How To Have A Long Distance Relationship

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<ul><li> 1. How To Have A Long Distance RelationshipLH Surge and Pregnancyhttp://LHSurge.orgSandra asksHow do you prepare for a long distance relationship?My boyfriend will be moving out of state (about 15 hours away by car) for his residency. Themove will be happening in about 4 months.Im not ready to follow him, but Im not willing to give up the relationship, either. Does anyonehave any tips to prepare for an approaching long distance relationship? Is there anything weshould do or discuss before he leaves?To clarify I may move eventually. Im just not ready to move when he does.Blissful Relationship answers:Ive been in a long distance relationship for a year now with a guy in another country.First thing to do:Make sure you both have webcams! Its a lot easier when you can at least see you guy throughthe computer everyday.*Communication is everythingDownload MSN, AIM, YIM, anything! 1/6 </li> <li> 2. Phone cards, their $10 for 300 minutes usually.Prepare for nights when you both will get into arguments, It does happen! And prepare forresolving the conflict with words only without physical contact. This can strengthen arelationship, or put strain on a weak one.Its very easy to feel lonely, or to feel like you want to end the relationship because you canthandle the agony. Talk to him everyday, make time zone differences work out, text little cutenotes to eachother when your at work, and trust me-if you do that the distance will not matter toyou.Make special trips to go see eachother, I can only see my guy 3 times a year due to my collegeschedule and financial issues. Itll give yourself something to look forward to.Trust your guy, most people say they can never be in a long distance relationship because theywouldnt know if their man is cheating. Well, he can cheat when he is 3 miles from you, or3000.Good luckHope I helped.Lizzie asksHow to keep a long distance relationship?After a few months of denial, my friend and i finally expressed our true feelings for each other.Overall, its a good feeling, but we have one major issue. We both live in 2 different states &amp; weare afraid that we might be able to keep up with this long distance relationship. What can wedo, when we are barely starting out and we already have fears about long distance 2/6 </li> <li> 3. relationship. I really need some advice. Please and thank youBlissful Relationship answers:Well, long distance relationships are really hard, but the most important thing is to know eachothers expectations. Talk about what each one of you expects out of the long distancerelationship. Is it important to you to talk every night? Do you get exhausted by constant textmessaging during the day? Do you need to hear I miss you in every conversation or does itdepress you? If you discuss these things up front, you will have a good basis for a long distancerelationship. Make sure youre not relying too much on impersonal modes of communication,like texting and messenger. If you dont already have webcams, get some! You can chat forfree right on Facebook Video Chat Rounds ( chatting is much more intimate than the phone (and cheaper) and will help you avoid lotsof misunderstandings and awkward silences.Carol asksHow can you let a long distance crush turn to a relationship?I can see the potential for a good relationship with a guy who is far away from me. We knoweach other, have seen each other, we are both single, we are both looking for a meaningfulrelationship, but we are so far away from each other. What steps should I take to turn thisonline conversations to something more meaningful? Any comments are welcome, especially ifyou have experience with long distance relationships. 3/6 </li> <li> 4. PS. We are that kind of people who doesnt want random dates. Every relationship is apotential for marriage. (religion and culture)Blissful Relationship answers:You already have a relationship with him, where it goes is up to the two of you.Betty asksHow to deal with a long distance relationship?I have never been in a long distance relationship, and I just got involve with one recently, andIve no idea how to go about it. Help?Blissful Relationship answers:Give the other person space to do what they want, but be sure to make time for them, too! Youdont want to be calling them constantly, but the two of you can at least talk on the phone for 30minutes to an hour every day or write to each other. 4/6 </li> <li> 5. Laura asksWhat can i do with my long distance relationship?So ive been in a long distance relationship with a beautiful girl i met at a youth mission trip.Were really friendly and cute with each other and we talk to each other a lot, but i want to go upand above to show her how much i care about her. Do you guys have any ideas?Blissful Relationship answers:@Gimpster: Ive been in a LDR for two years, it works.Just keep the flame going, and while it may go out for a period of time, just never let her forgetyou care so much about her. Talk to her every day, get skype so you can see each other, mailher some gifts if you can afford it, write her songs if you are musically talented, or just make hersmile by having a fun conversation. It should work out if you two do your partPowered by Yahoo! AnswersLH Surge and Ovulation 5/6 </li> <li> 6. How To Have A Long Distance Relationship 6/6Powered by TCPDF ( </li> </ul>


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