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1. ToOrder A PetPortrait 2. To Order A Pet Portrait1. Talk to me!2. Discuss the elements3. Approve the sketch4. Frame5. Deliver to door stepto hang on wall :) 3. Talk to me!e-mail me at arrange for an online chat or a phonecall+65xxxxxx 4. Discuss the elements The Pet The Pets Persons likesBackground COLOUR Painting size 5. petemail me photos of your pet that capture theirpersonality Photo Tips Get down on your knees and LOOK INTO YOUR PETS EYE, the perfect petportrait is shot HEAD ON. In focus, good lighting and with no parts of the animal cropped off likeears or tail. Always save images in the highest resolution settings possible 6. the pets personslikesThis can be anything that is dearto your heart, whether a food, acharacter, a sport, a machine... soyou can have a little bit of you inyour pet portrait to make it justa little bit more special andlogical :) 7. Approve the sketch from severalphotoshop sketches consisting of cutouts of theelements discussed, on background of colours & sizeprefered.HERSHEY blue.psdHERSHEY red.psd 8. Artwork then created from final sketch(Hershey) photoshop sketch(Hershey) acrylic and watercolour on fine art paper100 x 120 cm 9. FrameClients inSINGAPORE canchoose fromsamples of theframes availableat my studioSILVERGOLDalternatively Illbe glad to referthem to the frameshop I use for30% specialdiscount onframing for petportraits by Brown Gold Strip Brown SilverRasha Eleyan.Strip 10. Deliver safely to doorstep tohang on wall :) 11. Portrait Gift Voucher available) (Cola & Spocks "me time") acrylic andwatercolour on fine art paper 110 x 90 cm


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