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IDOL Server 11.6.0 Release Notes - · PDF fileLegalnotices Warranty TheonlywarrantiesforSeattleSpinCo,Inc.anditssubsidiaries("Seattle")productsandservicesareset

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  • IDOLServerSoftware Version: 11.6.0

    Release Notes

    Document Release Date: February 2018

    Software Release Date: February 2018

  • Legal notices


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    Release Notes

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    Release Notes

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  • Contents

    New in this Release 7Content Component 7

    New in this Release 7Resolved Issues 8

    Category Component 8New in this Release 8Resolved Issues 9

    Community Component 9New in this Release 9Resolved Issues 10

    Connector Framework Server 10New in this Release 10Resolved Issues 11

    Controller 11New in this Release 11Resolved Issues 12

    Coordinator 12New in this Release 12Resolved Issues 13

    Distributed Action Handler 13New in this Release 13Resolved Issues 13

    Distributed Index Handler 14New in this Release 14Resolved Issues 14

    File System Connector CFS 14New in this Release 14Resolved Issues 15

    Find 15New in this Release 15Resolved Issues 17

    HTTP Connector CFS (Solaris only) 18New in this Release 18Resolved Issues 18

    IDOLAdmin 19New in this Release 19Resolved Issues 19

    Release Notes

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  • IDOLProxy Component 19New in this Release 19Resolved Issues 19

    IDOLSite Admin 19New in this Release 19Resolved Issues 20

    IDOL Speech Server 20New in this Release 20Resolved Issues 21

    KnowledgeGraph Component 21New in this Release 21Resolved Issues 21

    License Server 22New in this Release 22Resolved Issues 22

    Media Server (Windows and Linux only) 22New in this Release 22Resolved Issues 25

    Query Manipulation Server Component 26New in this Release 26Resolved Issues 26

    Statistics Server Component 27New in this Release 27Resolved Issues 27

    View Server Component 27New in this Release 27Resolved Issues 27

    WebConnector (Windows and Linux only) 28New in this Release 28Resolved Issues 29

    Upgrade Information 30Upgrade to IDOL 11.x 30

    Upgrade Document Tracking 30

    Requirements 31Minimum System Requirements 31

    Software Dependencies 31

    Supported Operating System Platforms 32

    Release Notes

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  • Notes 33

    Documentation 36

    Release Notes

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  • New in this Release

    The following sections describe the enhancements for the components of IDOLServer version 11.6.0.

    Content Component

    New in this Release

    l When NodetableCompression is enabled, decompressing large documents now uses lessoverheadmemory.

    l The new DefaultOperator parameter has been added to the Query, GetQueryTagValues,GetContent, and Highlight actions. This parameter sets the default operator to use between theterms in a query. It overrides the DefaultQueryOperator configuration parameter.

    NOTE:If you distribute actions to Content by using a DAH, youmust also update DAH to 11.6 orlater to use this parameter.

    l You can now turn off the best term hash, by setting the new BestTermHash configuration parameterin the [Server] section. This optionmight increase indexing speed in cases where you are regularlyadding a very large number of new terms, at the expense of increasing the disk I/O when best terminformation is required (such as QuerySummary and Suggest).

    l The TermGetBest and TermGetInfo actions now allow you to show the unmodified query termweights, rather than the default suggestion weights, by setting the ShowQueryWeights parameter.This optionmight be useful if you want to use the term weight results as a basis to create a customterm file.

    l You can now show term weight information in the TermGetAll action, by setting the Weightsparameter.

    l The GetQueryTagValues action now respects value ranges when FieldDependenceMultiLevel isset to True. Previously, the action returned values individually, rather than bracketing them intoranges. This change applies to configured ParametricRangeType fields, and fields with customranges supplied by using the FIXED or FIXEDDATE range specifiers in the action.

    NOTE:If you distribute actions to Content by using a DAH, youmust also update DAH to 11.6 orlater to use this option.

    l Unstemmed processing has been improved so that Content writes out the unstemmed settings fileonly when required, rather than at every unstemmed flush.

    l You can now configure your authorization role SSLIdentities to identify clients by using an emailaddress in the certificate subjectAltName. You can use an optional tag for each SSLidentity tospecify whether it is a dns or email type identity. If there is no tag, the server treats it as dns type.

    Release NotesNew in this Release

    IDOLServer (11.6.0) Page 7 of 36

  • For example:

    SSLIdentities=email:[email protected],,

    l When using GSS security, you can now configure the service to allow clients to authenticate to anyservice principal in the service's keytab, rather than requiring a single principal. You use this optionby setting the GSSServiceName configuration parameter to an asterisk (*).

    Resolved Issues

    l In servers that use asynchronous actions and where you have document security enabled, sendinga DREINITIALindex action could result in an interruption of service if the number of synchronousthreads plus twice the number of asynchronous threads was more than 32.

    l Using an AND-type operator as the DefaultQueryOperator could result in the SYNONYM operatorreturning fewer results than expected if the SYNONYM contained phrases or exact stemmatches.

    l When Highlight was set to Proximity in a query action and the XMLFullStructure configurationparameter was set to True, highlighting couldmiss simple terms.

    l Terms that did not satisfy the IndexNumbers criteria were not counted in term proximity by the Queryaction, but were counted by the GetContent action when doing Boolean highlighting. Positioncounting is now consistent between Query, GetContent with Boolean set to True, and theHighlight action with TextParse set to True. The Highlight action for plain text continues tocount all numeric and alphanumeric terms in term proximity, regardless of the IndexNumbersconfiguration.

    l If the first entry in an index field was a proper names chunk (for example, A Smith went to town...,where the first term is ASMITH and has no position) then attempting pro