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Hybrid Racing K20Z3 / K24 Coolant Port Adapter Install Guide

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Step by step guide on how to install the HR coolant port housing on the 8th generation Honda Civic Si.

Text of Hybrid Racing K20Z3 / K24 Coolant Port Adapter Install Guide

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    K-Series Coolant Port Adapter (K20Z3 / K24)


    Lifetime Hybrid Racing tech support at

    Easy Bleed system designed to let air out of the cool-ant system

    -16AN threaded housing which allows for direct use of AN radiator hoses

    IACV & Heater line delete option

    3D CNC machined billet aluminum & hard anodize finish

    This product may not be legal for highway use. Hybrid Racing is not responsible for any direct or indirect, actual or incidental expense attributed to the use of any performance parts sold by Hybrid Racing LLC. Purchasers

    agree to all of the terms of this agreement upon the purchase of parts.

    Important!! Please read the entire install guide twice before starting your instal-lation. No, really its a good idea to read it twice before you begin so everything

    goes smooth ;)


    (x1) Coolant housing

    (x1) Laser cut gasket

    (x4) Housing mounting bolts

    (x1) -16AN threaded hose neck

    (x1) -6ORB Plug

    (x1) -8ORB Plug

    (x1) -8ORB Heater hose adapter (if optioned)

    (x1) -6ORB Nipple (if optioned)

    (x1) Heater hose pipe bracket (if optioned)

    (x2) Heater hose pipe bracket bolts (if optioned)

    (x1) Rubber hose for IACV function (if optioned)

    Hybrid Racing coolant port adapter base kit Hybrid Racing coolant port adapter base with optional heater hose and IACV kit.

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    Install Guide

    STEP 1: Remove the radiator cap and open the lower drain port on your radiator to drain the cooling sys-tem. We suggest doing this when the coolant is cool.

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    Install Guide

    STEP 2: Remove air intake system. (The car pictured uses the Hybrid Racing cold air intake kit. The re-moval of the OEM airbox is slightly different.

    STEP 3:

    Remove the engine wiring from

    the bracket. Pull the tabs outward

    to slide the plastic cover away

    from the engine.

    STEP 4:

    With a 10mm socket, remove the

    bolt that holds the wire harness

    stay in place.

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    Install Guide

    STEP 4a: Remove the wire harness stay


    STEP 5: With a 12mm socket, remove the

    OEM air intake support bracket


    STEP 5a: Remove the OEM air intake sup-

    port bracket.

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    Install Guide

    STEP 6: Remove the coolant hose that

    connects to the IACV.

    (If you choose to use the IACV

    with the HR coolant port, you will

    should remove both sides of the

    hose now.)

    STEP 6a: Remove the upper radiator hose.

    STEP 7: On the rear of the OEM coolant

    housing, remove the heater


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    Install Guide

    STEP 8: With a 12mm socket, remove the

    nut that holds the heater hose

    pipe in place.

    STEP 9:

    Locate and bend the heater hose

    pipe up and away from the OEM

    coolant housing.

    This is necessary for removal,

    otherwise the coolant housing

    will not have enough room to

    slide off the studs.

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    Install Guide

    STEP 10: With a 12mm socket, remove the

    two upper nuts, and two lower


    The coolant housing should now

    be free. You may have to wiggle

    it loose as it can get stuck to the


    STEP 11:

    Slide the coolant housing away

    from the engine and remove.

    (You may have to pull the heater

    hose pipe out of the way.)

    STEP 12: Once the coolant housing is off,

    take one of the nuts and spin it

    on backwards.

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    Install Guide

    STEP 12a: Once the first nut is on, take an-

    other nut and thread it on. Tight-

    en them together.

    Unscrew the first nut and the

    stud should back out of the cylin-

    der head. Do this for both upper


    STEP 13: Install the gasket with the tab on

    top. Take two of the included

    bolts and stick them through the


    (The coolant housing should

    come assembled if you optioned

    to include the heater hose and

    STEP 13a: Install the coolant housing using

    the supplied hardware.

    Once all are threaded in, tighten

    them in a crossing sequence.

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    Install Guide

    STEP 14: Bend the heater hose coolant

    pipe mounting tab back into

    place. The hole should align with

    the supplied bracket.

    STEP 15:

    Re-install the stock wire harness


    STEP 16: Re-install the front bracket using

    the OEM bolt.

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    Install Guide

    STEP 17: If optioned, install the rear heater

    hose using the OEM clamp.

    If you are not using a heater

    hose, make sure the plug is

    threaded in and is tight.

    STEP 18:

    If using the IACV, install the sup-

    plied extended coolant hose. Use

    the OEM clamps.

    If you are not using the IACV, in-

    stall and tighten the plug.

    STEP 19: Re-install the upper coolant


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    Install Guide

    STEP 20: Fill system and make sure the

    engine does not overheat.

    STEP 20a:

    If you are having trouble remov-

    ing air from your coolant system,

    you can open the bleeder screw

    located on the top of the coolant



    The install is complete!

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    Do I need the optional heater hose and bracket kit? Depending on your application, the retention of the heater hose may not be necessary. Most K-Series swap cars will not use the heater attachments, while most 06-11 Civic Si applications will. While the system can be used either way for either setup, choose which best suits your goals.

    I cant get the OEM coolant port housing off, it wont slide off. You may need to bend and wiggle the heater hose hard pipe a bit. There is very little room in the engine bay so you may need to get creative. Removing the wiring harness and heater pipe com-pletely will make it easier but is a lot of work. Try removing it without having to remove those parts.

    I cant get all of the air out of the coolant system Make sure the radiator cap is the highest point of the coolant system. If the upper radiator hose is, install the rad cap and use the bleeder valve on the coolant port adapter. Get the system up to temperature and open the valve. It should bubble and let the trapped air out. Tighten the valve and continue to add coolant.

    What coolant should I use? We recommend using the OEM Honda 50/50 coolant mixture.

    Is the coolant housing ready to install when I get it? Depending what options you choose, the coolant port housing should come fully assembled. However, it is in good interest to make sure that all of the parts are fully tightened before installing. It is MUCH easier to tighten them on a table versus on the engine.

    Can I use the OEM gasket? No. The OEM gasket is stamped metal and therefor will not seal correctly with out housing.

    Trouble Shooting & FAQs Tips and tricks to help you get it done!

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    If you have any questions or comments, please email support at [email protected]

    Legal Disclaimer

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