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IAG Jewellery - Jewellery Clearance Auction

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On behalf of the Beneficiaries of Betasun. This is truly a stock clearance auction of New Jewellery and some estate items, mostly unreserved. All jewellery is guaranteed to be of solid 9ct 14ct & 18ct Gold, genuine diamonds & all natural gemstones – many items with Gemmological Certificates.

Text of IAG Jewellery - Jewellery Clearance Auction

  • Jewellery Clearance Auction

    WHEN: Sunday 10th June 2012WHERE: Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast, QLD 4218

    START: 1:00pm SharpVIEWING: 11:00am to 1:00pm

    AUCTIONEER: W J (Bill) HannafordCONTACT: (07) 55 380 300

    Lot 136

  • Jewellery Clearance Auction

    Page 2

    1 14ct yellow gold Ring set with a 1ct oval Emerald plus 2 small Diamonds

    2 Large black mabe Pearl Pendant set in 14ct gold with frame & 14ct yellow gold mabe Earrings

    3 9ct yellow gold Ring set with 3 golden Citrines, bridge design

    4 Strand of semi baroque cultured Pearls on 14ct gold clasp

    5 18ct rose gold 6 Diamond set Ring

    6 18ct yellow gold Bracelet set with 2 Citrines, Amethyst & Topaz

    7 18ct yellow gold Ring set with a natural Ruby of 0.30cts plus 4 Diamonds on shoulders

    8 Pair of 18ct yellow gold Stud Earrings each set with 7 pink/brown Diamonds totalling 1 ct. Valuation $12,000

    9 18ct yellow gold Ring set with a large natural Pink Sapphire

    10 9ct rose gold Bangle set with 8 natural Rubies hammer set 25.8gms

    11 10ct yellow gold tapering Band set with 7 green Emeralds

    12 18ct white gold Pendant set with 12 Diamonds with 1 large grey Tahitian Pearl. Valuation: $2,400

    13 18ct yellow gold fancy Band set with 13 fine white Diamonds

    14 9ct solid rose gold Bangle of 13.3 grms

    15 18ct yellow gold Ring set with a round brilliant cut Diamond - approx 25 pts

    16 18ct white gold Earrings set with 1ct natural Tanzanites, hoop style

    17 14ct white gold Ring set with 26 Diamonds and black Onyx of modern dome design

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    Sunday 10th June 2012 Jewellery Clearance Auction

    18 Ornately engraved 9ct yellow gold Belcher Bracelet of 24 grms, with padlock

    19 18ct yellow gold Ring set with 41 diamonds & 32 yellow Sapphires in a Heartshape. Valuation: $3,400

    20 9ct gold fob Chain with T bar and fob hooks 38.29 grms

    21 14ct yellow gold Ring set with 28 round brilliant cut Dia monds of 0.70 cts. Valuation: $2,900

    22 14ct white gold Chain & Pendant set with 243 Diamonds & black Onyx in Art Deco style - Diamonds total 1ct. Valuation: $6,100

    23 18ct yellow gold Ring set with a 4.71ct step cut Amethyst and 10 shoulder Diamonds. Valuation: $3,500

    24 9ct gold Clip & Post Earrings with princess cut Amethysts & Diamonds

    25 18ct white gold Cluster Ring with Orange Citrines of 7.90 cts with 1/2 ct of Diamonds. Valuation: $3,500

    26 18ct gold double Curb Link Bracelet with a poodle charm 17.3 grms

    27 18ct gold cross over Wave Ring with 20 round brilliant cut Diamonds of 1/2 ct. Valuation: $2,500

    28 Triple strand of natural Garnet Beads on 14ct white gold clasp

    29 18ct gold Ring with natural rectangular Citrine of 7.30cts and 32 shoulder Diamonds. Valuation: $2,600

    30 Large 9ct rose gold Curb Link Collier with round bolt ring 75 grms

    31 18 ct white gold Ring in a Flower design with 5 Onyx leaves & Diamonds

    32 Traditional 9 ct rose gold Gate Braclet with padlock - 25.8 grms

  • Jewellery Clearance Auction

    Page 4

    33 18ct white gold marquise shaped blue & white Diamond Drop Earrings - Diamonds total 1.85cts. Valuation: $5,600

    34 9ct yellow gold Chain with 18ct handmade 2 tone gold Enhancer plus a 5ct triangular green Tourmaline

    35 Ladies 14ct yellow gold Diamond Bracelet set with 53 articulated Diamond sections totalling 2.60cts. Valuation: $5,200

    36 9ct rose gold Golf Bangle of 9 grms

    37 Pair of Gents 18ct solid gold oval shaped Cuff Links - 12 grms

    38 Double Wave 18ct white gold Band pave set with 170 Diamonds of 1.02cts. Valuation: $5,300

    39 4 x 9ct gold fancy padlocks on 9ct bolt ring - 15.8grms

    40 Opera length irredescent Black freshwater Cultured Pearls with 14ct gold clasp

    41 9ct rose gold fob Chain with shield shaped padlock and double fob hooks - 54 grms

    42 Pair of 18ct yellow gold Drop Earrings with black & white Cultured Pearls with 2 Diamonds

    43 18ct yellow gold engraved & pierced Ring set with 1 blue Sapphire & 2 princess cut Diamonds

    44 18ct white gold Sapphire & Diamond Drop Pendant with 20 Diamonds & 2 Sapphires. Valuation: $3,400

    45 18ct white gold Clip & Post Diamond Earrings with 2 Diamonds of 0.34cts. Valuation: $2,400

    46 18ct white gold heart shaped Bezel set Amethyst Ring with shoulder Diamonds

    47 14ct yellow gold mabe Pearl Enhancer

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    Sunday 10th June 2012 Jewellery Clearance Auction

