How to Rejuvenate Old Rolls of Masking Tape

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<ul><li><p>How to Rejuvenate Old Rolls of Masking Tape</p><p>How to Rejuvenate Old Rolls of Masking Tape</p><p>By: Joe Truini</p><p>Unwinding masking tapefrom roll after heating it in a microwave.</p><p>The adhesive on old rolls of masking tape can dry out over time, making the tape stick together andhard to unwind.</p><p>To rejuvenate the adhesive on old rolls of masking tape, put the roll of tape on a paper towel in amicrowave oven and turn the microwave on for 10 seconds or so.</p><p>This will warm up the old adhesive and make it easy to unroll.</p><p>Watch this video to find out more.</p><p>Further Information</p><p>Please Leave a Comment</p><p>We want to hear from you! In addition to posting comments on articles and videos, you can also sendyour comments and questions to us on our contact page or at (800) 946-4420. While we can't answerthem all, we may use your question on our Today's Homeowner radio or TV show, or online</p><p>Joe Truini: This roll of masking tape has given me trouble all day long, and its becauseits an older roll of tape.</p><p>Im trying to save itit cost almost $5.00 to buy originallybut every time I try topeel off a piece, you can see its coming off in strands. And it eventually is trying to get towhere its wide again, and it just keeps tearing. So I think its because the adhesive isreally old. There it is. Then I finally got tolook at all the tape Ive wastedalreadythen it keeps ripping on me.</p></li><li><p>So I think what Im going to dothis is a trick Ive tried a couple of times, itworks probably about half the time Ive tried it, so Im going to try it with this oldrollis putting it in a microwave oven for a few seconds to heat it up.</p><p>I put a piece of paper towel down just so I dont get any adhesive on the glass tray.Im going to give it 10 seconds. Thats all you need, depending on how old it is, sothere you go. If its an older roll and the glue is really hard, you might want to give it a fewmore seconds.</p><p>But Ive done this maybe four or five times; and its worked, like I said, maybe two orthree timesabout half the time. But its worth it, because like I said, this masking tapegets pretty expensive. Its just warm enough. You can feel it. And now look at that. All it tookwas 10 seconds and this roll is like good as new.</p><p></p></li></ul>