I grew up in South London and studied English Language at the London Metropolitan University.

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My name is George Whitehead and I am 49 years old. As a career I am in the role of being an English Language teacher for A level students at an upper school in Stowmarket. I live just on the outskirts of Stowmarket, I like the quiet and to have my own space. In my spare time, I really enjoy taking short trips to London to visit art galleries and watching cult or independent films that are shown in independent cinemas. I tend to go on my own or with my wife when she is available to do so, however, I do like the isolation it gives me of escaping to a big city alone. Me and my wife met at the first school that I ever worked in, she teaches Art for both GCSE and A level students, we have been happily married for twenty one years now. I grew up in South London and studied English Language at the London Metropolitan University. I drive a second-hand (2006) silver Volkswagen Golf, my wife and I do not need a people carrier as we dont have children, she has her own car too. I have only one other sibling; a brother named Thomas who is two years older than me. We dont share a particularly close relationship as my father was forever favouriting him in my adolescent years causing us to drift apart as we grew older. Consequently, me and my father didnt share a very positive nor close relationship. I moved away from home when I attended a sixth form college at the young age of sixteen. Without my closest friends supporting me with their hospitality, I dont think I would have survived those precious /fragile years of my life. I shop for my grocery goods in mainly Sainsburys and ASDA they do good deals!Shopping for clothes is never a thing I look forward to, although when I do go I tend to shop in H&M and Debenhams. Shane Meadows and Ken Loach are probably my favourite film directors, I find their work extremely satisfying to watch due to the innovative, fresh plots of their films. They always manage to recruit absolutely outstandingly talented actors too (which is always a bonus). My wife and I live in a Victorian terrace house that we have extended and decorated ourselves.


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