How to Personalize Your Marketing

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At the 2012 Inbound Marketing Conference, keynote speaker Gary Vaynerchuk said, "If content is king, then context is God." My presentation at the Boston B2B Camp in September sought to dive deeper into what Vaynerchuk meant by this, and develop ways for marketers to bake context into their work. This presentation outlines the topics covered in the talk. Enjoy! If you have any further questions, or would like me to present at your next conference, please email me at


<ul><li> 1. From Content to Context:or, How to Do the Marketing Tango#b2bcamp @stevehaase</li></ul> <p> 2. Why ContextContext Boo: #b2bcamp @stevehaase 3. Context Hooray:#b2bcamp @stevehaase 4. What is Context?1. The critical differences between the various segments of your market.2. The phase your relationship is at with each individual in those segments.#b2bcamp @stevehaase 5. Creating Segments1. Determine who your personas are. Start by asking, What are the meaningful distinctions between my different customers?2. Gather the data that will tell you which persona best describes each new lead on your website. Touch points for this data include:- Specific pages viewed- Forms filled out- Answers on those forms (e.g. geography, job title, biz size)- Items purchased- Offline conversations with sales and/or support- Emails clicked Exercise: Develop two different personas for your business, based on thedistinctions above.#b2bcamp @stevehaase 6. Relationship Where is someone at in the buying journey with you?A simple framework for this could be: Awareness Evaluation Purchase #b2bcamp @stevehaase 7. Lets Build the Content/Context Matrix! (Persona 1)(Persona 2)AwarenessEvaluationPurchase#b2bcamp@stevehaase 8. What Content Can You Contextualize? Email (easy) Offers (easy) Smart forms on your offers (advanced) Blog posts (easy) Note: Search engines will make thecontextual match based on what the searcher typed. Web page content (advanced) e.g. CTAs, dynamicpages, requires special software Adwords (easy) Retargeted ads (medium) Mobile friendly site (medium)#b2bcamp @stevehaase 9. Lets Take it Across the LineExercise: Go back to your matrix andcreate ideas for personalized contentfor both of your personas, at eachstage of the buying cycle.Use the completed matrix to guideyour future content creation.#b2bcamp @stevehaase</p>