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$ifIimoiul pisplch. WRDX1WDAY.JANUARY 28, 1880. KaBrtKBifSKBtrci. 4-tmnry 24, 1880. Editors Dispatch: 1-leme Iffnrm me throtn.il vour papaff IBO i xact time of be tspiral loo ol il" tnt.eic-enih eeninry, and OOli.e A l.'t:AMK 08 YCHK I'APKI!. This eioc*ti<n bra prnL-ibly ramed more dtscitasioB limn ans ot tier so easy of xolu- tion-tlist ii, ss to when »ny cent orr or brtlfeenturv expires.4 Thc most intelli-.iMfi answer ls "bs follows: Tlie Hrs! ccBttirv ended, not witb the year !19, but willi Um year 100. Therefore every -iilt-f «|ii nt cen¬ tury bas ended In like mannor-fbo second with thc >c ir 200, thc third willi IN J ..' 800, *mi, eon-esin-cnlly the i.inotcc nth v.ill end witb tin4 y-ar IMO. TBS change in the fl;.ure* from 16l"*& to 1700, and from 1799 to 1800, Ac-., no donl.t cannes all tbe trout.lc I tie , nc bs« alway* Ix-en accustomed say lo ..,_ u*§A\ sometl.inir, and Vf**Pt the IgBl. a Bfl .-litered to UVTO ibe reader illogically conclucJca Hint a new cent my bas com¬ menced. Wc c-innot state, however, tbe "exact " time. In l-'nj-tand Ibe4 fogal and I ccle*::nti- 0Bl year basan on the Mik cf March up to Mal. A* tlie years are SOB counted nnc may say that the nineteenth century will expire at ll P. M. December 31, IftoO. III! TAY lil*, VS I I.K. I,i.ti.toii Profoundly "Roved. GREAT FUBLK* IRTSBS8T ANVAKi NI I) BY TH (-AL/NMITY-T ll I 8BRBATIOK-MUH- C.Fits f.T \VUl.'K-( ONTT.lt 1 INC. TBBOBU B A*4 '10 H. >W 'JH.: DISASTLK Od UBBKD. f rom tie Hean ar Co-rc-noiiei* nt ol tbs- >.'* w Vork TrlfitineJ London. Dcrr.nl ci 80.-.-bis ls press-! view clay al the -ttroaVI nor (i_Hety Winter Egblbttb-n. fyookiof In tin re bb boor ego, Hu* first nrncriiic flint began dlsooUFStoa ro me- on the Tay-Bridge disaster. Tba si coiiel followed snit, nnd nn ben vcr you -...w ii knot of two or tluee people together yon lieiud that sui jeet. nnd thal only. di«- CBsaad. As 1 lie Joinnali*t i- BO! I very iin- pnasloaable jx-rson. and as anion!.' journal- i*l. I lie- writers on ail ale perhaps tba nu >t , tuple!, ly IncPtrere til, as I rule-, to all mai¬ lers outsleM their own peculiarsphere,this i i serva as a BMBSUre of the intensity of public feeling ob tba calamity *.f -Sunday i i.-bt. It is -<. intense, and BO nniver*:ii. thal it bas overcouie- tba avcrsloo of tbe Hmo select poition cf the- public to iiii.n- tblag like a display ol .motton, or *f bn¬ fl BS interest in bUBMB adair-. Ror i- li BB * saggeratiofl to say that _!i thc talk of Lob- dos Baa iurned ob thia catastrophe* to tba e xelmion even of Tory jubilation over the unexpected snoot-** ol Roberts in Afgbai*- i*tan. Tba popers -publish serea f>r* Igbl columns anicee on the snlej-c'; Lui all their inlorm - uons oomes Iron Idealleal souroaa. and much cf it is. conveyed ia Identical lar- gUBRC So one luis ye! t"ld us bow ll c BO elden! bappc ned, nor why it happened, . a- -sept conjecturally. The awful mystery wblcb BBvelopcs iln- .vent i> enc cause ol its ten ii.ic laarlastion. AH thal i* -rvaHj kaowB can I.*.- very biitfli- said. The .oaday-afternoon train from Edinburgh tu Dundee catered tba Tay bridge, i\\o mile* loaf, :,i ti»-'s>tiiii ead, at four¬ teen minute-* j;,-t 7. Thc signalman anv it, and i. friend of ii-, wbo was wilb liim in the Lux, «>:inv it also, a- it *nn* | t by. The -ijjnalin.tii had BO lui ihoi- cuno-:- tv in thc mutter. Iii* companion, less f i- ui-.iiai' Nviih raHwbi phenomena, gem d after tba line aiitiK and Hot niel Haiti. Ile saw thc hsf ol it.si.nv tin- rear light, us they disappcarcdt saw a shower ol sparks, aad then saw nothing. Other people, on thc other side, are reported as having otiic rved the BhOWer nf *p:nks. Ne.body beard a sound from tba train.no eraabj nut i single huinaii shriek. It was Mowina: a gale. So violent bad Leon tin- weather during tba afternoon thal even nt the iimuili cf thc Tun, where B southwT-t wind strenfttbeard Into a hurri¬ cane, people had i emin ked upon il*, un- Usual li'iiTi.es.s. On sudi oooasion somc- hoely is -uro tu turn np ivilb a prophecy after the event, ai cl wc bear to-day ol pru- dent souls who had tbouabl it too Nvilei a night for a train tu lo safe on tbe bridge, In a different way, .me of the railway clerks reports thai -ev* fi travellers as ttioy bungin tbeir I lekats asked bim ii ha thought tbe train would ucl across. Bit ibis w>- mt-nt as :i Joke, and taken ai -uoii. Among thc number of tin's. Wo ;uf pc'i-.c ntninlv \ms(. Hf er the avant, then aro two nn 110-1- tesilmooy i- n ticc-hle. The frat, 1 pioua .iii/' n of Dun* dee, bas coatriboted to the public press id rlaborate narrative ol in- experieoee; no¬ ticeable, ai I s.iid, but uni ice ;ii,lr' univ for Ita abaordltlee, it-, peooy-a-lininji rhetoric, its straining M-nsuliumsliniti. and 111 siuicti- monluiistio--. ile told his NNifc bc wondered if tlie' train nvosiIU .rt cm pt 10 eros* on BUCb a sight, ll* watched tin train as lt moved un io thc lu kiga fl 1.1 tba opposite end. Ile -a-A 44lbe eoinet-like burs! ol liol v >]i ni,-." ;.nd "tho long, visible trail ol the streak ol lin- till quenched in thc watam heie.NN." Ami tba efeet of tbe tragedy upon the mimi of tins creature vv.