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Ib3 ~7tgl Katherine Howarth - Borough of news/Gypsy and Tr · PDF file Ib3 ~7tgl Katherine Howarth From: Sent: 15 July 2014 21:11 To: Planning.Policy Mr D & I O'Malley, Re :Cowling

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  • Ib3 ~7tgl

    Katherine Howarth


    Sent: 15 July 2014 21:11

    To: Planning.Policy

    Mr D & I O'Malley,

    Re :Cowling Farm Gypsy

    And Traveller Preferred


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    having resided in the cowling area for over 10 years we are concerned with the

    lack of consultation and information with regards to the proposed site for the Gypsy and Traveller

    community. Having moved to the Cowling area for the picturesque views, quiet location and

    community environment we feel that this is now under threat and therefore we object to the

    Chorley Planning proposal to use Cowling Farm as their preferred site for the Gypsy/Traveller

    community for the following reasons:

    Although several sites have been identified, Chorley planning report appears to be biased

    towards the Cowling site compared to other sites and we feel that the assessments completed on

    all sites are not up to date information in relation to bus service, education, traffic and also

    conflictions in relation to green belt.

    We strongly recommend that Chorley planning review there processes and procedures and look to

    sites more suitable for the Gypsy/Travelling community on existing brown field sites and or more

    accessible sites with nearby facilities that fit the criteria.

    Yours sincerely

    D & I O'Malley

  • ~tT~$~

    Katherine Howarth


    Sent: 151u1y 2014 22:17

    To: Planning.Policy

    Subject: Gypsy, Traveller &Travelling Show People Preferred Options Documen


    Please see my comments regarding the potential Gypsy, Traveller &Travelling Show People Preferred

    Options Document and the Yarrow Bridge, Bolton Road, Chorley PR7 4AB.

    believe the Bolton Road Site is unsuitable for the following reasons:-

    1. A bus stop is located directly in front of the entrance to the site. This will cause issues regarding traffic if a

    bus is blocking the entrance and a vehicle is turning into the site. Due to the increase in house building in the

    area the traffic has considerably increased during peak hours it is not uncommon for traffic to be backed up

    from Chorley or from Heath Charnock so any additional traffic will have an adverse effect.

    Due to the bus stop also being located near two schools it could increase the possibility of an accident as the

    site access will be in use at all times.

    2. The site is on Green Belt land which should be preserved as per Government guidelines.

    3. There has been three large housing developments off Little Carr Lane, Pilling Lane &off Myles Standish

    Way. This has increased the demand on local services especially the primary schools which are already over


    4. Due to the sites location to the river further developments could increase the possibility of flooding

    hope you take my comments into consideration.

    Kind Regards

    David Byrne

  • 1~5 C~ Tt$3

    Katherine Howarth

    From: Graeme Wright <

    Sent: 15 July 2014 22:52

    To: Planning.Policy

    Subject: Objections to Travellers site @Crosse Hall Lane

    would ask for the following are taken into consideration for the proposed travellers site at Crosse Hall


    1. This land is actually on Howarth Road rather than Crosse Hall Lane.

    2. The land is almost half the size of the stated minimum size required (0.4 hectares), and would

    require a second site in order to meet the minimum 5 households - at additional cost to the council

    tax payer.

    3. The site would not be in-keeping with the Iocal street scene, and would be visible from the road.

    4. Should this site be used, it would not allow any future expansion of St James' Primary School, which

    understand is nearing over capacity - as schools are not allowed to build on their playing fields.

    5. The road is very busy - especially at school time, causing a danger to pedestrians and other road

    users. This additional building will increase traffic volume.

    6. The cost of this site is prohibitively expensive, in comparison to the preferred Cowling Farm site.

    7. The consultation has not taken place in a fair manner to existing residents living in surrounding

    areas to proposed sites. Residents have not been informed directly by letter. One article has

    appeared in local press, and the planning documents have not been placed in a prominent position

    on the council website. This has limited our opportunity to investigate our options and legal

    position, and to respond within the allotted consultation period.

