engagement?

    Origin – Convergence of several activities and intentions

    • Undergraduate online modules: Tools of Engagement • Desire for systemic impact – undergrad, grad, faculty • MSU track record: Graduate Certification in College

    Teaching • Conversations with Graduate School Dean

    – Academic Governance – approval of framework – First offered during the 2009-2010 academic year

    Purpose – Prepare next generation of engaged scholars by helping

    graduate and graduate professional students develop systemic, thoughtful, and scholarly approaches to community engagement

  • Elements of the Program Annual application process (due early Fall)

    Participants complete: – Core competencies through program seminars or approved

    substitutions – Mentored community engagement experience – Reflective portfolio – Professional presentation

    Program instructors review participants’ materials and the Associate Provost certifies achievement of competencies and program completion

    Successful participants receive: – Certificate of completion from Associate Provost for UOE and Dean

    of the Graduate School – Notation on academic transcript from the Registrar

  • Core Competencies/Seminars Program Seminars:

    – Engaged scholarship and the scholarship of engagement – Co-building effective partnerships – Capacity-building for mutual benefit – Community-based participatory evaluation and research – Confirming agreement among community and university

    partners (logic models) – Evaluating engaged partnerships – The ethics of engaged scholarship

    Offered face-to-face over the academic year by an instructional team from UOE

    To date, no one has sought approval for seminar substitutions

  • Examples of Mentored Community Engagement Engaged Research

    – CBPR with local tourism providers in Belize – Mexican American Trailblazers oral history project at Austin

    History Center (Texas) – Burcham Hills Integrative Dance project (East Lansing) – Smart Commute project (Petoskey)

    Engaged Teaching – Writing through service-learning at the Allen Neighborhood

    Center (Lansing) – Youth development through sports at the Refugee

    Development Center (Lansing) – Rock Camp through MSU Community Music School (Lansing)

    Engaged Service – Income tax clinics with Northwest Initiative (Lansing)

  • Who is Participating? Cohort One (2009-2010)

    Cohort Two (2010-2011)

    Active in 2010-2011 (includes continuing cohort one students)

    Total Enrollment 18 21 30 Gender

    Male 8 3 8 Female 10 18 22

    Ethnicity White 12 12 17 Non-white 4 4 7 International 2 5 6

    Graduate level Masters 8 12 15 Ph.D. 9 7 12 Not applicable (MSU staff) 1 2 3

    Colleges Agriculture and Natural Resources 5 5 8 Arts and Letters 3 3 3 Communication Arts and Sciences 2 2 Education 3 3 5 Natural Science 1 1 Nursing 1 1 Social Science 6 4 7

    Presented Portfolios 8

  • Expectations and Realities Who and What We Expected Who Participated and How

    Mostly Ph.D. students Mix of doctoral, masters, others

    All degree-seeking students wishing to Some university staff interested in sitting in earn transcript credential for a certificate of completion

    Interest in engaged research Interests in engaged research, teaching, and service

    Career plans in the academy Practitioner and academic career plans

    Little background experience working Substantial previous and/or on-going in/with communities experience working in/with communities

    Start community experience as part of Already part of an on-going community Graduate Certification experience

    Need assistance in finding mentored Have own community contacts or contacts community engagement experience through advisor

    Small number due to newness of program 39 participants in first two years

    Advance through program as cohort Start as cohort, finish at different times

  • Learning From and Improving the Program Strengthened recruiting across campus

    – More publicity at graduate student events and through networks

    Improved seminars – Reduced duplication, increased cohesiveness across seminars – Added two new seminars – Evaluation and Ethics – Required seminar assignments to be in portfolios – Increased interactivity during seminar sessions

    Clarified expectations – Mentored community engagement experience – Reflective portfolios and professional presentations

    Provided greater student support – Program instructors meeting one-on-one with participants

    Created network for participants to stay better connected – Established LinkedIn group, may offer social events


    Graduate Certification in Community Engagement Developing the skills and competencies needed for exemplary university-community engagement



    ( ( VI/ho would have imagined 150 years ago ... .. that w e would become the glabal prototype of a genuinely American brand of hig her education - one that is an engine of the economy, a force for democratization of public learning, the model for engagement w iih the wortd beyond the campus, and a catalyst for im proving the quality of life in Michigan and around the w orld. Lou Anna Kimsey Simon, Ph.D. President, Michigan Slate University

    Found#Jr3' Day Addreu '' February 11. 2005


    Michigan State University's new Graduate Cert ification in Community Engagement prepares students for academic careers that integrate

    scholarship with community engagement.

    The Certification is designed to help graduate and professional students develop systemic, thoughtful, and scholarly approaches to

    community engagement. W ith approval from the student's Graduate Committee chairperson and University Outreach and Engagement,

    students tailor their program of study to strengthen their scholarly and practical skills in engaged research, engaged teaching, or

    engaged selVice.

    Graduate students who fu lfi ll all requirements wi ll receive a certificate

    of completion from the Associate Provost for University Outreach and

    Engagement and the Graduate School and an official notation on their academic transcript through the Office of the Registrar.

    Learn more about the Graduate Certification

    Download the Graduate Certification in Community Engagement

    Guidebook (PDF 525 KB 93 pages) for complete information abo