** lo -ci hun Bl wi'il; cpiaiTyiiig fOF ad¬ jective* imct for tba occasion, aad 10 pro* iinee fl nauseous d< scrlptlon.by way *.f in- trodiiiTiuii and contras! to tbe honors out- slde.<»f bi* domestic circle, whore "thc children bad gathered round me fur tin ii u*ual liihie sn,j ie*, sod v. ith an instinctive M'h.-o of fear tu stied -loot io my side, a* they beard tba wild efforts of the blast te. hatter in tho oa><mont of tlio Window.*' The London papen milti ba haidup for leal nc nv* when they publish bait a column . f tbi* rubbish; wbleh Nvonid ba Blore at lom- iii the columns ol their --penny di'i ail'i.l " cont, nipui aries. Captain Soon'* evidence deserves mote aarkMM eoBsldaratloa. Ba command-* bet Majesty's tratalng-eblp stationed a few bun- u roil yards below tba brhlxa aear tba Plb sbora, De waa wateblog (he structure from tlie (icok of hi* lesael, ezpectiag, he -av-, every BMBBOBl I* *oo it (tva way, and novci lOMfialsg thal an attempt would be made to lake :i tram BC-OSS, Iii- pn-i:i,,n wn- stiolilliat he could not iee tba tr.iin. Bu! at a quartet neel 7 be suddenlj obaerveB a great nap In tho bridge Bl if tba Cl ntral |>.T- Bas bad collapsed. Ho beard aaaooadol f-illltii,' Ironwork nor any cry ol eli-tics-, hut a *ea was rBBBlag that BO bOBl OOUld then have lived la. bad be- BUppoaed liiere was anv reason for laiincbinir one. NVhat hadbapneaadaobodykaowa. There are ttvo ibenric*. Acoordlog to ono, Hie lirce of the wind hail dm. 11 tba hUtet pm- lion of the train from tb, mils, und it hud smote against tba framework of tba bridge wiih loree e&ough t*. sraaob mwr main girder from its ooaaeetlag ik-uius, nnd -*. the whole structure had fallen in pleeea. Accordin>' lo tba s.ci'iiet, tba force of the wind had Iteen futlioient to sweep awai 1 r d 0 und ti .in together: and ibis theory, I believe, la that wbleh the eaariaeeriaf mind is dit|K)*ed lo ac-eept. Thara have always beeta, 1 hear, people who -hook their heads over tho construction of the work. You bave published, no d'Hl't. a .*:;llic't ut account of the bridge, ard I will touch only on such j int-us ure essential lo ibis theory. There wu. too mm b cant iron In fi, say some. Its extreme narrowness wa*) one ol it* most striking fi ii'tires. From imttivts of econ- was butti io carry only a -iIdj-Ip line ol rail*; and Its width did not exceed lil¬ le eu I**', Nihill- lia bruin In tba central on ablive the water was one hundred and Hi's ly feet. I was told to-day tbat a great Ina lo whom the com rac for ibe bridge was tlr-t proff-red declined it on ihi* Nc.y ground. Tbtv did noi believe a bridge could he built ol ibesc dimensioos twa mmes longjtbv ifieen feet broad sod one hundred and tblrtv fec t high) which could be isle lu such a situs- n I.. Aboul lhe Iwo aiioee-ends they bad m iiffi'.uii,, hut out ol tin. two miles of thc entire 1-ncth ti.e middle vms the i»nrt xvtiere dangd s of many kinds had to lie guarded sasinsi. This central portion erxiendeel (or 3,000 feel, and was rornjtn«.ed of Birders formini: 13 simns af 24.*) foal earl) ar.d 27 feet in height above Ihe piers on which Ibe-y .cst. The rails were leld.oo the bottom of ts uti al girder*, and the side a formed u kind ol la'iie.c.tAork from Hie interlacing ol tbe rods snd beam*; deina puipo-cly WI open so Unit there should he Ism aarfaoe to offer resistance to thc wind, Piaoiieally, these .-1,000 feet of central Mrnetine f-.rmeel a 1 uauel through which the- train pas-ed. But when thc IratA paHsed. thc iBtentin4 hit Lir llie dc" r.sh of the wind vtttt Bi OBI SB tully Ulled BP-1B4 !l(lcof the- bridge, fe r the length and height e.f tia) train, heeanic* solnl; ihe st hole lmnif-a-urnhl.-prc ssiirc of the tornado e-nic against an unbroken wsii.a wall of gaaal Might aaa! Barrow luse. Tba leverage oa thc Buppetftfag columns «nd braoes wai morai db; thc *!..¦.i-lli Which snfllctd for ordinary wea¬ ther | roved iiuct-uat |0 tin- Stn BB of this terrible; gale; twi tin* whole nins -pfc -i -. Girders, engine, cimar-cs, BRCl B Inindicd human ticing.-;-.toppled BVCf together into the furiou* flood beneath. Not one human l*cin_ e-cape.l. It is this completeness of tin- cutastropti," wblcb make* il BO tragic. Sudden it xx:.-, also; hot railway tfaaatirs are always ladoea. Bet boro Waa a train ont of xxiiii!) no one citnc.