How to use Facebook in your marketing strategy

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<ul><li>1.How to Make Money on Facebook</li></ul> <p>2. Facebook Marketing Tips from theTrenches! With a captive audience that is two-and-a-half times larger thanthat of the Super Bowl, Facebook marketers are rewriting therules of customer engagement. This presentation focuses on thepotential revenue streams available to Facebook marketers. Myname is Richard Krueger and I have just finished co-authoring abook titled Facebook Marketing for Dummies (Wiley) with myassociate Paul Dunay, due out in Oct. Getting a close upperspective on Facebook has taught us many things. Most of all,its showed us the many sales opportunities available within theFacebook Community. And, Im not talking about phishingscams, or pyramid marketing schemes. Facebook makesunprecedented reach and powerful communications toolsavailable to anyone. If you have a business to market, a productto sell or a personality/celebrity to pitch, Facebook is where youneed to be! So, what are you waiting for? Richard Krueger 3. Facebooks Marketplace is a great place to do business Here, youll find all kinds of products for sale.From books to baby gear to home furnishingsand more, it is a virtual garage sale. If youvegrown tired of selling via eBay or Craigs List,check out Facebook Marketplace and make asale today. #1 Sell Products Via FacebooksMarketplace. For more information on how to market onFacebook visit: 4. All You Need is an Idea! All you need is an idea and the drive to be aFacebook entrepreneur. Companies have beencreated overnight with a Facebookapplication. Even if youre not an expert in.PHP or Java, there are plenty of able-bodiedprogrammers available for hire. And, you justmight have a huge hit. Did you know thatYouTube started as an application onMySpace? #2 Develop a Hit Application 5. Become an Ad Arbitrager Facebooks self-serve ad system offers extremelytargeted advertising on both a CPC and CPMbasis. Given Facebooks tremendous audiencereach and virtually unlimited ad inventory, smartmedia buyers are purchasing ads on Facebookand selling the targeted traffic via ad networks.Could Ad Arbitrage be the next big thing in anincreasingly digital media world? #3 Become anAd Arbitrager. For more information on how to market onFacebook visit: 6. Become a Celebrity Facebook allows you to create a forum from which tobe heard. Not unlike the town square with its soapboxspeakers of yesteryear, Facebook is todays digital townsquare equivalent. Anyone can have their ownsoapbox. Why not get paid for your expertise? AFacebook Page allows you to market yourself to yourFans, those interested in what you have to bring to thetable. Start the next generation of newsletter, offerhow-to videos, or a subscription-based txt messageservice. Who knows, you could be the next Perez Hiltonor Martha Stewart. Isnt it time you got your piece ofthe Facebook pie! #4 Become a Celebrity 7. Get Paid for Market Research Facebook provides marketers with a giant focus groupwaiting to be tapped. If you have traditional marketresearch skills, it doesnt take a genius to see thepotential when highly-targeted audiences can be easilyaccessed and incentivized. Survey reports can becompleted in half the time and at a fraction of the costthan was previously possible. If youre a marketresearcher and youre finger isnt on the pulse of socialmedia, you need to re-examine your business strategyand retool for the future of consumer opinion mining.#5 Get Paid for Market Research 8. Become a Facebook Party Planner Facebook is an awesome place to throw a party.Complements your real world party, Facebookprovides everything you need to find and inviteyour guests, provide continuous updates, createphoto albums following the event, and create aforum for party guests to continue the discussionwhere they left off. Party planners better haveFacebook promotions in their plans. Actually,since theyre still pretty much in the dark, whynot be a Facebook event planner and bring onthe party revolution. #6 Become a FacebookParty Planner 9. Position Yourself as a Facebook Marketing Expert This brave new world of social networking is completelybeyond the grasp of many marketers today. If youre reallyin the know about Facebook, offer your services toadvertising and public relations agencies, as well as big andsmall businesses alike. Put your knowledge to work. Whynot become a Facebook advertising specialist just asGoogle transformed search advertising, Facebook will havea profound affect on social media advertising in the future.Help companies with their Facebook strategy. BTW, howmany Fans can you attract? #7 Position Yourself as aFacebook Marketing Expert For more information on how to market on Facebook visit: 10. Facebook Marketing Facebook offers marketers unprescented reach into acaptivated audience. When you put a broaddemographic base and an advertising system thatallows you to target down to the micro-level, you havea game changing medium. And thats what theFacebook Platform represents. Smart marketers arebeginning to tap into Facebook as a means to drivesales leads, establish relationships with new and oldcustomers/business partners, and build credibilityamong their respective customer segment. Its time totake your first step into Facebook marketing because900 million members cant be wrong! 11. For more information on how to market onFacebook visit: </p>