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<ul><li> 1. Rai M Azlan</li></ul> <p> 2. The name "Diigo" is an acronym from "Digestof Internet Information, Groups and Otherstuff" Diigo is a social book marking webiste whereusers can bookmark, and tag web pages It aslso allows highlight and add notes to thehighlighted part on a webpage. These notes can be kept private, shared witha group within Diigo or a special linkforwarded to someone else. 3. Signing up with Diigo is as easy as making anew email address. Once you have signed up th next step is toget the diigo toolbar. To get the diigo toolabar you following thislink 4. 1. Click ondiigo toolbarand it willinstall the 2. Once thattoolbar tool bar sinstalled, youcan see it onthe top. 5. Go to any webpage Highlight any part on that page 6. Now go to the diigo toolbar Click on Highlight and see the outcome 7. If you move curser over the highlighted areayou will see a pen appearing there 8. Click on that pen option you will see a popupmenu From here you can addstickey notes to it You can share thesenotes with a group thatyou have on Diigo Or you can generate alink that you can sharewith anyone outsidethe Diego circle See the next slide. 9. This is how you can make notes over the webusing this toolbar and you can share the notes with your group onthe Diigo Or you can keep them private if you like for yourown usage And you can can also generate a link for it sothat you can share it with someone who is noton diigo If you have diigo toolbar installed and you arelogged in you can </p>