-ilivc, snd BO (NBC bad any Biol B chance of cornier*; ont alive than if the carri, natl opened aud swallowed it up. Thc speed Wai P'ob.ilily about txventy-tiv.1 miles Bfl hour. At thc moment of the collapaa tbe tram wai in an ir--n cage, and train and taft together xvoic precipitated toort than one handled fat shear (Iowa into s raging st.c.i ii (If.ty feet dee p. fora a little vi li i le thc people on tin* Dinnies- side Who walled foi ihc coming over of tin* iraiii, and xvho kuciv Iii it sonni liing: had happened becsu-c it did aot come, fancied tbal thc drivel might iiavc pulled up before tba bridie went doxxn. Two OT three men started to walk out tO sec, BRI came back in ft punic st thc fury of thc tempest. All thc y could Bake out was that part ol Ibe bridge xxas gone, bul nobody knew positively that the train lcd gout xviii) Ihc bridge UBtB SOBM ot inc iit-ii!-ti_i*_rs bad i-cn ix,.-i,ed aabora BOBM nii'es away. The eronda xvho swarrned lato ihe Dandee sp.iion on [tbe liist minor of BB accident .thc bua- baada aad wives, brother! find sistcis, ratal ives and l_ieads of tba pss-engers. were kepi for Innis in SUSpei BC bv what one paper call* the jixliciou- silence of ibo railway elUcials; hy wi.at I should cmII tlie cruel callousness common to tbe otiifial mind on such occasion*. .**.> tit | re Rai l lie >t<>i tu that all communication between the opposite sbo cs naa ittspe oded. No -team¬ er dared leave patt. By and by one came over from Newport to Dandee, sad the gale having i.b.(lcd, thc provost, thc liaibor-inas- ter, tba railway people, and some citizen! of Dundee etaoarked on a voyage of dis¬ covery nt aboul io o'clock. As they reached thc bridge tin* moon came* out, and by her light ihcv lits- saw the 9 baal ly rent in tbe iHid^c..1,con feet ont clean ont or it bw tbe storm. A boat polled through, bul nothing cmid be seen Of the xxicek save a huge trlrdei o Iwo, Thc Tax had .swallowcd (tn- ix hole; and down lotii* moment, two days afterward, bi.', one bode baa cen recovered. Dive-is bave becfl down, hut they came up aeaii. with the report tbat nothing can be seen of the wrecked ciriiages. Tbere are quicksands all about, aad ii i* doubtful whether aoytblog vii ever be seen rxcepl the b.Ls ol splintered xxood and various waifi snd strays which ara Boating ashore from ho-.! to hour. Nobody, we are assured* from London \*. as among ibe victims. Ti.ere were no through passengers, lt xvas a local train. lt was lilied, moreover, mainly or wholly, wim Ibird-elasa passengers; persons In whose live* and fortunes thc superior classes c.ti i. tupposed to take, a- a rule, but n lukewarm interest. Yet 1 can only end as I began, bj laying tbal all London ls aghast at tin* calamity. You sea itraa- gera slop each i (ber in tbe streets to asl for nsw*. The papcis come out with their meagre bulk-Una from hour to hour, and aic just aa eagerly bought a* if thev had aoasetblng to tell. The Queen bas teleerapb- ed to tbe Provost of Dundee tbal -he ia In- expressibly sboeked, and feeli moat deeplj tor those who bave lost friends and rtia- t ors, 'lin- manager of tbe North Hiitish railway announced at first thal thc number ol dead wai 200 or .'IOU. How the blunder happened ls not knowe, nut be has since slid timi tbe whole number will notexci-ed ninety; and ba is heartily cor-sed for add¬ ing a oeedless honor to Hie story. P.iblic Indignation take* odd ibapes aometimes. in con ((ju'T:ce of the disaster, North Brit-KbBallway -tack fell IQ per cent. 1 heard more than one ni in say bc wished it would laM lo, il only to punlah tin in lor exaggerating tbe min li ol killed. But these- J nitty aflgr. priaona, ii i- perbapi ni 'idls, to add, are i,ot owners ol North lintis;, .tock. G. xv. 8, (a Imii and Rut-c, ssTul Fi.ln or n .cTnl'ic Hay ami a Texim willi a Ila ntl tit "t .*.lt tu Itabtteri. "i in ihe Po-ttaad ix;,-., prassJ Out ica.i.-is will remember a brief Asso- ciated-Pret! dispatch telling Lox*, two men In a stage-coach In Mexico, nain, il Prank s.-ncr and George Gree o, drove off a band ot highwaymen with Winchester rifles. Prank Bonier is s Portland boy, s nephew ol William Banter, Esq., and wai until lately in the Jewelry builnosi with bi* uncle on Exchange street. Viv extinct Ibe following account ol tbe affair tn Mexico from a pri¬ vate letter written by Mr. .-enter home; -.We left Guanajuato al S o'clock a. M., Dceembci lGtLi. lin* weather was biting Ooldi but, a* OSUSl, we took our sea;* on the top of ibe coach, xxiih revolver! and cart¬ ridge! about tis and Winchester carbines on our knees. After riding about three holli*, and ju*t at light, we beard a rush of ho>'.-es at our side aud a shot tired over our bead*, xxitli BR order to gat dawn and surrender. Wc ansxxcrcd the summons with two silo's iuto tin* crowd, and them n in front of George's rifle fell and htseom- naataaa started for t:ie leading mulei to stop them and taagle them np, but whoa twenty yarda from me 1 roiled him from his bone and did nol see him move a limb afterward. Wa thea turned to iee thirty xvi'li-arni'-d and mounted Mexican*: follow¬ ing ano firing. We put In quick shooting and r*ooa-*drovc them back aeventj faros or na 'ii*. They then tried to circle u«, but ai we tumid our attention to tbe bead mea they all broke and collected in a bunch. Wc then bad e ur coota I tl and placed In Ironl ol us, with a hundred rounds between i;*, and we oribrid thc C -ac'i lo be stopped and began otu hi:- xx nil. al sharp BbooUog. This iee ni *d to make them wild, and- with a yell ii!;.