How to Keep Your Kids Protected from the Sun this Spring

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<ul><li><p> </p><p>How to Keep Your Kids Protected fro the Su this Sprig Break </p><p>It is this time of the year where the weather is perfect to do </p><p>some outdoor activities with friends and family. This is also </p><p>the season where the sun brings problems to the skin. Most </p><p>people, especially kids, spend most of their day out on the </p><p>eah or pool. Make sure to get ou ad our hildres ski protected from the harmful effects of the sun. </p><p>Sun Protection Should Begin as Early as Possible </p><p>Spring break activities for kids are exciting. However, children are more prone to sunburns caused by the </p><p>harmful UVA and UVB rays than adults. This is because they have a more sensitive skin. While kids with </p><p>darker skin may be less at risk, they still need aple su protetio. A as ski is thier tha the adults, hih is h protetio fro the su is etreel iportat ee for aies. Also, eposig babies under 12 months to direct sunlight is not recommended. Make sure that they are kept under a </p><p>shade and use a child friendly sun protecting product. </p><p>There is a Sunscreen Formulated for the Face </p><p>Facial sunscreens are made in the form of emulsions, creams, or lotions. Some brands even have special </p><p>products for different skin types and indication. Body sunscreen products, on the other hand, often </p><p>come in sprays or body milk which are recommended for children. Sports Kids in Dubai should have </p><p>sunscreen evenly applied to the entire body, especially areas behind the ears. </p><p>Apply Sunscreen 30 minutes Before Sun </p><p>Exposure </p><p>It takes about 20 to 30 minutes before the </p><p>sunscreen is absorbed by the body. Make sure to </p><p>apply it half an hour before sun exposure to </p><p>maximize the effect. Re apply at least every two hours, especially when doing football activities for </p><p>kids. This is applicable even when using waterproof </p><p>Sunscreen. </p></li><li><p> </p><p>Final Tips </p><p>Moisturizing is the ke to keep ou ad our hilds ski fro gettig daaged due to prologed su exposure. Replace the fluids lost by drinking water or juice frequently. If your child gets sun burnt, the </p><p>first thing you should do is find any cream for epitalisation. Always remember that outdoor activities are </p><p>only fun if you are well protected from the sun. -- </p><p>About The Site </p><p> is the largest dedicated provider of quality on-site after school activities, programs, </p><p>tutoring, summer camps, sports and child care services in United Arab Emirates. </p><p>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please visit </p><p>How to Keep Your Kids Protected from the Sun this Spring Break</p></li></ul>