How to make Acetone Peroxide Explosive

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Acetone peroxide explosives


Acetone Peroxide --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Make at own risk. Detonates if struck by objects. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* Acetone 75% 3ml * Ethyl ether Distilled water * Hydrogen peroxide concentrated 30% 30ml 50ml * Sulfuric acid *

==================================================================== METHOD: To a 500-mL beaker add 50 mL of acetone, then stir in 30 mL of 30% hydrogen peroxide. Place the beaker in a salt-ice bath and cool it to 5 C. After cooling, slowly add 3 mL of 75% sulfuric acid drop by drop with an eye dropper. Stir the mixture continuously while adding the acid, keep the temperature betwee n 5 C to 10 C, stop adding acid if the temperature gets to high. It is very important that you moderate the reaction, high temperatures will lower your yiel d and cause the formation of the less useful dicyclo isomer. After adding all the acid, continue stirring for 5 minutes. Keep the mixture in the bath for 1 to 3 hours, or even up to 24 hours. After sitting, a white precipitate should have formed. Filter the mixture to collect the crystals, then wash them with 300-500 mL of water. Allow the crystals to dry before using, keep them damp if storing. For increased purity, add the precipitate to ethyl ether and let it dissolve. Place the ethyl ether solution in a separatory funnel and wash by shaking with three portions of cold water. Add the ethyl ether solution to a beaker and heat it on a steam bath to evaporate the ethyl ether. It should take about 3 hours to dry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...Acetone Peroxide... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Warning: Highly sensitive Det. Velocity: +/- 5300m/s (Iv made this an d it works well when mixed in with petrolleum jelly, Burns similar to gunpowder at a higer speed.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------