- Outs inobe indian*, twenty or thirty of them came down on *.i- al full speed, ti ri ii-_- all thc way, and 8 wilder sigh! 1 never eau- lo iee, lt wm no us-.' to give up then, as they xvould have e ut us to pieces il xve bud surrendered, so xve mel then. ii. solid style, show in!* what a Winchester rifle xvas good for, and, as luck xvould have it, after BriRgslxty-flva shots xve drove them back at full speed. One fellow, xvhose bolto 1 shot from under bim, lumped bel,ind thc dead animal turd deliberately emptied four -h'Hs at mc over the saddle, aud dodged* under thc bone, txvo s.f my SbotS, but my third * took his vt md.' lu thc alli ay George xv_s shot in thc shoulder; but it wa* only B flosh-xvoiind, and wt kepi on our xvay with a giraid of eic ven furnished u* at the ucxl city, four mitta bey ond. '1 herc sra. a so many bushes xvc could uot tell exactly how many xvcre killed, but xve arc -ure live robbers and four horst! will not trouble travellers again. Inside thc coach xxas a 'Spaniard, w ho threw his revolver from the window ; B Mexican, w Lo xv rapped his head in a blu.kct aud pul his revolver under him; a ("ciman, abo bad a pocket-pi.tol, and wisely did not shoot; and a lady, who did thc pray im*. So you seo xv hat a' patty xve- had to depend on, and what a lucky maps a .* Bad. I shall never ni better help from any one man ihuii I did there Irom Ueorge." Oetolailun for Boomara. Ase. thou art sliaiu'd. Rome, Hi ib Last List tbe bm-d nf md,iv bloods. XX ii. ii went Hit-re l.y mi __t, mutt Ibe great Bood, Bulli wab I m.*n v*.!|; more- iliau nae man * XX lu a cnn Ul un-} say. till now, tbat Ulled vf It<>_is. ) lint ber wnie w.lls rui'unii_s>M*<i but one: man 1' S.<w I- lt l.'.i'iic lii.l.i" I, ji.I rt>.jiii enoufli, XX bru Herc i. iu it bul ooe only mau I J /alias (Rlar, Act 1. Stint 9. A.'tr-TlO- MAI.Rel-ThIa Pay- S By 1'slne A Nnwiln, AatilllSBBIIS. 00.1818 Main "-tr. < t. AI.K OV AN BM Tl BI BTOOK ? oi- C) NT1.)MI "-'- I I l.'NT-slilNT. e,ei,,I)-, " .NOTIONS. Ac . AT .NIT TI'i.N. Al thc re.iiic*! or IL ll. A-t.h-iscin. sta- who liss j ifel'rn.lne.) io cleve :.. iitm-iTf MClttdrelf iotas inaniir.rtnrfor e-tnrti'. and ¦".III In a few d.iv« coiii- ms-i.c-ihe*srsie *t Bo. 1009 Kaia afreet,uttwill ¦HI at his .ft-. Mo. I*i08 Raitt stre»f. on W F 1T_ NESllAY lhe -Hill In-t.f.t. <..nm.'tifTa'lf st Ills') riViock. I.I* KtVTIUK -'lt" K it) Cit.e,|i-. s-ora- I,rl«inr <.)N'ri,i mkn-s utini.-hinc. conn-. ls V ul ft. -nen ai WHITE and CAH.ftPP.tl |)R)"4---slllRTS, - I NH' K-HIKT.--. HOSIERY, .st¦..1*1- siii-'Hs. ni.* >vi - SILK anl LINEN ll fi N DK IT MEF3. SC AIM.-. and TIES): LIKEN l 'ii,I.AH-- i.ti-t el YY-..!):WELR*t. li,',, lot ..i sfttuRi Ri*' Aid I- !.)>. i Ml it- si uni H Fl Pf*. STEMS. *". li KINK BHOW-i A-ES.CO! NTFES. *<\ N\> si,uni n,e* BttaatloB of tba pe*iel!c. us the sale II | TIP. BTORE No. 1808 FOR Bl NT- . ._ IV. PAIRE A \nwi IN. Ji 23-FM.t NN Ht_A u**t n.-i*' r-. Hj Frank I). Hid A Co.. RfBllllBSS Anet)ts and Aucll enc-cSS, 1108Usia sir-ci. 1'RUSTEE'fl SALK OF 1V,ii ¥EBT|| DFB1RARLS FRAME DWELLING** LOB- J NEK HF twenty-tihrtd and M STREETS, j INION 1*11,1. AT AIT NON.B) vl.ti." cf B .lee.I of ti ust ttott .!. M Sr**t ll aad wire ne tl.- n,- aeralanecL ts-uMee, dated May l t. 1870. aad r-ee»rd- ed In Um elert- e.ffl-*. *>r tn.- BIcB-aiond l beaeery J c .un r. ii. n. 100 .. i-ii'- :!.-.".-.:. fuitt bs nae ¦ lu. i, Bude IB 'li-- lavin, n: >.r n c. rlali. ne.,,Ila de note Iherela tecared. aad al iherrqaeMortbc bee- ell.l.rvln sall ie'.-l-l Will -eil Bl 1,i:'-ll'- ruictl.en on Tl'l-STAV. .nrinuv.-7. IMO. »' 4 u'c\,.i\P. M.. <ui Hie i.rriiu-'-.tli.' PBOFERT] e.-rn!>-.l In ' -«|.1 «i-«..|.-* follows: All ilia' CERTAIN I'lK* B ¦ t.lll'.Nl.-e EL OF LANn na Hi" sxmtbeaat cc-riMr ol 'I -.a.-ilv-ililnl and .NI -ir-rl-Tit Ih tel'T "I BICD- iik.ikI. tatai, TNN'ei FKAMfD 1 iNNT I.LI N' .*¦ [here¬ on.'* in oth. r lim r.ve BIS nt l. frontlnff on salli I «*'ii- ty-tbtrd iiraet 60 rt*-**-, and raaalas hack between parallel linea 139 reet.__ore or i. --. The booses i.Ue ai ii u..ii iii roe iii .a'.-i lois 30 reel cn Ul d. The rrropertj Islairoad or.i-r. Bad la bb laipnmag ueitrhtsirlioc-d. Tsbtn»: 1 in-de* i calls fur the expenses or sak un.I 01.030 in '.'-!': bul ii'"t-- iT-ae,mille; [erm, may lie ;*III,(.|iliC(d<ell thc dav "I'--t'e. FRAME H. HILL.Tra HT-sTITiNINIKNT. Tiir nt,..vc .ale ts postponed rm seconal oflncl-r.i- ..nev .,r Hi- "".'iiinr till WKIINESOAY, January _sih. at 4 o'clock F. M. FIIANK I), nil.I.. )i SIR Tra lee. Bj I baSn, Slap**- A < ex, Rsa! Bstata Asaati aad Aactl ¦'¦¦.