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    How to make log with RS-232 on WeTek Play

    How to make log with RS-232 cable on WeTek Play

  • Prerequisites: WeTek Play RS-232 cable (included in WeTek Play giftbox) USB to Serial cable PuTTy application for Windows users PC with Windows running on it.

    Introduction: In this tutorial we will help you to understand how to make log in case that You need to create one and to send to WeTek Support to help You to resolve or fix some bug. NOTE: Each WeTek Play device is delivered together with RS-232 serial cable, which You will connect to WeTek Play. To connect Serial cable with PC, You will need USB to Serial cable, the one with PL2303 or FTDI chip.

    Software and Tools:

    PuTTy (For Windows users) -


    1. Download PuTTy application from link shown above

    2. Insert RS-232 cable on back side of WeTek Play in RS-232 port.

    3. Connect RS-232 Serial cable to USB to Serial cable

    4. Connect USB to Serial cable to PC (Keep in mind that You MUST have previously installed drivers for USB to Serial cable)

    5. Click on Start - Control Panel - Device Manager - Ports (COM & LPT). There You should see something for example: USB-Serial (COM 22). In your case it can be different COM port number. See picture:

  • 6. Now, open PuTTy application.

    7. Select Serial as Connection type, in Serial line field write right COM port number. For example if in Device Manager, Your USB-Serial is at COM22, You will write COM22 in Serial line. Speed set to 115200. For more information see photo below:

    8. To enable logging, or to save output from WeTek Serial console to some file, which You can send to

    WeTek Support, click on Logging from Left side, which is locaed just under Session.

    9. In Logging options select: All session output, then click on Browse, to choose location where You will save your log output. Best is to save it to desktop. See photo below:

  • 10. After all of this is done, click on Open button, and Power ON your WeTek Play device. Now You will see all debug informations directly comming from Serial interface connected to WeTek Play.

    NOTE: Keep in mind, that if You followed this tutorial, location of your log will be at Desktop of your PC, named as putty.log.


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