    8. The site is located on an unadopted road - it is therefore not in control of the council, and it being

    maintained at the cost of the local Morris homes development. This additional traffic will cause

    wear and tear (especially given the size and weight of a large caravan. The expense of repairs

    would be borne by local Morris homes residents until such a time as the Council is in a position to

    adopt the road. As residents, we have no control over this travellers' development, and the type of

    vehicles that will be used on the site. In addition, this road is not gritted and therefore is likely to

    be unsafe in winter conditions, for private cars, let alone large caravans and mobile homes.

    9. The existing Rivington View site has only one access road (Howarth Road), leading to circa 200

    homes. Should this be blocked for any reason, this causes a real safety problem, given the size of

    the vehicles which could use the road. We have particular concerns regarding access for emergency

    and refuse vehicles.

    10. The palisade fencing will not screen the proposed travellers' development from view. Given that

    this would be a highly visible site from the road, it would be not in keeping with the local

    surroundings and street scene.

    Many thanks

  • i bb

    G~('1$ ~-

    Katherine Howarth


    Sent: 15 July 2014 22:47

    To: Planning.Policy

    Subject: Chorley local plan - Gypsy, traveller Preferred Options

    I would like to oppose the planned consideration of using the Former Depot at Yarrow Bridge,

    Bolton Road, Chorley PR7 4AB on the grounds that the proposed site is within the Greenbelt and is

    in an area of natural beauty and wildlife. The erection or allowance of any habitation would put this a

    risk and would not be in keeping with the local area.

    I would also like to object on the grounds of the increased disruption that this site would cause to one

    of the main arterial routes into Chorley. The new lights at Myles Standish Way have already created

    traffic flow problems particularly at rush hour, and should this site be selected together with the road

    widening and carriageway crossings being suggested by the highways agency it would compound the

    problem and adversely affect the traffic flow. Coupled with this, having a site entrance in close

    proximity to a bus stop, given the size of the vehicles entering the site, would create a hazard to

    anyone alighting the bus at this location.

    I believe that on these grounds this site should be removed from the list of proposed locations.

    Kind regards

  • 1 ~ ̀l

    4'T~gS Katherine Howarth

    From: Heather Laughton

    Sent: 15 July 2014 23:04

    To: Planning.Policy

    Subject: Objection to proposed permanent gypsy and traveller site on Cross Hall

    Lane, chorley.

    Dear sir/ madam,

    am a resident of the rivington view estate chorley. It has recently come to my attention that there are a

    number of proposed gypsy /traveller sites in my local area.

    am therefore emailing you to express my objection to the proposed permeant gypsy and traveller site on

    cross hall lane, chorley for the following reasons:

    the site does not appear to provide the required size to support the gypsy /traveller community as

    requested e.g. Regarding accommodating size of pitches /trailers; the site is attached directly to a school

    preventing expansion requirements considering the increase of potential attendees from the rivington view

    estate; road safety may bean issue considering the access road is currently unadopted, especially at peak

    times when parents drop /pick up children from school.

    believe that the alternative proposed sites provide more satisfactory accommodation than the one on cross

    hall lane e.g. Cabbage hall fields, cowling farm and yarrow bridge depot (if removed from the Green Belt)

    and should therefore be considered for development.

    Kind regards,

    Sent from my iPad

  • Chorley Local Plan 2012-2026 ~~~~~~~Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showpeople

    Preferred Options (June 2014) C o u n c~ 1

    Ref Number:

    Representation Form G TI$(~ Official use only

    4 JUNE to 16 JULY 2014

    Chorley Council is seeking comments on the Council's preferred location for the provision of a minimum of 5 permanent Gypsy

    and Traveller pitches (Chorley Local Plan 2012-2026). The Council has also considered and discounted a number of

    alternative sites and welcomes views on these. A Schedule of Proposed Further Modifications which includes a proposed

    policy on Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Shopwpeople (Policy HS11) to the Local Pla