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This is a powerpoint about What is ICT. Its a brief summarize.


<p>Internet-based project work</p> <p>Internet-based project work</p> <p>Why do Internet-based project work?Basic projectInternet-based simulationsWebquestsWebquest creation</p> <p>A short-term and</p> <p>A long-term basis </p> <p>WHY DO INTERNET-BASED PROJECT?Cooperative learning and interaction</p> <p>Learning some other interdisciplinary subjects</p> <p>Real world contexts</p> <p>A great source of motivationCritical and analytical thinking skills</p> <p>INTERNET</p> <p>Low-level projectHigh-level project</p> <p>Steps to prepare an IBPW:Choose the project topic.Make the task clear.Find the resources.Decide on the outcome.</p> <p>Basic projectA low-level projectFirst lessonSecond lessonThird lessonA high-level projectFirst lesson</p> <p>Second lesson Third lessonA low level proyect</p> <p>A high-level project</p> <p> INTERNET-BASED SIMULATIONS A BUSINESS ENGLISH SIMULATION </p> <p>Real websites and real situationsPurposeful and selective reading Process information, planning skills True communication Technology skills The Benefits of Internet-based simulations</p> <p> A General English Simulation </p> <p>An inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the internet Bernie Dodge Webquests The fairly rigid structure they have evolved over the years.The difference between webquests and projects or simulations </p> <p>Two types of webquest are identified Main sections of Webquests </p> <p>Introduces overall theme Background information Key vocabulary Concepts Introduction What the learners will have to do Highly motivating, intrinsically interesting Relevant to real-life situations Task Process</p> <p>It guides the learners through a set of activities and research tasks.</p> <p>Evaluation</p> <p>It involve learners in self-evaluation.Good webquests will give guidance to the teacher.Webquest CreationIt does not require much detailed technical knowledge.It might be defined as follows:Research skillAnalytical skillsWord processing skillsExploring the possibilities stageChoose and chunk the topic.Identify learning gaps.Inventory resources.Uncover the question.</p> <p>Designing for success stageBrainstorming transformations</p> <p>Identify real-world feedback</p> <p>Sort links into roles</p> <p>Define the learning task.</p> <p>Creating your webquest stageWrite the web page</p> <p>Engage learners </p> <p>Scaffold thinking</p> <p>Decision: implement and evaluate.</p>


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