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My name is Emily and Ive been a professional dog walker, trainer, dog shelter volunteer and dog lover my entire life. I cannot imagine not having a dog to love.


How to train a dogEver wondered why do animals have large expressive eyes? Animals are not given the facility of speech, but they are gifted with large, bulging and expressive eyes through which they speak love that is all unconditional. Dogs are the favourite animal for any human; you can see a pet dog in almost every home. Loving and obedient pets add grace to the house and relief to the inhabitants. So, lets learn how to train a dog.

Before we talk about dog training basics, there are some important things to be kept in mind while you go to buy a dog for yourself:- Dont choose a dog that appears cute or funny to you. Once you pick it, you are going have a 15-18 yrs relationship with it. So, think about the level of activity in your life, and then pick the breed whose temperament and need for activity which matches your lifestyle. Give your dog a name that is not too long and fancy and sounds simple and easy. Spell out the name of the pet as often as you could and more while you train him or her. If you are training your dog, then do share the training methods and rules with other members of your family so that the commands remain consistent, and the pet doesnt get confused.Communication and understanding with your pet is necessary otherwise the love and comfort will be lacking. So, pat your pet often and talk to him just like you talk to your friends. He may not understand you at first, but soon you will have forged a deep bond with your pet.Dog training basicsDogs and puppy obedience crate and potty training go hand in hand; fact is that crate is a mandatory tool for the potty training of dog.Crate training is teaching your pet by being confined in a cage or kennel (known as crate) when he is not under your eyes. It also avoids him against his natural instincts of soiling where he sleeps. Dogs have a denning instinct and so they feel safe and secure in small places; the pets enjoy sleeping inside the crates. When your pet is a puppy, keep the crate very small so that they could not relieve themselves in it. When they grow up, make a crate that is as bigr their size and is close to family. Train the pet by putting him in crate for few minutes several times a day and then let him out. Gradually increase the time, until he is assured of his sleeping place and that he will come out when in need to pee and poop or eat food.

Potty training needs consistency and regularity. After you get your dog perfectly crate trained, next comes keeping him on a good schedule. Take him out on regular trips and allow him a chance to release in his potty area. Know your pet that how frequently he will require the potty trip. Mostly dogs need to eliminate after they have their food; with time you will get to know their pees and poos habit. Every time as your dog releases, pat him lovingly, praise him and this will encourage him do the same on habit.

It is also important to let your dog know when he has done wrong. So, have a light stick with you all the time. You can roll a piece of newspaper and make a stick out of it. Strike on him lightly with this stick every time he misses the right step, and he will know that something has gone wrong. The best advantage of keeping a dog is that with time you get to have an open heart full of love and compassion; increasingly you become empathic and receptive to love. So, have a pet and practice love and compassion with him which is little hard with humans.

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