How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work Out

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  • 1. How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work OutLH Surge and Pregnancyhttp://LHSurge.orgNancy asksHow do you make a long distance relationship work out?My boyfriend and I go to different high schools. Just recently after two weeks of not seeing him,I found a pic on this old friend of mines facebook profile of my guy carrying her on his shoulders.This signalled to me that as busy as Ive been with college apps, I should be spending moretime with him or talking on the phone just so he doesnt drift to other girls.Observations and suggestions highly encouraged. Thanks!Blissful Relationship answers:Your boyfriend actually said, Spend more time with me or Im going to get attention from othergirls?Honey, thats emotional blackmail. Why be in a relationship with a guy who would saysomething so awful to you? My husband and I had to do the LDR thing twice, and he NEVERsaid anything even remotely close to that. He was devoted 100%, even during the time we wentfor 3 months without seeing each other.Frankly, I think your relationship needs to end. 1/7
  • 2. Ruth asksHow to make a long distance relationship work?My boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months and we are incredibly happy together. Werarely fight, we do cute things for each other, ETC. I live in Maine and he is going to be movingto Washington (Across the country) and I love him and want everything to work out. How doyou make a long distance relationship work? Ive never been in one before so I dont knowwhat steps to take or what to expect. Thank you in advance, I Truly appreciate it.Blissful Relationship answers:Long distance relationships arent as hard to maintain as everyone makes them out to be. Itsthe people in them that make them complicated. I am currently in a relationship with a Marine.Here are a few words of advice for you: dont let others influence or bring you down in yourrelationship. Stay strong and faithful. Time is a concept that you make important and distance isonly as great as you make it. Dont over complicate the simple things. Find others in a simplesituation to gain support from.Here is a website that has ideas, many others in a similar situation, and a lot of great ways tocope with the distance.Www.lovingfromadistance.comI wish you luck, keep your head up. 2/7
  • 3. Donna asksHow do you make a long distance relationship work?My boyfriend and I live 2000 miles away from each other. We email and talk to each othereveryday and so far its worked great. How do I go about keeping it going though so we bothstay interested? Anyone out there in the same boat or now married after being in a longdistance relationship?Blissful Relationship answers:I can relate! Were about 4,500 miles apart and have been for close to 2 years now. I cant waitto finally move there! We do plan on getting married.I admit at times we both got a little bored because after months and months of the same thing itcan be tiresome. But you fight through the boring times, they dont last and there are things youcan do to try to help.We use Skype to talk when were both home, and we have webcams so we can see each otherwhenever we want. We also use Msn to chat while hes at work sometimes.Other things we do we download and watch movies together, or watch dvds we both have. Dothat while being on Skype or some other program that allows you to talk, and you can hear theother person laugh, make comments whenever you want as if you were at the movies together.Lol 3/7
  • 4. We also play games. Computer games like Burnout Paradise, or puzzle games such as Sudukoon msn. Find a game you both like and play it at the same time. You could help each other outwith levels or laugh over having trouble (like me, I kept smashing into walls with my car inburnout paradise).There are also mmorpgs, which is an online multiplayer game. The most popular one I know ofis World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings online (although we dont play them). If you do somesearching you might be able to find a game that interests both of you And the cool thing aboutit is actually being able to interact with each other, be along aside each other, etc even if it isjust virtual.Other then that, just try to keep things as normal as possible. Ask about their day and tell themabout yours. Even though emailing is convenient, send each other letters and cards in the mail(because its always such a great feeling to get one).My favorite quote:Together forever, never apartMaybe in distance, but never at heart!Maria asks 4/7
  • 5. how would i make a long distance relationship work out?me and my girlfriend have been dating since december and she is amazing. but she lives inohio and i live in massachuesetts. i love her soo much but idk what to doBlissful Relationship answers:In making a long distance relationship work the first and most important thing you need to do iswanting to make it work and love that is strong enough to handle it.If you feel you have this and you really want to try the long distance thing then it is important tohave complete trust in your partner and to be completely honest with them. Like any relationshiptrust and honesty are key factors to making it work, but when you are in a long distancerelationship these two things become even more important. This because you are apart moreoften then you would probably be if you both lived in the same town.The other important thing to have in a long distance relationship is solid communication. It is soimportant not to keep your feelings bottled up inside of you because it will put strain on therelationship. If you tell your partner how you feel you guys will be better able to fix the issuesand find ways to keep that issues from recurring.I know that long distance relationships are tough and they dont work for everyone. I do believethough that if you truly want it to work and have trust, honesty, and communication it can. Myhusband and I were in a long distance relationship for 4 years and things were always tough onus especially since there was a time we went a year without seeing each other. I believe thatanyone who focuses on their partner during a long distance relationship will succeed, andhaving support around like family and friends really helps too.:] 5/7
  • 6. Susan askshow to make long distance relationships work?the guy im talking to is going back to college for his second year. weve known each other for 3years and we just started really liking each other this summer. we started talking when hefound out i liked him and he broke up with his gf of 3 years. since weve only been talking for 3weeks or so, we wanted to continue and see how things go. he thought about asking me out,but he didnt want to put so much pressure on the relationship bc it was too new and we hadbeen friends for too, how do you maintain these kind of relationships? i wanna make sure that he misses meand what not and wants to take things to the next level.Blissful Relationship answers:If he wants to date you, hell ask you.And if he wants to miss you, he will. You dont need to make sure of any of that. It seems likeyoure ready to date him, but he might still be hurting from his past relationship. First andforemost, give him time and space if he asks for it.Long distance relationships require a lot of trust, communication, and honesty. You need to trustthat theyre not cheating on you, and everything of that nature.Communication is vital. If he doesnt tell you hes going to a concert or something that nightand you cant get a hold of him, the first thing to pop in your head might be Hes cheating onme. Dont be afraid to ask what hes got going on that day, but try not to be too clingy about it.Local couples do the same thing; asking whats going on that day.And lastly, you need to be honest about everything. Its easy to hide things in a LDR, and ifsomethings on your mind, talk to him about it! Thats the most important thing.Powered by Yahoo! AnswersLH Surge and Ovulation 6/7
  • 7. How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work Out 7/7Powered by TCPDF (


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