    48 Solid 9ct yellow gold Belcher Chain of 43 grms

    49 Ladies Diamond 18ct yellow gold Line Bracelet with 29 rub set Diamonds of 5.075cts. Valuation: $16,200

    50 Ultra modern designer Ring in 18ct gold with round and baguette Diamonds weighing 3.15cts. Valuation: $10,000

    51 18ct yellow gold Ring set with an Australian green Sapphire

    52 18ct yellow gold Earrings drape design with 18 Diamonds of 1/2ct. Valuation: $2,250

    53 18ct white & yellow gold Y shaped Necklace with a briolite shaped Citrine drop & 14 Diamonds. Valuation: $3,500

    54 18ct yellow gold Ring crossover design with orange Sapphire & 16 Diamonds

    55 Blue Topaz Bead Necklace, 5 strands with 14ct white gold clasp plus 26 Diamonds. Topaz 486cts. Valuation: $2,800

    56 18ct yellow & white gold Diamond Drop Earrings set with 28 rare Pink Diamonds of 2.62cts. Valuation: $2,000

    57 18ct yellow gold semi domed filligree Ring with an oval Ruby & 32 Diamonds

    58 Solid 9ct yellow gold Golf Bangle with 7 hammer set Sapphires totalling 15.6grms

    59 Strand of semi baroque Cultured Pearls 71/2mm with 14ct yellow gold clasp

    60 Ladies 18ct yellow gold Ring with 3 rows of round & baguette Diamonds of 1.41cts. Valuation: $4,800

    61 18ct white gold hand bag shaped Pendant set with white & yellow Diamonds of 1.34 cts & chain. Valuation: $6,700

    62 18ct Yellow gold Figaro Link Chain of 10.8grms

    63 18ct white gold gents Cuff Links polished finished - 9.8grms

  • Jewellery Clearance Auction

    Page 6

    64 Art Deco style Aquamarine, Ruby & Diamond Ring. Valuation: $2,200

    65 18ct White Gold Crayfish Brooch with black & white Diamonds of 1.25cts. Valuation: $3,800

    66 18ct white gold ladies Pendant & Chain with 7 irregular Diamond Drops of 1.20cts. Valuation: $5,600

    67 9ct rose gold fob Chain with t bar & double fob hooks - 33.50 grms

    68 Matching set of Ring & Earrings in 18ct yellow gold bamboo design - Diamond set. Valuation: $5,600 Set

    69 4 Strand of Coral Beads with 14ct yellow gold barrel clasp

    70 14ct yellow gold engagement set Diamond Ring & fitted Wedder with 7 Diamonds

    71 18ct white gold Brooch Pendant set with a 16.30ct Amethyst & 95 Diamonds of 0.90cts. Valuation: $5,600

    72 18ct yellow gold Solitaire Diamond Ring set with a 1.21ct round brilliant cut Diamond I/J S12. Valuation: $15,000

    73 Double strand Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet in 18ct yellow gold with 48 Sapphires of 28.80cts & 1ct of Diamonds. Valuation: $12,800

    74 Pair of 18ct yellow gold Stud Earrings set with 2 round brilliant cut Diamonds of 0.40cts total. Valuation: $1,400

    75 Opera length of fine Cultured Pearls with 14ct yellow gold clasp set with 4 Diamonds

    76 18ct white gold filligree Ring with natural 1.75ct Spinel and 55pts of Diamonds. Valuation: $4,300

    77 18ct white & yellow gold dolphin Pendant set with 16 Diamonds,pink & yellow Sapphires. Valuation: $2,700

    78 Ladies 18ct white gold Ring in crossover design with 11 Diamonds & pink Tourmaline

  • Page 7

    Sunday 10th June 2012 Jewellery Clearance Auction

    79 18ct white gold Cross, circle design with 204 designs of 1.30cts plus 9ct Chain. Valuation: $4,400

    80 14ct white gold line Bracelet with 61 Diamonds of 3.05cts. Valuation: $8,000

    81 Pair of 18ct white gold handmade designer Earrings each set with 4 rare pink Diamonds totalling 96pts. aluation: $18,200

    82 18ct white gold ladies Ring set with 29 light pink Diamonds of 0.75ct. Valuation: $4,700

    83 Solid gold oval Bangle of 39.7grms

    84 18ct yellow gold Chain & heart shaped Diamond Pendant, baguette & round brilliant Diamonds totalling 3cts. Valuation: $1,400

    85 Ladies 18ct yellow gold Eternity Ring set with 5 Diamonds of approx 0.50ct

    86 14ct white gold Rose Brooch set with 190 Diamonds of 2.85cts. Valuation: $8,300

    87 Heavy 9ct yellow gold fob Chain with t bar & double fob hooks 81.6grms

    88 18ct yellow gold Dress Ring set with 4 Diamonds & princess cut Amethyst

    89 Strand of Baroque Pearls with 14ct yellow gold barrel clasp

    90 Pair of 18ct yellow gold Earrings double loop set with 122 Diamonds of 0.97ct. Valuation: $4,600

    91 18ct yellow gold Chain & Pendant, Mesh Diamond Heart with 1.17cts of Diamonds. Valuation: $4,700

    92 Pair of 18ct yellow & white gold Gents Designer Cufflinks - 10 grms

    93 Ladies 18ct white gold Ring with oval Citrine of 3.40ct with grain set Diamond shoulders. Valuation: $2,100

  • Jewellery Clearance Auction

    Page 8

    94 Designer Brooch in shape of a sea horse with Diamonds & multi coloured gemstones - 16grms. Valuation: $6,500

    95 Pair of 18ct white gold Earrings set with 2 round brilliant cut Diamonds

    96 18ct white domed Ring with hammer set & pave Diamonds of 1.45cts. Val

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