How to Sell Products on the Internet

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<ul><li><p>How to Sell Products on the Internet</p><p>Home Making Money Selling a Product on the Internet</p><p>If you want to sell products from your website, here's a quick overview of what you need and thedetails will be explained below this list...</p><p>1) You need a domain name (</p><p>2) You'll need hosting. This is where all your files are stored and where you get support for yourwebsite.</p><p>3) Next, choose a shopping cart solution like Shopify.Honestly, this is one of the easiest ways to get your store offthe ground and I'd highly recommend it over othersolutions.</p><p>The Details</p><p>If you plan on selling a product online, one of the main things you'll want to focus on is learning howto get people to your website.</p><p>After all.... No traffic means no sales and definitely no profits.</p><p>Setting Up Your Store/Site is The Easy Part</p><p>People get so concerned with the technical aspects of building an ecommerce site and how they aregoing to collect payments, setup their online shopping cart, etc. </p><p>These days that's the easy part thanks to tools like WordPress or Shopify.</p><p>As I already mentioned, Shopify is becoming more and more of the standard for online stores simplybecause it's so easy for you to setup. No technical or website building experience is needed.</p></li><li><p>Building Traffic</p><p>What's more important is that you learn how to build traffic.</p><p>Selling products with a website is not just about creating your online store and expecting people tostumble upon your site and start shopping.</p><p>It doesn't work that way and many people create stores expecting that to happen.</p><p>It is absolutely crucial that you understand how to get your website ranked high in Bing, Google andYahoo and learn how to work social media. This will be vital to your success and people oftenunderestimate the importance of this. </p><p>You can also buy traffic with Google AdWords but that can get very expensive. I would honestly notrecommend this if you are on a budget and you are new to buying traffic.</p><p>Here's an Example of How to Begin</p><p>Let's say you knit and you want to sell some of your products online.</p><p>Instead of just putting up a store, you may want to consider building a niche site (or blog) that isrelated to what you are going to sell.</p><p>One way to build traffic to your site is to do some keyword research with a premium tool like LongTail Pro and find out what people search for related to this topic.</p><p>You want to "niche down" and choose a very specific topic.</p><p>Let's say you like to make scarves and after doing a search for "scarves" in the Google KeywordPlanner, you discover that 1300 people search for ruffle scarf per month.</p><p>The reason I chose ruffle scarf over scarf or scarves is that a broad term like scarf would be toodifficult to rank for because of competition.</p><p>You could register a domain like and build a niche website that hascontent about scarves.</p><p>The reason you want to have a content site in addition to your store is that it can get indexed inGoogle so you can attract customers.</p><p>The search engines don't typically index/rank ecommerce store pages well becaue they don't tend tohave a lot of content. So that's why I recommend creating a blog or website that matches the topic ofyour store in order to help generate leads/customers.</p></li><li><p>You could also create YouTube videos showing how to wear different scarves and use those videos topromote your store. Or use Instagram to post pictures of scarves you create.</p><p>Accepting Credit Cards From Your Store</p><p>Accepting credit cards is a must for online commerce. I recommend you use Paypal as yourmerchant. It's pretty easy to setup and it integrates with Shopify and many other WordPressecommerce plugins.</p><p>With Paypal, you don't have to rent or purchase any equipment because they take the orders for youand then send your revenue directly to your bank account. They take a small percentage of everyorder you receive.</p><p>This is MUCH more convenient than having to apply for a business license, rent out the equipmentand handle all the orders yourself. PayPal makes it quick and easy.</p><p>Creating and Selling an Information Product</p><p>An information product (or infoproduct) is just what the name suggests. It's a product full ofinformation. </p><p>These days, many info products come in the form of eBooks -- which stands for "electronic books". This means your customer can download your book right from your web site and read it from theirPC.</p><p>eBooks are convenient because you don't have to worry about shipping and handling. Once youcreate it and upload it to your site, it's ready for instant download by your customers.</p><p>With this method, you don't have to worry about shipping and handling costs, and your customersare happy because they can download their product as soon as the sale is made.</p><p>An infoproduct can also come in the form of plain old information. You don't necessarily have to sellan ebook. If you have the knowledge on a certain subject that you'd like to share, you can still make</p></li><li><p>money with pure content and affiliate programs.</p><p>Learn more about creating ebooks here.</p><p>So are you ready to begin your site? Take the first step and get your domain.</p><p>If you liked this, please share. Thanks!</p><p>Want to make passive income from your website? Learn how.</p><p></p></li></ul>