¦. i -. .No. 1 north Tenth -fie-e-t. pOMMISSIONER't. RALE OF VACAN i" V I LOT NT III -ll II NNT - < I.; N >- I! OK -INT Tl ANIM AN AL s, ir it I s HN NIT IT.tN ll) a inn. of a .!. rrtse of the- Chancer- e .nut ..r ilil¬ li v ..f I,i.i, i,e,iel rote-rad on the 1 Tin *i.t n i J ai u- ,1¦-.". 1880. in lbs canae >.( Blnfoid aad a's. ve, IV ii Until and "*.. tlie node r .taned, thereby nu- ¦ulm, .1 ... rial e .ntmlolonrr ror Hw sirpos aa iii all tey i chile anet loo, on Ihe premise**, on INT I.N, >I».\Y Ihe _8Ui (!i\ "I' .1 in ii a iv. 1 *.-*>. al I o'clock H. M. il U certain LOT' OF GROUND Itna'ed ¦ al^oredescribed, and ir.itu, ISO (¦< t ¦ii Canal .-ti, ei an.i raaalof barkoo -ixUiatrasl <_ ll'et. 1 .BUS Obs fourth cash, Bnd the r- Milne in three ginii Instalments, payable al six. twelve.ands sj_-1s. ecu me,,.ihs in,hi (lateor sale, wild luiert-sl frons tate, lae parehaser ". sire Botes, va un inlerrsi idded, For ihe d. fern d paroi* nt-, aod Ibe ;i:i<- lo be nun,. until nil ol Hie MircBfUH--mone? hal I'an old and a conveyance ordered i.v Un- ronrt. GEORGE P. ll ANV. Special Ce.in-- ll .r. CH NFl'IN. STA Pl. KS A Co.. AncHoie *-r*. is UT Ry i:*,ii*ii it. Lyne, Be Estate Areal and fiucUouetr, l'_12 Main .treet. \UCTIOM 8AL_T7>F THAI" LARGE TIlREE-tsTdRY HULK KTORE Nu. l-_ -.HJIIT) EN Ul -si Ul IT lil T NV- IN N| N 1 \ ,NT. li: . nm.in KTBEETS, WITHOUT 1.1)111 ic Itl-si BVl ..Bj .¦'"ims! of ibe owners will If. r ( t si1.-. Upon Iii*- ir.ii'i-.T on NNT UNI.-. ),\N' lin- B8ih aim nf Janna ry. 1860. at 4 >,'.. i-'. '. M.. Hie ITHHTTH'V above de-er he Tlie ni n ii i-nL-e n>i-*.i--t. rvioel- itilc .ni-. .-..a red ii late.anit ls holli-re rj ia-" anilally. the »tore 'i ile BT-.nud floor belnjrie parale from tie-1 I'll,. I.n, 1,'i I.-; -i hr en tr mee (.r tin- n .- of ts nants ,-eiii,\ infill.i-e-r floor*. The lot has a front of 2H "t 7 incise, on Urhleeitih sir-et and rna back ei ween parallel line: 188 feet io bb silty ibibs inr. Tin: i-i' i< itv. bel ns si mated se n,.,, the raarkcl, sadmli-blN adapiesi Lira s-roceryorcotninls-ion .i,iii|is ii) thc i-i nile fill" trruii'fr-'in tin- iitinil » iir-.'.iii')- nnd Bl a wry imsll otitiav c. Bid be ..iiiiii vi iv atttaclve itaad. Tibbs: Will h.- rcry llhera'.ai'd mad' known i tale- ROHERT H. LYNE, I, o-i Auctioneer. 15 1( ll.MDM) BAZAAR, Q-r*, N,,s. 1 |S8 NMi 1440 lTl.NNKl.lS S r. Z&2-2*. THIRTEEN HEAD Ile IRS EB. BUGGIES, AND NN'.NC'i.NS. Al Al < i Un, THIS DNY. Bl 10©'. !"f.«. «e trill le!!- 4 YOUNG and PERI l.e TT.V se,(NI) HORSES, Just r.t'eiv.'ilfioiii e;n eui,rle i- county.anions 'iiHTii sonic Drst-clas famllt animals. n - NME TIMI BTVLISH FAMILY CARRIAGE (sold for waa! ..r aa*-): TOP ni -..nil'-* ol l.-it.i it. (sl'EN HIT.nv (ini-'-tri: .H'Ml'-lAT II'i. KAW NY- \. v In:,.!-(.¦nc: LIGHT TN I" slTMNt.-NN'.'.nnN (made tu ih« ¦j. i'h.n-'i. nunn ).NUNl-'.VAnoN'.little ii ,. i: oif-iher *, I, nil ..lin stock ilial maj be re*iri»t_red i, ilme i". .it.HN li. ..NV-. Proprietor E. H. ( '."I*. Palern in. js 28 KC NNI. t.TATI Al PH I "FATE Si A li:. 1. OR BALE OR EXCHANGK, Arr* ' NICK 1.11 ILK FARM OF 30 ACTH me mil.' ai,.1 a ball i>- low hlchmond. adjolninB il"* md* or Normand Knell .1 .;. Ti. In proven.eD ts ire ntii-.i'ivc and Hie -.ni nrodnctlve. Will ea- l, .in... for city improved realty. ( hut ch Hui prop- n a pi.ferr. d. i s-ii.d.Tt l'QlNDI.XTHt A Tl'l'I'KK. \\* i; TiTvr. for sale privat_.ly >> the fotlowi»« REAL nt 350 El RI ItlVEK-FRONT ('id .-n.'.i- rettnery) In Bs-ekel i; ll FRET on Frans.Un tx-tw.Sec nd ami Third T.an: TWO SMALL URICR l>U l-.I.LISns. i.T,i rum each, with all m dern improvemeul . he li n! ll silk- ol' C ai > leelav, .ll .Mai ll-'Ul ie i.'l lleiM- |i ri streel i i n m i to nil inli- im r-. CAMPBELL _ -i HOOL! RAFT, jr* r.-lin ii"l Mi n itreet. IHVs'tl.t Illl-t- .i IVA lt TM.«MM IPS. \-*>Tli li OF LIMITED PARTNER- _i HHIP.-Tbe iindcr-lsrncd bare form *l ¦ LIM- ITEIl I'.ni: Ni.ltsilil' te.*-. telu.-1 iii. OHO. l.l.'V. I.IAI---T "i: N. * aa. AN!. GENERAL (OM MIS¬ SION RI -in ,'.-- in the elty ol Richmond aod s'ute ol Vlrfflnla. nuder Hie Orm-oame or HILL, -KINKI || J NV NT KI NS. to h, l-iii SRI 'bs 1 SI DAY DF JANUARY. 1B80, aad to coatlnae rsx thc pa- io i of 'lin-'- years(3 vi ii The GENKRAL PARTNERS lo said Brm -u-e ll Nhl.I- I). HILL. CHARLES If. SK1NKER. ned CHARLES NN Al Kl S's. nil <ef v. h,,i,, u- .iii- ten ol the Stale of Vintlula and re Ida la Om etty ol Richmond. Tie bPECIAL PARTNER ls GUSTAVUS DRER, I CU./..n f Hu- si.i-i ni Munumi, ami re- -i.'.h in ih,. e-ity ol' Baltimore. 'Hies,,, ciai part uar bas contributed to ibe eon- mon st.-cs a- rapital tbe -.um >.i twenty tbotuand itallai-si*'_0.(ll»0) in cash. NNTtn*'i-s eur lian.ls thi* the Slit day of Decem¬ ber, trtgblsBsr?n hietidrenl anti sev-snty-nlne (ls7'.t). [SlKi cij c -ll ai;i.i s H. int.i.. CHAIM.i> R.sKINKER, CHARLES NVNTKINV Genersl Partne r-. GUSTAVUS OBER, S|.ea-r-.ii partaar, sivi) ot Vine.ima, city OF BlCHMOBD.TO wit i.i barlas U. William , a notary public foi the city iforesald, In th- state of YTnd nta, do certtfyiha! ii. lUD.n. e h.mm ,B8 I). Uni e haiti- R. .BIB- ni ii. and en niiii- Watbibs, whose naat-aare -n-i..