How to make delicious frozen french fries

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Can we make delicious french fries as McDonald's and KFC at home?


  • Amisy

    How to Make Delicious Frozen French Fries

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  • Amisy

    French fries in McDonalds and KFC are all frozen french friesWhich need secondary fry before eating. Frozen french fries hasmore attractive appearance and delicious taste due to morenutrition are kept in production.

    High quality frozen french fries withlow oil have golden brown color andcrisp skin outside fresh and tender chips.The attractive color is mainlydetermined by blanching time and fryingtime, while the cooling time and fryingtemperature have much influence on oilcontent and water content.

    General Making ProcedureThere is no difference in making freshfried french fries and frozen french friesexcept for the final fry and freeze parts.As frozen french fries need secondaryfry, the frying time should be shortercompared with fresh fried french fries.

    The general frozen french friesprocessing steps are washing andpeeling, slicing or striping, blanching,cooling and drying, frying, de-oiling andpackaging.

    Key Points in Blanching ProcessSliced or striped potatoes needblanching before frying to remove starchand inactivate enzyme.

    Potato chips blanched in short time willstill have enzyme and they are easy togo bad. While once blanched in hotwater in long time, french fries will havepoor palatability and mouthfeel. Whatsmore, long process time need more fueland electricity increasing investment.The best blanching time for frozenfrench fries is 7-15 minutes in 70. Fordifferent amount of potatoes, theblanching time and water temperaturecan be adjusted.

    Factors in Drying ProcessBlanched french fries are full of waterand need drying before fried. Longerdrying time, less water content. Oncepotatoes have much water loss, they willbecome hard and not tasty.

    Important Tips in Frying ProcessFrying is one important step whicheffects the appearance and shape offrench fries. The oil content in frenchfries will increase heavily when potatoesare fried in low temperature in shorttime and high temperature in long time.Whats more, the color of french frieswill change into dark brown if potatoesare fried in hot oil.

    The best frying time for french fries is8-10 minutes, while for thin potato chips,the frying time can be around 6 minutes.High quality french fries usually haveoil content in 4.8%-5.7% and innerwater content in 65%-70%.

  • Amisy

    How to make delicious FrenchFires at Home

    Wish to make delicious french fries likeMcDonalds and KFC? Dont worry! Itseasy to make potato chips and frenchfries at home.

    What you have to know first is thatfrench fries in McDonalds and KFC aremade from potato powders, not sliced orstriped potatoes. Still have questionsabout the differences, please look lastnews Sliced Potato Chips VS CompoundFrench Fries.

    In homemade french fries process,potatoes are striped less than 1cm.Striped potatoes are cooked in hot waterfor 3 minutes after soaked in salt water.Then put blanched potato strips intorefrigerator to freeze. Fry frozen frenchfries in hot oil for 2-3 minutes beforeeating.

    McDonalds Ingredient ofFrench Fries

    Food in McDonalds and KFC seemsmuch more attractive and delicious thananywhere else. Let us have a glance attheir ingredients in a list whichMcDonalds has stated on YouTube.

    The full raw material and ingredients ofMcDonalds French Fries are as follows:Potatoes, canola oil, hydrogenatedsoybean oil, safflower oil, naturalflavour (vegetable source), dextrose,sodium acid pyrophosphate (maintaincolour), citric acid (preservative),dimethyl polysiloxane (antifoamingagent) and cooked in vegetable oil

    (Canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil,hydrogenated soybean oil with THBQ,citric acid and dimethyl polysiloxane)and salt.


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