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    I Am a Gun, I Am FreedomFebruary 26th 2013

    I am a gun. I have challenged the waves and crossed a vast, unforgiving sea. I have landed onthese shores. I am held by the pilgrim, the pioneer, and the trail blazer. I have broughtcivilization to a barren wilderness.

    I am a gun. I have fed the early settlers. I have protected their cabins. I have flamed in thecause of liberty. I have brought down tyrants. I have given birth to a brave and noble land offreedom.

    I am a gun. I have ended slavery. I have tamed the West. I have established law and order. Ihave crossed a continent.

    I am a gun. I am fallen into the dirt wherever brave warriors die. I rest beside their bodies. I amstained with their blood. I am covered by their battle helmets. Planted with my bayonet in thesoil, I stand as a battlefield cross, a simple but poignant memorial for their sacrifice.

    I am a gun. I returned across that vast, unforgiving sea. I have won two World Wars. I haveflown over war-torn skies. I have jumped from planes, parachuting into danger.

    I am a gun. I have stormed the beaches, the jungles, the volcanic sands, and the frozen land. Ihave won great victories and signed peace treaties. I have returned to our shores for tickertape parades and sometimes with no welcome at all.


  • 7/29/2019 I Am a Gun, I Am Freedom.doc


    I am a gun. I started out as a rather primitive weapon, only firing one shot before I must bereloaded. But as the times changed and as man progressed, so did I.

    I am a gun. I can be used for both good and evil. I can take a life. I can be used to save them.I am a gun. I can inflict great hardship and suffering upon many in my path. I can also be usedby good men to stop the actions of evil ones. I can end the bloodshed and restore peace.

    I am a gun. I can put meat on a familys table. I can protect your household from harm byintruders. I can provide a means of recreation.

    I am a gun. If left untouched upon the table or nightstand, I can harm no one.

    I am a gun. I cannot drive to an elementary school, a crowded shopping mall, or a Hollywoodmovie premiere.

    I am a gun. My eye cannot see but where I am pointed. I have no motive. I have no soul. I haveno compassion. I hold no malice.

    I am a gun. I cast no vote. I hold no political allegiance. I embrace no party. I employ no

    political agenda. I practice no faith.

    I am a gun. When only the military or the police may own me, then I will always be used toinflict great numbers of deaths upon their citizens.

    I am a gun. Hitler used me to drive millions of Jews into cattle cars like livestock, transportingthem to the gas chambers for theirdeaths. Stalin, Mao, and othernotorious butchers ofhumanity used me to maintain their evil and twisted lust for power.

    I am a gun. Those who seek to remove me from the hands of a free peopleare brothers tothose who commit great acts of genocide.


  • 7/29/2019 I Am a Gun, I Am Freedom.doc


    I am a gun. I can be used to stop the forces ofevil. I can be used forevil itself.I am a gun. Those who use me to harm others can only be stopped by those who wiselyemploy me in their defeat.

    I am a gun. Samuel Colt understood that I could even the odds against those of overwhelmingstrength or superior numbers. I have made it possible for the meek to overcome the mighty.

    I am a gun. When you mention the names of Wyatt Earp, Bill Hickok, Alvin York, AudieMurphy, and Chris Kyle, it brings me to mind. Their mastery ofme made them famous.

    I am a gun. I have been praised and cursed. I have been both destroyed and treasured. I havebeen proudly passed down from father to son.

    I am a gun. I am only as good or as bad as the ones who possess me.

    I am a gun. I am the defender of liberty. I am the guarantor of free speech. I am a friend of thefree.I am the missing element of the enslaved.

    I am a gun. My purposes and my destiny are in your hands alone.

    I am a gun.



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