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Gary D. Humphrey



GARY D. HUMPHREY, P.E.Email: Gary.Humphrey1012@iCloud.comTel (m) 713-960-3370

Gary D. Humphrey (P.E.)Senior ConsultantSUMMARY:

EXPERIENCE:EXPERIENCE (CONT.)Senior Executive (Project Management, Engineering and Corporate Management) with over 35 years of experience in managing diverse, multi-discipline teams to deliver outstanding projects in the Oil and Gas sector in the areas of innovation, site characterization, foundation design, delivery, installation and support activities. Recognized expert in complex, offshore and subsea engineering foundation disciplines with safety in design and execution efficiency being the top priorities. Corporate leader who focuses on people and providing guidance and mentoring to ensure the delivery of profitable projects, through a fit for purpose approach underpinned by process, communication and customer focus.

Strengths include innovation and problem solving, people management and motivation and delivering on agreed outcomes through an energetic, passionate and committed work ethic. Managed many diverse projects including the foundation design and delivery of; platform foundations (fixed/ floating); pipelines & umbilicals; mooring systems, subsea-developments and scientific expeditions.

Obtained industry recognized achievements in Hydrate Expeditions, Exploration Well De-risking and Offshore Development Site Characterization, Geoconsulting, Business Development and Engineering Management.October 2015 June 2016 Fugro Marine GeoServices, Inc. - VP and Engineering Manager: Responsible for the supervision of 25 engineering and geoscientist staff and responsible for the planning and execution of deepwater geotechnical engineering, scientific studies, data interpretation, and report preparation. Also key person responsible for Business Development activities for the GeoConsulting group.

January 2012 September 2015 Fugro GeoConsulting, Inc. Part of a highly specialized Business Development Team (BDT) responsible for delivering large, complex, multi-discipline projects valued at $10M or higher. Target markets were outside those traditionally established by other Business Development and Marketing groups within Fugros worldwide operating companies. Period February 2012 December 2014 Served as Owners Engineer - Embedded at a large Independent O&G company working as Owners Engineer on a very large subsea development that will be tied back to an equally large onshore LNG plant in a remote area of East Africa.January 2008 December 2011 Senior Consultant and Business Development Manager for newly formed, Fugro GeoConsulting group. Instrumental in forming the new operating company within Fugro that had been traditionally known for data acquisition activities. Focusing on geoconsulting, responsible for market development, recruiting talent, liaising with universities and the scientific community to increase name and brand recognition in high-end technology and engineering/geosciences.A total of over 35 years of experience in the offshore geotechnical engineering field and was appointed to a Global Position of Coordinator for Scientific Drilling and Methane Hydrate projects in 2005. Total revenues on Hydrate Expeditions of $240M+.

2005 2016: Worked as Senior Project Manager for the Methane Hydrate Field Expedition Program for the Gulf of Mexico Hydrate JIP lead by Chevron and the US DOE in 2005; Senior Project Manager for IODP Leg 311 (Cascadia Margin Hydrate Program) from the JOIDES Resolution (JR) in 2005; onboard the JR in 2006 for the Indian National Gas Hydrate Program; for the Geohazards Site Investigation Offshore Borneo, Malaysia for a major oil companys Gas Hydrate Investigation, also in 2006. In 2007, was Program Director for the Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC) sponsored, Korea National Gas Hydrate Expedition. In the fall of 2010, again worked as Program Director for the KNOC sponsored, Second Korean National Gas Hydrate Expedition. In 2007, 2013, 2015 and 2016 Senior Project Manager for the Guangzhou Marine Geologic Survey (GMGS) Chinese National Gas Hydrate Expeditions.