-I to iii- tercr-'eeiti/ v.tiii' r, bave aekn .w the aame hefore me lu my atld city. And I do nu*- thercertify that ('barles li lim. one or ibe aeneral |(.utiier- ii.-iiiii d iii Hie fiiiciiii-i).' wriilns. thu day aei'ie oeitli befora ate. In roy tald city, ihat e.. Ober, lise special parluer Darocdiu said tvrl'tnr. lu ac¬ tually paid in cash t'> Hi*- linn ...r Hui. . laiiik.-r .(i Watkins ihe »nra of twenty thousand d lars ai lu- [jlput int,, -itnl Brue. nia, n -uni. r no lund ihi» Ul t dav of Dees rober, \. I). ls7'.». ( HAl.l.i-..- I WILLIAMS. .it l-tnv Ne,tu-. Pub le. INI'tll) IM VIOL MIR. V(BOINIA Lil K lN-ri:.N\< i; ( ".M PASY. INHAIl) I IVIDSBOS. T!ie*llvi.l,'li'lsel.-.-<Til,« .! Ii.leev will ls- p ihl to Um I'ockhohl, rs res|ee','tii.Tv ot tie ir ii-.'.-el rt pr* a..ta- ive- ll)x>n Ml -ema'I n Ot Ile ti itt titi.' iie-..| block. In case ii loti ce trtlfle -uta--, pr ..t «t the owaerr hit. lOd lOOl Hill- t le*' III ul- tl> rtftl.livit illl'l ll .11.1 Willi .eeurltt plv.n In iieleinnify the *. impany, Hi .criber, and ali -libers inurt-ted. Foran ,.i hiii- lavii itu.I menai will Vt inriil-hcil by th- ni.scriber .si ii|,|,li. ,ii h. MiotHKiiSTT.e Klleil.OKHSIXc KPT THOSE NTAMED BELOW NRIV.I) APPLY. THKKE B IH INLY ONE DINTDKNI) DECLARED NNTll.TI i SF AS IN Fl Ll .ON T III- 1.*, in MAY, 1-74 AM) NI.LTHiT.THKK r-T, * hin.l.lil I.- HA VE RE- TTVKDTIII ll; 1)1 NT IO. Ni.-. Nns'iist. T. P.0 7| 00 Nkisi.A. M. .',_ .-,*. Iruwn. Mr-. Mart sj. y- (,t, Ir.wu, Mrs. Mary s.. liusltc. 4"_ HO )a\l». 11,','leer. i| 00 !a/"ler*K>k, L. NV. 100 00 In.k ii*, ll. n. 5'J ."".() vc'iit. Jauit'i I. R-_ 60 tTaer_.rl.il.!. NV. ll. 105 00 'l.a'-Biits. Archil aiil. t,2 60 'owell, ll. Lee. n un tearier,J.I). r,j 50 toti.rt'Xiii, NV._.. lu fin .sunders. I). J..Sh. ¦. 1 ,o ¦uilih.G.NV.rr,. -_1 on tokea*. A. V. lu*, ru Yalkln-,.1. ll. . 106 00 ,N e.,,ls, J. I.'. _»10 (ll) 41.176 00 A NOR KW, .InilXvriiN, (,ouii«"|e,f Vlr.ltiia Lile-Iiisuninceloinii-iiiv. No. IL 4 «.¦-I Main strt.t, itichtiiood. Va. Ja 24.e*od_w WroTlCE-TO WHOM IT MAY t'ON- -1 CERN.-I Bars this dsy appoint.-.I LFOR CHA AP nit ult nt. leer me and lp ina l,.l,.ir to .ndiict the NKNYSpAPFR.CH.AR.and NOTION HSlNt_*s. ai No. llo-i Malu street, to buy and el ror .ash onlv. JLLUS MEIER. Jabiabi iii, 1880. la'a-am BV Rober! B> ')'"*. BrslF-ia.eAjteBt sad A-e. :.'..-*". ItU XI.-iltl'HicL ., . nVf v'l'l- "".I"" 0< "'' V'M I'1* mi ).< \i. I xl ii Vi FBOM Till i, f»8Kr xv ) .Iii' Il xlt.BO xi) *li' I' . TO THE .l'l!ix!r*\i '.K'TURNPIKE, KV.XIV xs ..I Vne'IIT' li 'M- OB '-'"i; '-ATE .'"">.' Flt AM.IX Cti-lKt.HX Ht -ll I-' I-1*' liv I'iill H Atc TP'N.-I" I'lirtuai.'" ¦'»(;. ''.sr.. 1.>M C ..nie", veer, of . lr elly or Bleb- ... ,,iTin ... -ni! rn I Belvia niiil al*., en* ¦end . " *-4"- .' '> .- -la-.-'rv. 1 S-o .,,.,.... n. as co,,,, i.stlonti i.r H.e **an*et*e. we lbill ym- ~d ,n»rll ..'. lbs I'lci'ii .. bf s .-ii ll. -ll wni\i-i'.xY i.e -iii .'.> ot r.n.io-t. ii "clour..i I o'etoraal tbat BB) (it mr: ll h LOB I-. .x Ui', ,|,ytli,'r.i.rt.-r,.t..e,,r..t..!v,| ii, .',*! aa 'ollosrs: x.l ibal certs ri IRA I. ,i,elf PARCEL OB l.xM'. v.i I, ii-, ,.,,¦,.. r.R-ssn.l 1ii.l-r.TMii ..'- H M -n ¦;"¦ r-jni.e-i Iv OWne .1 liv I."ii Mi... i Bo ls* slaaoa BowHeg ilreet. in Hie -o..iify..l Il-i.ric,.,-.',...! ibree ..un'.:- ..fa mile .tobi Ut* citv of Bte *--D. ''", p*r0-t^______?_ ,r PblBp K-i.i.i sad tdbtn- eoatalnlne ahoul KOR.Y xi i:;¦* Tb iaad is extremely r.itiie. ,nd Isla i l.lsii state '.:'' etUfatton, »Bd by Bi cob- l.iil'i lit Ht . tv el Rican- if! I- ' Xii'"-... !v vtlil- ,inc n't oaiy felr Ms -T'fit advaBtase as a Wael .rm.bal hy reason ofimpw-secilvrl^-SL*.* Ite ror bulleilna tots. Thc OR -I- . [SOI otbrlek, -ooialalBB aboal ame moms: 1* Hs len. ftc., bas r, nt -.ie' ie ir I...-ell'. I - well water"! : Billi Hide r°Syi?ibUr, texcrnent orchard sad rant ar n-*-*/ttw .wblab bearaall. rhei-areftw «|.. lr.!, .. .,' iee- Iie.r BlcB-BOBd BS th's. Slid Bte ,, 0t rt in inni mi i.|.|)oru.niiy tut laves ratal 1 BB 1 BBMI un.li r Mic di ci ce nil! bs : OBS fourth if Hie t, ii lim mon**) IB ci-ti: ImLinc-- BpOB I ¦relit .,i' six. I weivc. ttehteea. ani t w.-m v -i,.tu 11..1.H1-. 11. iTt.lliir. e- il' d'*, wlih e, |m r 1.Liol sided, uni ..'-ur. .1 l.v a irii.t .lee.l.'T al, ...*;.. Bl hf r.irllon 1 f Ihe pure 1. <r. .... ,l.n still !,.. siren lbs 1-' day of March Mat Tbe property I* Bowoccapied tiyMsJorJ. ,Xu,iv.;.XV.,.,l, IL 6. BANNON, j,, .jg Pn eta] ' .ininii--i'.n. r- Bi in Xi u 1..-_.-:_!:. Auctioneer, Ko, in (.. v.-ni'.r for Tbtrteealb] .-irr.*. f ABGE ANO PEREMPTOUY li CAI X!..'(.LK BU )lr I X( ii.1.1 Si SI XV MUM I IT, < HAIL'S, H'M '-E- El VS !-i I IV. ci 11. li-. TRUNK**, EWINU-MACHINI >. kc. (HV ORDER OP 1 111. XIAN UPAI iii.'K!:.*.' ai xi tn ms. On TnURsDXY.SOtb instant,si I0J-. e'etstet x. il . 