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Humidification and Evaporative Cooling

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Condair humidifiers are used inautomotive manufacturing facilitiesaround the World to control thehumidity in paint spray booths,sanding decks and engine test cells.

Some of the World’s leadingautomotive companies put their trustin Condair humidification systems to help them achieve their production objectives.


Condair has manufacturing facilities inCanada, UK, Denmark, Germany,Switzerland and China as well as salesoperations in 12 countries anddistributors in over 40 more.

The company has been serving theglobal automotive industry for morethan 65 years and is highly experiencedin delivering the right solution for aclient’s requirements.

Humidification systems are designedfor each application by experiencedautomotive humidification experts tocreate the optimal productionenvironment. If required, Condair’sregional R&D departments can workwith a client’s production team todeliver innovative solutions for anautomotive manufacturing or testing process.

Condair’s specialist humidificationengineering teams can offerinstallation, commissioning andmaintenance support to ensureimproved production efficienciescontinue to return on the initialinvestment for many years.


Jaguar Land Rover, UK

Renault, MoroccoCitroën Sport, France

Volvo Trucks, France

Renault F1, France

General Motors, Germany

Volkswagen, Germany

Volvo Trucks, Sweden

Autoliv, SwedenPeugeot, UK

Rolls Royce, UK

General Motors, UK

Aston Martin, UKNissan – UK

Ricardo – UKPorsche -Germany

BMW, Germany

Mercedes-Benz -Germany

Audi -GermanyGeneral Motors, Belgium

Renault, France

Toyota, France

Volvo, Sweden

Volkswagen, India

Shanghai Saic-Metzeler, China

Toyota, USGeneral Motors, US

Caterpillar, US

Continental, US

PPG Automotive Coatings, US

Kay Automotive Graphics, US Flextronics, US

Pirelli, Mexico

Pirelli, Brazil

Honda, US

Ford, USNissan, US

Magna, US BASF, US

Calibre, US

Ford, Australia

Holden, Australia

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IMPROVED MANUFACTURING EFFICIENCYCorrect humidification within an automotive manufacturing or testing facilitywill improve production efficiencies in several areas across the plant.

Paint spray boothsThe optimum humidity for the transferof paint from the spray nozzle tobodywork is 72% relative humidity.Correct humidification prevents theevaporation of water-based paint,allowing it to reach the bodywork asthe manufacturer intended. Combatingpaint evaporation also reduces theintroduction of paint dust to the spraybooth. These benefits combine toimprove the finish quality of thebodywork, reduce sandingrequirements and lower paint costs byavoiding atmospheric losses.

Paint spray booths are typically servedby central air handling units thatemploy in-duct humidifiers. Due to thehigh volume of air required low energysystems are used such as spray,evaporative or gas-fired steam.

Sanding decksBy maintaining 55% relative humidityin sanding decks, dust is suppressedand static build-up reduced. Thisprevents airborne paint dust frombeing attracted to the surface of thebodywork, greatly decreasing sandingtime and improving the quality of the finish.

As these areas are usually very warm,the air supplied to them from centralair handling units is cold with lowmoisture content. Direct airhumidification is therefore requiredand is typically provided by spraysystems as they offer humidity controlas well as around 4°C of evaporativecooling.

Engine testingExhaust emission testing must becarried out within certain temperatureand humidity ranges so it is importanthumidification systems can meet thecontrol tolerance and provide reliablehumidification.

Electric steam humidifiers are oftenused to provide close humidity controlwhile gas-fired steam, evaporative orin-duct spray systems can offer a lowercost and lower maintenancealternative.

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Evaporative humidification In-duct or direct air spray humidification

Gas-fired steam humidification Electric steam humidification

Condair manufactures acomprehensive range of humidifiersystems across all types ofhumidification technology. Thisenables Condair’s humidificationengineers to always be able torecommend the right solution for a client.

Alongside humidification systemsCondair also offers a wide range ofassociated products such as watertreatment systems, air compressors,pumps and humidity monitors.


Head officeCondair AGTalstrasse 35-37, CH-8088 Pfäffikon, SwitzerlandTel: +41 (0)55 416 6111 - [email protected] - www.condair.com

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