How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Business

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    How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Business?

    You have not yet discovered Pinterest? I grant you it is not as user as

    Facebook or Twitter and yes it can be very useful for your business. This

    is the social network that has had the strongest growth in 2012 and

    confirms its leadership to share everything that is visual. Pinterest allows

    users to share photos, illustrations and graphics.

    As a company you have questions about the usefulness of taking more of

    your valuable time to establish a presence on this type of social network.

    After Facebook, Twitter, Video, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on it is true

    that social networking is not won yet. But for some of you it may have

    great importance. Here are some tips that can help you promote your

    business with Pinterest.

    Take time to discover Pinterest

    Just like other social networks Pinterest allows you to create a community

    and be seen as an expert in your field according the items you are going

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    to share. For once in this social network are the visual counts. It will be

    perfect for all businesses who want to see their work. Consider here

    that the designer will present his works to the webmaster who will

    present the screenshot of websites made has the shop (or not) who will

    present the products offered for sale. The possibilities are endless.

    You can connect with other users especially those who are already

    popular on the network so that they learn to know you and share your

    albums and you can gain visibility as well.

    A Quick Start

    After registering on Pinterest you will realize that it is fairly easy to use

    youll quickly post your first pictures. Think youre on Pinterest for

    business purposes it is therefore important to treat the aesthetics of your

    account as well as on each photo to link to the website of the owner of

    the photo. Post only photos or images that are related to your field, do

    not mix personal and pro boards.

    Link your physical presence and online

    It is essential to integrate online features in your physical store. If you use

    the promotions on your Pinterest page do not forget to put posters in

    your physical store. It is a popular method that helps to attract the

    attention of customers who come to the store to visit your page online

    and vice versa. This will allow your customers to navigate during special

    events during sales or other.

    Put forward a theme

    Pinterest is looking for companies that specialize in the same field as

    yours and you can contact them and who knows maybe future customers

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    or partners? In addition you can also enjoy their traffic because they will

    speak to you and you talk to them.

    Pinterest link to your other social networks

    Youve already established communities on Facebook and Twitter? Use

    them for your fans your followers will join you on Pinterest, it is they who

    will help you discover your account and gain visibility. Share the images

    you pin on his various social networks.

    Pin regular production steps

    You offer houses or apartments turnkey example. Feel free to pin

    regularly the progress of construction. People like to follow the progress

    of projects. Youre a store, pinning images of decorating your window

    that changes with the seasons and events. Im sure that in every field of

    activity you will find photo albums that tell the story of your business

    throughout the year. Your community is an integral part of your business;

    you can have your opinion on various projects.

    Promote its goods yes but not only

    It is likely that you may be tempted to promote your products but do not

    use Pinterest only as advertising showcase. Thanks to the diversification

    of the images on your page you will be able to generate a large number

    of faithful who will always be more to discover your most recent posts.

    Pinterest is a social network that really deserves to take the time to find

    out if you have not already done so. And do we not say a picture is worth

    a thousand words? Remember that sometimes a photo album will talk

    more in the eyes of your community a long speeches and photos are

    easily shared via the internet on various existing social networks. You are

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    in the world of visual network is right for you, do give it a few hours a

    week so you can be sure of a new form of visibility and therefore attract

    new customers.

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    How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Business?