How to use social media for b2 b marketing

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  • 1. How to Use Social Media forB2B MarketingZhilei Zou Social Media Marketing

2. B2BBusiness-to-business (B2B) describes commercetransactions between businesses, such as between amanufacturer and a wholesaler, or between awholesaler and a retailer. Contrasting terms arebusiness-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-government (B2G). B2B (Business to Business)Branding is a term used in marketing.Source: Wikipedia 3. B2B Vs B2C in Social Media Source: the report by Sametrix 4. Many B2B businesses are ignoring the consumer insights thatsocial media can provide, according to a report by SatmetrixRead more: 5. 1. Defining Your Target AudienceWhen developing your B2B strategy for socialmedia, the place to start out is to find out whereother businesses are going. 6. Most of these sites even have anadvanced search option, so thatyou can scour through regions andtitlesDerek Edmond, a managing partner at Waltham, Mass.-basedB2B marketing firm KoMarketing Associates 7. 2. Monitoring Before You ActOnce you have defined your target audience andstarted developing your B2B contacts, dontimmediately start spamming your latest pressreleases, says Edmond. The key is to contribute tothe conversation before you jump in trying to marketservices. 8. Before you start aggressively pursuing your strategy, youshould also be monitoring what people are saying aboutyour company by setting up an account with GoogleAlerts and searching social media sites with tools likeRadian6, or Social Mention. 9. 3. Communicating Your MessageOne of your primary goals in your marketing strategyshould be to offer resources and knowledge to yourfollowers. The key is provide value through thoughtleadership.David Armano, senior vice president of digital marketing firm Edelman Digital 10. Posting Reports and PresentationsIf your company has recently completed an industry-related report orpresentation, for example, publish it on SlideShare and post a link to it onTwitter.Initiating Interaction on LinkedInAnother great way to provide knowledge while marketing your company is tojoin groups on LinkedIn and start relevant conversations.LinkedIn Q&A SessionOrganizing Eventsone of the most helpful tools social media offers in terms of B2B marketingis the ability to effectively organize events. SOBcon, a convention thatbrings together leaders in social media, is a great example of how toleverage social media to build a following around an upcoming event. 11. 4. Being Cautious Throughout Your MarketingThroughout your marketing efforts, keep in mind thatsocial media shouldnt be thought of as a direct sales toolwith B2B clients, or youll end up disappointed.Edmond of KoMarketing Associates, 12. Edmond also advises marketers to be careful whendirectly soliciting social media users as you respondto their posts, because you could end up gettingoverlooked as a spammer. Instead, try to relate yourmessage to an existing conversation that ishappening."If you know your case study is going to address aparticular problem in the industry," Edmond says, "Waitfor it to come up, then interrelate that issue into yourpost." 13. 5.Using Analytics to Measure Your Marketing EffortsWith any online marketing strategy, its imperative to havesome type of analytics tool is in place that will help you setgoals and measure the success of your actions. 14. "Where are people leaving, and where are they coming in?"says Edmond. "What are the search terms or key wordsthey are using to get to your site? These are the questionsanalytics tools help you to answer."Edmond advises using tools like GoogleAnalytics, Omniture, or Marketo to measure the quality ofyour traffic and put conversion methods in place.HootSuite, a Twitter application, also has an analytics toolthat allows you to track and measure the effectiveness ofyour tweets. 15. As you develop and refine your B2B marketingstrategy, Edmond says, dont forget that providinganswers to peers and potential customers is arguably themost effective social media marketing tactic. 16. Sales & Leads From Social Media SitesPart of the survey asked which social media sites generated leads or sales:The data comes from the 2012 State Of DigitalMarketing report from WebMarketing123, aCalifornia-based digital marketing agency 17. Reference Marketing land, Survey: Facebook Best For B2C Sales and Leads; LinkedIn For B2B Social Media B2B, Exploring the impact of Social Media on B2B Companies B to B Social Media: Seeking the Community for Practice Marketing Profs, B2B Brands Trail B2C in Social Media Monitoring, Follow-Up Safko Lon. 2010. Social Media Bible. Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New JerseyISBN: 978-0-470-62397-8(paper)