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IFLS Train the Trainer. Adult Learners and Computers Presented by Tim Stanton, CVTC. Welcome. Housekeeping Registration Sign-in Introductions Proposed Schedule. Training Schedule. 9:00- 10:30 Introductions, Housekeeping, Training Activities 10:30-10:40 Break - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • IFLS Train the TrainerAdult Learners and ComputersPresented byTim Stanton, CVTC

  • WelcomeHousekeepingRegistrationSign-inIntroductionsProposed Schedule

  • Training Schedule9:00- 10:30 Introductions, Housekeeping,Training Activities

    10:30-10:40 Break

    10:40- 11:50 Training Activities

    11:50-12:00 Evaluation

  • How we appear to novice computer users


  • Adult Learner Characteristics


  • Adult Learner CharacteristicsBring accumulated life experienceHave established opinions and beliefsGoal orientedlook for relevant instructionLearn at different rates and stylesLearn best in a collaborative, participatory settingExpect to be treated as adultsAutonomous and self-directed

  • More Adult Learner CharacteristicsPractical problem solversMay be tired when in classHave many outside responsibilitiesWorry about being the oldest in a classWorry about not being able to learnSkeptical about new informationneed to try it

  • Interview ActivityHave you personally had a frustrating computer issue? What was (is) it? What did you do about it?

  • Interview Activity ReportQuestionsIssue?Action?Tims 2 questions

  • BrainstormWhat do you want/need from this training?

  • Survey ResultsComputer use by patronsBasic computer tasksEmail set-up and useInternet searchesSocial mediaBasic WordAccessing E-Government

  • What people want from this training(Survey results)Grab bag of resources to use when teachingHow to break down information for adult learnersInformation about technical college resources for adult basic skills

  • Basic Setup for Adult InstructionWhat makes any learning setting better?


  • Basic Set-upFriendlyNon-judgmentalFoodAttentiveMore from brainstorm

  • Explicit Instruction

    Provide clear explanationsModel the learning process (I DO)Explain skill; introduce and describe a way to remember itModel the skill by doing Engage in scaffolded practice (WE DO)Guide practice with feedbackCheck on understanding and use of skillsEngage in short practice exercises with feedback until 80% successfulEngage in scaffolded practice (YOU DO)Allow independent practiceProvide elaborated feedback that is immediate, positive and corrective

  • Common Adult Learner Issues With TechnologyOn/off same buttonFear of breaking somethingFear of getting lostStart to stopCancel doesnt mean you lose itUse of Undo buttonUse of Back buttonWait for computer to actdont keep clicking

  • More Common Adult IssuesDrive namesC vs. E vs. D, vs. F driveswhere the heck did I put it?Spam, viruses, trojan horse, malware, spyware, phishingFilter settingsDifference between operating system and program

  • Still More IssuesUnderstanding computer heirarchy (e.g. network log-in vs. program log-inConsumer---ISP----Internet


  • Break

  • Library Curriculum Walk-throughLink to library training materials


  • Try Mouse Practice


  • Dictionary ExerciseTry ithard copy


  • Reactions to handout?

    An online terms dictionary


  • Computer Competency ChartIn groups of 2, plan an instruction sequence for an adult learner related to tasks assigned from the competency chart.

  • Use the Instructions with a student


  • Introduction to CVTC Adult Basic Education ServicesCareer search and documentationPreparation for college entranceGED/HSED/High School CreditAssistance with college coursesELL (ESOL) (ESL)Remedial Reading and numeracyComputer Literacyhttps://www.e-learning.com/html/loginok.asp

  • CVTC Centers HoursChippewa..Mondays 9-noonTuesdays 12-3Wednesdays 9-noonMenomonieMondays 9-noonTuesdays 12-3Wednesdays 9-noonNeillsville..Mondays 9-noonTuesdays 12-3Wednesdays 9-noonRiver Falls..Mondays 9-noonTuesdays 10-2Wednesdays 9-noonEau Claire (ABE).Mondays 9-3BEC212Tuesdays 9-3Wednesdays 9-3Eau Claire (Program)..Mondays 9-3Learning Center Tuesdays 9-3 Wednesdays 9-3Eau Claire (ESL).Mondays 9-noon Tuesdays 9-noon Wednesdays 9-noon

  • Adult Internet Novices SafetyFacebook safetyPrivacyAccount settingshttp://www.facebook.com/

  • SafetySpamIdentity theft

  • VirusesAVG Freehttp://free.avg.com/us-en/download

    Malwarebytes Free


  • Microsoft FunctionsAccessoriesDisc cleanupDisc defragmenter

  • Internet SearchTry linked WorksheetView linked PowerPointSee Linked Search DocumentsGoogle advanced searchBoolean search information

  • IFLS Step-by-step GuidesAvailable soon online

  • Resource Links

    http://www.ipl.org/ Internet Public Libraryanswers questionshttp://www.yahoo.com/ Yahoo Index.categorized list of www siteshttp://litlink.ket.org/ PBS Literacy Linkresource for GED and workforce preparationhttp://cardcops.com/ Card copsChecks credit cards to see if compromised (costs money)http://www.teachingbooks.net/ Teaching books.adds multimedia to youth readinghttp://edexchange.adobe.com/pages/home Adobe educationfree teacher resourceshttp://www.valrc.org/ Virginia Adult Learning Resource Centerfree teacher resources http://www.khanacademy.org/ Khan Academy. Thousands of short, easy to follow tutorials on many subjects http://www.hippocampus.org/ HippoCampus Lessons and supplemental information on a lot of topics. http://www.wtamu.edu/academic/anns/mps/math/mathlab/ Virtual Math Lab Very helpful math site - covers wide range of math topics.http://lincs.ed.gov/ Literacy Information and Communication Systemnational platform for disseminating literacy information and resourceshttp://literacy.kent.edu/eureka/ Ohio Literacy Resource Centerfree, searchable resources

  • ISBN-10: 0787959677 ISBN-13: 978-0787959678

  • ISBN-10: 9780877227755 ISBN-13: 978-0877227755

  • Proper Technology Traininghttp://youtu.be/pQHX-SjgQvQ

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