How to Make Fried Noodles

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<p>How To Make Fried Noodles</p> <p>Ingredients/ Material:1. Noodles2. Onions3. Garlic4. Olive oil5. Tomatoes6. Lemon7. Carrots8. Plate9. Spoon10. Fork 11. Water12. PanSteps/ Methods: 1. Prepare all the necessary ingredients on the table or another flat surface2. Heat your frying pan and add some olive oil in it while it's heating up.3. Open the noodles from the package and crumble them into average pieces (not too small though)4. Your crumbled noodles should look a bit small like you see in the picture.5. After your frying pan is hot enough with the oil and such, just put all of the chopped ingredients into the frying pan. Leave it there for a while and stir.6. If the chopped ingredients are ready after some time, add the crumbled noodles there. Stir it for a while.7. If the noodles smell great with the others, add the seasoning that came with the packet. If you didn't get one, then just add a pinch a salt or more according to your taste. Stir it up again. Now add some water in it. The noodle shouldn't sink in the water. Only 75 % of it should be.8. Keep out creation in the frying pan until all the water soaks up in the noodles. Now, squeeze about half a lime or according to your taste. There you have it! You're now ready to serve the president some nice fried noodles.</p>


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