1 wi 1 se ll Bl tbe nore Nu In..7 Man. streeLop- tsjsttf inc .,. it-offlce, tbe laras.i ___orttneiilol the ibove-Bsuied soods ever uflrvrcd in i.i* ally, em- H'lliilK lOI.IU WALNUT CHAMBER and PABLOR Mil- ii 1 rletj aleI .,f latest ny les; ?AR sti.l MAPI I-. Ct lii'ACK li BRIT URE: ,\ AIM I'.OAK. MAPLE, sad PoPLAl! li AIBi¬ ol evert style arac .*- .rfu..til .1 11:1 NIX*: Ul M,' - In i:-i.-.'-.-iii'. Hm nels,and Mik; l"l*i -li ;.M-li|N.i ii.nilly in earle > \X I-N'*I..N i.nl .MAI:!*.!,!-- aili i I- N VI TOP ABI IB. xl--... lo-1,1 rof ibe nndersirilera, aa ail rtmentol t WV. i.mi xx .1 il) , i- .ai. H .nd Hue kit:-, il ili'U oan ,.-e¦). i rn- ni'-'ii lon or Ibe ira. nillir ls n rilculBrtyintlicOtottilstBie.il sill in- re««ly lor exhibition 011 WEDNEffiAY, -S ll In- a'. JA*. .XIAiils.I "i, M|. A ii-u.1. i:. I! ' in. Ja BB ll ll] ii.. ! I. ,,..,.',,'.i, .lr., X tit Ms.n -ins t. 3T0CK OF FAMILY 0 BO CE RI ES. -5 PL Xl I ORM-Bi ALE", s IOARM. 4C. .x, A I X l's '; ,i ..-... ii ids i,. ii t of tbe oweer, wbo l*i ile- 'i n lil. *. V be '0 h Instsnl il -,i ck. al lbs more N 1 vest Broad . Libs Mock -t EAMII.V s.li.ii !- (1KB, sXi.ii'--. TOBAC'l-ei. PLATFORM* and "I ll!: -i ALIS, mu ..i: |, KA N's X|..|, a*. I s. io i:bino-s,teas._.tom xx xiii .c i rry- l.'MB.-, ii xmi *. B.000 i !c xi:- ul I. -li tb e biand rx i N I mi. (\s "I'Mi-.i:, a large lot or HIi.i.K-s.s.. >u-. ac, re ti aa de l.tsLk. TBBMS: tt-li. JV). E. LAI'CIITON.JR, ls BB* SI Auci M c.lent i itiis tM» nqieiKx. 0LA8SES. 100 terri- I LT. x tfOLABBEB, f r tata by Ji I l-l ot DAVERPORT X MORRIE, HA 1-7.0 OF HAI.K AGATHE, Jui-Fl' L*arrit,--i tr..h. Liverpool, fee mai bi i»x- 'ENPl.RT 4 M..l'!:|s. ,, ,,., ti.._.- <>r B.SO0 -te-- WORTHINOTOS SALT; _r.8fi *a. k- ni- inn- Ri *s SALT; 100 casks QUI RR LM4 EXTRA bTOl l. [Ja2l-10t| "|LD CHOICE Lli.t'OK* AND KINK 1/ CiltlT I UH*. H. XN I I LO 1 Tl. Nu. 1*1 1 Mt l SKIT V sf.:) ir. Blt I. MOM. Vi.. .. !,. ..ni .a , ii Lu. i.i lil- binn Mock ul 'HOB'S VIROIRIA XVHI-KIV-, E .: E N . Il ilU WI)!) *. SOtl XX IN! *_ li. I. n- >L|. i. P. xx v*"i: " xnilaRBV: ami .* Hi mcakdm lt A'Ul-KEY. Ive yean ...el: '('LC -'IKP. WIII-KKY. -even irsrs old; i. i.xi m.!* xvii SK..V. ave rears old; dd) MX lt il". Lt. DARK LONDON DOC* BRANDY: H-DMABTKLL V.-. o. p. brandy; lERUlNE PURE ROLLAND OIN; liss, etsotcest grsdes ,.t p..pr aixl slIPBBY Wt NEB. a ml Ht|>H iii.d-«t'eiTi ll XVHIsKKY. ll .,. VIWLIMA HAMS. KINK TBA*, aud COE- vk.k. s.,,1 u Rye tullis ,iu-r-ily. all-t-od3ai(- I Hy Knink J. Ba__plO_, lasl Estate Atrat, AsaUaaecr. and .v..tan- Public, uWkn comet Ball sad Nii.rii -ir.Hr, MsBCBester. x-a. rui.MMi-'-ioNKi:**' sam: OF land I l i liK.-il.LMi-I.i) COUNTY AT PUBLK \rc Tins .in parsaai er s deer e "f* ibe Cir- s .ri or * c.*- .1 tl ll ci ir m. lu Hi- hui,'iv I Luci xi. ur*an: te. -"ilea Mleidici. .\.citil.\. Ac. rulered at inc Novtiiili'r term. sTU I- ti ', i l-.ni/d. -|"'n! cmni I-I..I..T-. t. ii' an at imlihc -iiit-'.iiii. on MONDAY Ihe Btbdayof ¦¦'. I'c.ri. 1800. beistrttn ilia li-nr-..,- 19 ¦' ll. BBd I o'clocl l*. xi., i.i fiontott'-bcsierOcld .oart-iHiojcthe TRA i OF AND Bitmtloned in Btdfcci ' wiiei'¦"!' i iinr .¦- Ittlddwton uledse /- I .ii-! i. .--ed. cnfsiiiliig-, l-l ii,-, ni -ur" i, lying about scveo miles (rom Cbesierfl.-ld ¦i.iiri-li. ai-- ii'-..i- lbs Ur.-!,iii"). ralU-emd. and ad- dnlpaib, laadsorthe Brl**tiibo e Rallw yt'om- ranyaud ertbei Tl s bu kilna. eonsisi ol a _.-.. I nd safflcicn.ly larra and commodious KR A XI K iXVLLLINCi arel Ihe li-'i-'iv out le.il--. II. -.xi.-M . ni ii w,,.i.,i and watered. Ac s i-.-i|i!,-i- llll re I, .";.¦!¦. nc 11 lu i lee elle l, 'I -.in,. .1. .Ve. Tebms: s.,,.-iitir-i cash; t, «. balance on credits .1 -in .in-) IWO ve.-.r. "| .1 in t.-iln.t nts. He- |,ur- ,H.ri>. execute lil- i.-e.i-t..i lbedef--mel pay- afiii-. I.,.. r i; _r luiereM from day or tale, and iii" nie reialaed 'Hi ibe whole parciiane-moner shall ave been paid and a eonreyani-** ordcrfi i'i lim ¦cart. Il H. '""NH -. ¦!«.. W. ir. M. KENNEY, GEORGE ll \>"\. J i '.'.ft Spe clal ( "liiinit John M. C'.i.'in. K^.-ii Estate Asenl uni Auctioneer, Nu. 11(1(1 Main -tic f. COMMISSIONERS' BALE OF HOI SE ./r£XNi) LOTON TIIE U PST BIDE Ol WEN- V--INl'H silM-l.i BETWKRN x| \\i' \ Ri i.i*. c ni i:< ii HILL, xi PUBLIC Al's - lo\..In pursuance ol BOsctwor the I'hs ncr v '..uri ..[' ile-. t ii l.'i.Tni md ti. .a.,i i, Hie -j.i nv heft mli"i. 1 *?'.'. i'l ibe ,M-e oi [-sn.tf.ird, .-'rm t'. ,-.t. Md ionouah and alt.. Hie under lanrd. ni in .-i.. ii .!'- app. ii.'ed lor tlie purpose, es I ll iel l public suction, on the prenti es, on Tilt i:-l.x\" i- 9th -... of Jana ur, 1880, tl 4 u'cl, ek p. xi . te PROPERTY located as _b*-v_.lol 82!.b) 1311 rel.with ii'.' Imtirovs .neut ibcres Tbbm il::...-:.... cash to na) .;,,.-.-.' sndtx- ensesi.r this -nit snd "t stud sale: ihe n i,i i, a ci-,- lt of one. wo. aad lliree venr», the pur- nasrrea ci dna n sotlable boi«, i'",-ili .:, I'.