I Know I Know

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Maeve Nolan Kurt Havens

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    first mosquitoes in june I crush one bare-handed

    thats my blood shut up its anyones blood the moon on the unopened pool type o the universal donor

  • MEMORIAL DAY every sunday senior citizens sit here the dark arcade playing slots lets spend our state quarters nebraska maine ___ look! a small plane pulling its banner an ad two for one something we walk north pretending to hear the ocean in things these screaming kids this shell ___ someone points offshore asking where oprahs summer home was in lavallette which direction

  • pointing out at the water as if the whole house floats in front of us which way ___ cops lean on a clam bar eat clams and argue over storms and superstorms wind speeds beached boats looting a fleet of lifted trucks with confederate flag license plates circling under seagulls ___ two seagulls share black chunks

  • of what were told was a beached whale the town blew up thinking there was no way they could move it

  • SOLSTICE in the air conditioned bank camp kids in wet yellow t shirts shiver share towels their counselors cant keep count too bright too cold the precise air and tiles the new atm tablets the suns glare on the screens we cant see what were withdrawing touching, overdrafting


    the radio lied this morning more rain all day nonstop into early evening and after that rain indefinite rain stretching along the clear confident voice of weathermen rain from here on out we stand in the front yard looking up what rain what do you want to ruin the way bottle rockets fail water in the blast

  • us drifting dougs dinghys motor blown out later we lit a mortar a flash the warning said it sent a small plastic paratrooper into the night ____ fifth of july! muskrat jack the town exterminator drinks coffee outside quick chek always covered in dirt he kills squirrels trapped in attics his shirt says you got it, Ill get it ___ bye doug before we leave remember theres quieter ways to kill a roach

  • remember how mad lauren was at us drunk 3 a.m in the kitchen shoes in hand hunting


    horses on tv race slipping eating dirt wanting the circle other dirt rises settles offscreen whats a haskell whos winning

  • EBOLAS COMING EARLY AUGUST laughing at candles in Walgreens shooting stars dont smell like anything not cinnamon we read ebolas

    coming north we feel around

    with new caution boil our loose change clean a man with symptoms quarantined in Bellevue horse cops outside the pharmacy window spit and get off their horses our cashier says look the city cleans itself

  • GROSS SWANS three gross swans in rough orbit of each other in the bay make an isosceles or equilateral or the third kind of triangle we both forget, a body of shapes and oil and water the gross swans dont recommend they know they know nothing, they swim and rest and forgive unfolding their necks at us we have so much in common, both our parents middle child, both our parents playing the lotto a combined 75 years across four states, in Minnesota the Gopher 5, in Rhode Island the Keno, in New Jersey the Pick 6 the Quick Draw in New York where we met, not a dime

  • LABOR DAY standing in weeds and sand a man with white hair is telling us to come back again at the end of October thats nowhere close to now he waves his hand like a branch saying come back for the last night up and down this beach balloons and lights before winter everyone comes he says the water is cold by then but its worth it every year you can just show up you can bring whoever you want