1997 2004: Worked as Senior Deepwater Manager for Fugro-McClelland Marine Geosciences, Inc. Responsible for market development, proposal writing, contract negotiations and project management, primarily in the Gulf of Mexico. 1994 1997: Senior Project Manager for a staff of approximately 20 engineers responsible for managing personnel assignments on field work activities and engineer of record for numerous engineering reports.1990 1994: Served as Project Manager on overseas assignment for Fugro-McClelland's subsidiary, Seabed Exploration A/S (SEAS) in Bod, Norway (above the Arctic Circle). SEAS were responsible for an equipment development project sponsored by a major oil company. The work involved the design, construction and testing of a remotely operated tethered seafloor platform (TSP) for gathering geotechnical data in water depths up to 3,000m. Before joining Fugro-McClelland in 1987, acquired six years of experience performing engineering analysis for offshore foundation and site characterization studies. Directed and coordinated over 150field investigations offshore Gulf of Mexico, Florida, and California and prepared technical reports on geotechnical conditions for over 200offshore locations. After joining Fugro, additional experience was gained using geotechnical field equipment including large offshore exploration drilling equipment for jack-up rig (MODU) siting. Served as lead supervising engineer for soil and rock coring programs in the San Francisco Bay Area for the Oakland Bay Bridge and the Airport Expansion Projects, as well as the Boston Harbor Outflow Tunnel Project, including coordination of two mobile drilling vessels and crew compliments. Worked as Lead Engineer for offshore site investigations in the Gulf of Mexico, Nigeria and Argentina. Supervised geophysical and geochemical exploration programs for the Chukchi Sea, North Aleutian Basin and Cook Inlet, offshore Alaska. In 1987, was the Project Engineer on a pipeline backfill research project using an experimental miniature cone penetrometer. Natural wave-induced densification was correlated with full-scale laboratory tests to establish an empirical basis for the estimation of insitu density from cone penetration resistance.

PERSONALINFORMATION:Date of birth: 10 August 1958Nationality: USA

EDUCATION:BSCE, Oklahoma State University, 1981Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University, 1996

QUALIFICATIONS:Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas

PROFESSIONALAFFILIATIONS:American Society of Civil Engineers (M.ASCE)Marine Technology Society (MTS)Society of Underwater Technology (SUT)National and Texas Society of Professional Engineers




Advisory Council for College of Geosciences at Texas A&M UniversityBoard of Advisors for College of Civil Engineers at Oklahoma State University TSP In Situ Testing System for Geotechnical Studies in 3,000 Meter Water Depth Environments, 1995 Deep Offshore Technology, 8th International Conference and Exhibition, Oct. 30-No. 1, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Surficial Gas Hydrates of the Louisiana Continental Slope: Initial Results of Direct Observations and In Situ Data, Paper No. 10770, 1999 Offshore Technology Conference, May 3-6, Houston, TexasMeasurements and Modeling of the Pore Pressure Regime at the Sigsbee Escarpment: Successful Prediction of Overpressure and Ground-Truthing with Borehole Measurements Paper No. 15203, 2003 Offshore Technology Conference, May 5-8, Houston, Texas

Geotechnical Properties of the Sigsbee Escarpment from Deep Soil Borings Paper No. 15158, 2003 Offshore Technology Conference, May 5-8, Houston, Texas

Assessment of the Effects of Faults Intersecting TLP Pile Foundation: A Case History Review 2004 International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE), May 23-28, Toulon, France

Geotechnical Site Investigation for the Mad Dog Spar Anchors Paper No. 17862, 2006 Offshore Technology Conference, May 5-8, Houston, Texas

*Campbell, K.J., Humphrey, G.D. and Little, R.L., "Modern Deepwater Site Investigation: Getting It Right the First Time" for the 2008 Offshore Technology Conference 06-May-08 in Houston, Texas. Paper No. 19535.*Schultheiss P, Holland M, Roberts J, Humphrey G. Pressure core analysis: the keystone of a gas hydrate investigation. In: Proc. 6th International Conference on Gas Hydrates (ICGH 2008), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, July 6-10, 2008.

*Scientific Drilling Magazine, "Wireline Coring and Analysis Under Pressure: Recent Use and Future Developments of the HYACINTH System", Article by Peter Schultheiss, Melanie Holland and Gary Humphrey, published in March 2009.*Humphrey, G.D., Tjok, K.M, Yang, L., Fourchy, P., Subsea Manifold Support Utilizing Jetted Piles, 2009 Society of Underwater Technology (SUT) Conference, Perth, Western Australia, February 2009.*P.J. Schultheiss, Geotek Ltd.; J.T. Aumann, Aumann & Associates, Inc.; and G.D. Humphrey, Fugro Geoconsulting, Inc., " Pressure Coring and Pressure Core Analysis for the Upcoming Gulf of Mexico Joint Industry Project Coring Expedition " for the 2010 Offshore Technology Conference held May 2010 inHouston, Texas. Paper No. 20827.

*E. Tervoort, J. Peuchen & G. Humphrey, Gas Hydrate Quantification By Combining Pressure Coring And In-Situ Pore Water Sampling Tools, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Gas Hydrates (ICGH 2011), Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, July 17-21, 2011.

*E. Tervoort, J. Peuchen & G. Humphrey, Measurements of In-situ Pore Water Conditions to Improve Gas Hydrate Quantification, Society of Underwater Technology (SUT), Proceedings of the Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics (OSIG), September 2012.


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