-n.-d ai bk in*, wltb 0 per cent. Inte li¦. m .! .\ nd Tie He lo Ur retained until He whole ol ibe ii -.ha-s m..ney shall be paid and :. come)ance or- ered by tbe C< ur*. I*X tC ll CARRINGTON, J. \i...i;i.i..iL*x. Ja 28_Si uii'tl C.nm.i- lonei -. Bl Robe rf I'.. Lyne, Real Estate Vscntanu Auctioneer, 1_1*_ Main -u n. 4 UCTION BALE OF \ VERY VAI.T- V XII I- Iii I li i»M"< Ix- OR X! CBKCT* Mi DA 11 V-PABM. LONI XININCi TWENTY ,( in .* L.xsi np TIIK (I I V. A Nh PRONT1NG i\ OAKXVOOO 1VENUK, ANI) tliOI.'T ONK n .ul ir ul \ MILK PROM I l!i CITY 1.1 M- 1--. Al v.' -1M s s. THK |.XN|>- i.-i- s. I*. LA¬ URI P. I",'.. ANDHTHKRB.-1 an. "i'i. -ted lil¬ le owner, v-ii" bai de'ermined 10 iliveh 10sell, io tl* 1. up. 11 ti; "ii l ll SI) xx Hie 2", li iv 1' .1 .I -- I 'clt-icl P. M.. ii"- ni. ive rulv rah-m.li Icceol 1 rop rty. ". he .11 I. iiraiv Iu.provis!, and 1- areli t»-»-.en-d. The Im- ros .-i.i'-ir - 011*1 ..1 a Mi ll KBAMK .--IN- ni'.M (.xvi 1.linc. 11, k..riler; kitchen and the r out-b u-'--. Thi tin,! ern t- ti'.iv occupied bj xrr. Robert irluker. wiso wi lukt- |ii.,i-int- lu allowina n '" uv 11 ,!.-iii.'-' lo rn peet. Special ufi.n Ioh I she 110tin il f ibis 11-. .a \. i . M. v. .,.' Ul it, niel .inn,,ni,-ni ai sale. RUB a RT B. i.X m Auelloi ,cr. P )**TPONEMENT. In consequence. t ihc Inclenit-nc] or the weather ile ls o-lponed hut. it,*ii. \x By of .linnait. st 1 o'clock l* xl. vii. 11 Hie pro- rty « III be .-.dd ui ou tu,- pre mi- -. ROBERT H. LYN1 In '-'*t_Aiic'!..in-. r. By J. liompson Bri urn. Real K l .te Av. ni and An,ti,,',, r. 1113«a»l xia.n itreet, PBUSTEES' SALE OF HOUSE AND I I HT "N Iii ll CN fi! -TRI IT BK! WI I S I. xV \M> I ! 'ell -.;;!' * I.-, m. ar, el . rn 1..! .!. !_3<i 'ti-ii ¦*. B76. n coi tlcliinoinl Ci.ancert I urt. D. B. 108 li., pairs 171, x.< nt. ¦! bj lil Rose in il¦" ', .dei len. u 1. -. nd ,\ h. 1 d< I'..1. hts bes ii ui de In ibe |iaj mein a Itu.I _ 1' .,,.1 m eui eel, and bellia require I", we ¦.¦ -¦¦:.. .1 ... i- l.'ll) \X - uar) '".. 1880. ul .*> 'lock P. xi .bc 1. :i xi. PRU i.HTV: Tba! Lei OF LAND.with ill ile in,j,ne.in, un Bier un,. .. the we 11 ru Hue if l if,- mi, bctwi en (lay sun I- igh tit lt. ti mi¬ lk BB 11 st, m.ne or '!.--. .1).1 rnntilug l.a.'k bs tai ills Hu I00f.il '. cu : iit:m- li .e-_ il., ann 4 Uj.il ind ii- halanci rms at will be uno. u u .<l iv said 'i. ".i-t.- or nu ie e al -ale. II. C. O. HARTMAN, -lliil * Mir xi -. J. i HOM "'SON IL OWN, Trustees. I. -.Ml--.IN Ll-.i.XVN. Alic!!. Illl-r. .li;J- AVrTintt nh MMU - ra I nra naya._ Hy NN. n«.|.l|.i. Real Estate Aefent and .N.in-tlone*.. coiner Fhv tuii asjg Hank snce . rTBUSTEE-* s.\lFOf VALUABLE 1 HOUSE anti LOT ci\ "ITT! SIDE OF I LAY STREET ll.TWie.EN KUTlTII AND . Ht ill MIKS FT-..The undersigned, frn-ft" s In a I ite-.! staled 10tb day of dann r*. 1871. hetai .- cree d ni do aa in a decree of ihe Riobmond c haooary , ir-iri e-nt, re-1 -.i, il ..: of -t i, -I ei'.. i 880, ii the I snit of ni.-1-eiis..ii r.s. Die,. B and air. «v|lt et- ' .i no*die auction, on ib- premises,at 4 o'r..,rkP. M .on IPaN fin- f'.tti -I y <-' )'. Dniarv. 1880. tin- --v. -i..«eiii.fei nm-i: vNi. i.or. 'H-1 il :. n 54 t. '¦' ii mil I.f Clai isini nm* hitt-k BIB fi*-'. The property I* now ibe residence nf Colonel Winiam C. Camnaton. I'i dweiiiii'f n a ipacioos onr, and h ro:. I ui,um for a lai ne family. . -n -t i.i : is li r..r en. rt,), lo pay -4.2T0 and Um ex pena** ol -.u; .mi ai to the p- Idue, on a credit of i weira noa*bs from tbe day of sale. tbs. cre.lil in-lnhi,*-:,; ....rr-.l ag Inter, fr in III* stay of sale, un title ret ii ii mini ti.- pureba e-mooey la li.ll'l and roi. v-a-aiii-e dire' te br tl >. < url. N. f.iiDI.IN. AI.KS IN DER H.-NNT)-. 20_ T Hy John M.Godoin. Heal I-". till.- Ans -nt an-l An,'th.ii, er. So. HOS Mala -ir, ,f. BY VIRTUE <>K A DECREE OF THE Chsneers Goartoflbe t-i'\ of Rlcbtniwid. en¬ ters d In itee- im,ie oi Upehnr, Bc, rr. WlMams',- \..Tir.>r» iiiid ei'-. nalba 17 tb January. I860, Hm eu icrstK'teai. peclal comiDls-loner ih-rrln ap- lee.iiiteeJ. win procted lo -eil al public auction, on tl,,' niiiel-" Iii ihe blahed lil.nl. r. -AT TH¬ OA Y th- Ti-I day or .Lu n uv. 1880 at 4**io'i lock P. M.. it, roda ina lu* itt: i V. i,. aai,: -All ihtt lot, piece, or pircel or >.n..l. whh lhe Improve- dc nu ti Breon (e-on Ulina i -i dwi Ulnae v.itli thrs .- .tying ami bel sig Iii the city ol Richi.I. In vin".'- Division. Deina inn ol Lot No. 1. in Sin,re If,''. Of -ni.I .Tal lon, fr-inlinir BS f- ¦¦ Og tlie east -nie' -f Fedetal (oi Buchanan) tiree! he- ta-.e.n Cedar an NN'-el.iiu-t rn sire ls, and running iiack between parallel lluea IO'*1 reel lo an alley . fei i wide, ai d ii 'un .! on lb-* north .Ide bt ihe pro¬ perty of E. .(. 'iit-',ii. 11 tad oa Ul.llb side by ii ,. pr .|.. n\ of -John R. 1! .non." i, v.: . ,... T, | ,| in ,- .'i. nnd Ihe h ilance In re)ual Instslmenti si ila Bad latelre months, alth i,,..;..i nt its perc< ht.