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HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR WEDDING DAY Professional Hair and Makeup Arti

How to prepare for your wedding day

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Professional Hair and Makeup Artist

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Preparing the day of your wedding can be tough and very stressful, but it will also be very exciting since this is the day you will get married with your partner. Actually the nearer the day of the wedding the more pressure you will experience. It is important to plan for this day to avoid that pressure and to have a clear mind while the event is on process. So how important is a wedding ceremony? For many people this is an event that is to be cherish by couple’s and is utilized as a public display of marriage vow. Basically this event is a commitment of their love for each other. The most important part of a wedding is the vows between the bride and groom, basically this is the part where they proclaim their commitment to the relationship. The vows are written by each spouse, when writing it they put their feelings into words and express it in front of their wedding guests. There are different ideas and practices that most people do in this event, but whatever they are they have the same goal.

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Although proper hairstyles will definitely help you to become gorgeous and attractive, there are still some issues and problems that women are experiencing with. Wrong hairstyles are mismatch hair patter is just common, this problems can make a princess go in a ugly duckling situation because if your hair is being trimmed with a wrong hairstyle, it will take you number of months to let them grow again, from this period your self-esteem will be increased and your confidence might be fade if you have a bad hairstyle. To avoid this situation just is what you are and what you want for your hairstyle remembers that you are the one that carries your beauty.

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Here are some ways on how you can prepare for your wedding day:

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Make a Checklist

Making a checklist can be an effective way to prepare for your wedding. Like what I stated above, the nearer the days of your wedding the more pressure you will have. Having a checklist on what you have to do and what you need to have can reduce that uncertainty for what you will do. But what is a checklist? Basically this is an informational maintained to reduce the risk of forgetting something important or forgetting what you have to do on an important matter. Basically most people have a limited memory on what they have to do; this is due to lack of attention to the matter or the human memory limit itself. What would you put on a checklist? Basically you need to know first on what you need to do and list them all in the checklist. Another is the thing that you need to have or the thing you need for the event. Once all the necessary things are listed on the checklist then all you have to do is to check the thing that has been done on the event to know if you already did the necessary thing.

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Plan out the day

Planning can be very tough work for you, but you need to do this if you want the event to go smooth as you want it to be. So how can you do this? You can’t expect to plan this in just a few weeks, but planning the day of your wedding at least two months before the day can be a very typical thing to do. Do this in detail or you might forget something or this might because you trouble.

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Wedding Gown and Veil

You must prepare the wedding gown and wedding veil long before your wedding day. This dresses is a culture, you must wear this when you are going to be married. Basically there are lots of people who sell this thing, but you must plan and decide on what you will be wearing in the wedding day. Veil is also important for your overall look, on early times it is used to prevent evils on your wedding or to protect the bride from evils. But today, it is more like an adornment and to make the bride to look good. Basically the bride can decide on what the gown and veil will look like and how she will wear it.

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Wedding Makeup, Hair and Bridal Beauty

This is also one of the most important parts of a wedding that you need to do; this is usually done the day of the wedding. Why do you think it is important? We know that this is an important event and there are a lot of witnesses including our creator, it is necessary to be at our best for this day because this is an event that you will do once in a lifetime. What if you don’t know how to make up? Oh! That would be a great problem. But there are people who are used to doing such thing which are usually called Makeup Artist, there are also people who do this alone and can do it once you call them, they are called freelance makeup artist. Meaning they don’t work for anybody, they work for themselves. You can find one of them and can hire them for their service. Basically they are the professional ones for doing such job and they are more likely to make the best out of you.

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Communicating from your hairstylist as they cut your hair is also important. In this situation, you are directing your hairstylist on how are the thickness and thinness of the hair from different sections of your hair. It is just like you are telling them what to do so that you will have your haircut and the hairstyle you want.


Adding colors from your hairstyle is also a great way to have a good appearance; you must choose the right color and if necessary try the dark colors not light colors.

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Miscellaneous & Just-In-Case Item

So what are these? These are the items that you need to have in case of emergency. There are instances that there will some problems that will occur before the wedding day. Usually they are just small items but can help a lot in case of emergency.

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Here are some of them: • Sewing KitWell this can be simple item but can help much in case there are problem regarding the dress that you will use. Some problem can’t be seen unless it’s the actual day so it is better to be ready for such things. • DeodorantWell this might be awkward for some people, but you need to have one. You don’t want your wedding to be messed up so be sure to bring one.

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• BandagesThis can be a very handy tool that you can use if you are going to attend any event. This can be use to hide something inside your dress or if there is something rough on it. • Comb and BrushesThis are very simple tools but most people forget to bring this one to the habit that “well I think someone will have one and I just have to borrow” Actually this is not a good idea, be sure to bring your comb and brushes that you can use before the wedding.