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1. How To Get ATWITTER Account MAT J 2. In this presentation to show you how to Get a TWITTER account and to show howit works. This also helps you understand whatfollowers are and etc. 3. Step 1 First you have to Type TWITTER in your search engine thenit will say TWITTER at the top then youclick it: CLICK THIS! 4. Step 2 Then you have to Then you will see this: To sign up you need to type your full name, email andpassword. 5. Step 3 Then Once you type in your name, email andpassword this will show up: Then you click create my account. 6. Step 4 Then Then this may or may not show up for butjust type in what you think it shows: Then it will create your account: 7. Step 5 Viewing your profile Once you get your account it will say MEat the top if you click that it will show youyour profile picture, tweets, who you are following and your followers: 8. Step 6 Then Then when you follow someone what theytweet will come up on your account homepage: 9. TWITTER In My Opinion I think Twitter is very good for work andsocial uses because you can send tweetsup to 140 characters to make plans forwork or meet up with friends 10. Benefits of TWITTER The benefits of TWITTER is being able tofollow people (friends) and be followed byfriends and it a world wide to othercountrys as well. The other benefits are that businesses canadvertise their product, schools can putout advise to the students and help themwith work and the police can use twitter tosee if anyone is doing something illegaland stop it. 11. How To Secure Your Twitter Account To protect your tweets you would have toclick Tweet Privacy and it should protectall your tweets. You could also protect your self on Twitterby not letting others see your real emailaddress so you dont get sent spam orviruses.