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    Team Leader, Enterprise Europe Network, RTC North YorkshireLeo Donato

    Enterprise Europe Network Coordinator, Invest NIAndy Millar

    Innovation Adviser, Enterprise Europe Network, Chamberlink LtdAndrew North

  • 1. Innovate UK A family of support

    Andrew North EEN (Chamberlink Ltd)

    2. Its a big world out there

    Leo Donato - EEN (RTC North)

    3. Collaboration Have high standards

    Andy Millar EEN (Invest Northern Ireland)

    4. Any Questions

  • Innovate UK

    A family of support

  • A family of support

    Connecting you to

  • Discover partners locally, nationally and


    Attend networking and collaboration events

    Understand and access funding opportunities

    Be investment ready

    Explore the future market for your innovation

    Maximise your innovation potential

    Access expert knowledge from universities and

    research organisations

    No matter what stage you are at, Innovate UK

    can help you:

  • KTN Connects people - To speed up innovation, solve

    problems and find markets for new ideas.

    Established to foster better collaboration between

    science, creativity and business, KTN has specialist

    teams covering all sectors of the economy from

    defence and aerospace to the creative industries,

    the built environment to biotechnology and robotics.



    15 Sector Based


    17 Special

    Interest Groups

  • The worlds largest business support network.

    Free and simple to use with local contacts and

    insight across each part of the UK

  • 600 partner organisations in more than 50 countries

    to help your business innovate, grow and succeed

    in the European marketplace.

  • There are no wrong doors at Innovate UK. Just ask any member of the Innovate UK family

  • Its a big world out there

  • Partnership Tools

    The EEN Business Opportunities Database

    40,000 live opportunities:

    Commercial offers/requests;

    Technological offers/requests;

    Horizon 2020 partner searches.

    International Brokerage Events and Missions to

    meet new partners.

  • EEN Database - Search

  • Discover

  • EEN database: Technology Offer

  • EEN database: Business Request

  • Your route to finding international business partners, accessing funding and succeeding in new markets.

    Find new markets for your products Access funding and finance Promote your innovation across Europe Find the right partners for new R&D Gain free business advice and guidance Take part in a wide variety of networking events Source or license new technologies Understand how to protect your intellectual assets Learn how EU regulation and guidance affects you Have your say in Europe


    How does it work?

    1. Register

    2. Create your profile What are you offering or looking for?

    3. Book your meetings

    4. Receive your personal meeting


    5. Attend the facilitated event

    Note: An EEN brokerage event is taking place now at INNOVATE 2016

  • EEN Brokerage Events

  • Tools cant do everything. Being able to connect

    internationally requires the right attitude and

    mind-set as well as a good understanding of other

    (business) cultures


    DARE TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF (BE COURAGEOUS). That fear of rejection it is largelyunfounded. Most people will be more receptive to your attempts to reach out tothem than you think.

    YOUR CHANCE IS NOW (Carpe Diem). When you can approach someone do it.Never think I will do later.

    SIMPLIFY (HAVE A PLAN). Try to figure out in advance what exactly others can do tocooperate with you and identify all necessary steps what are the benefits in workingwith you

    GET THE OTHERS THINKING (SURPISE). Ask the right and do not simply memorizing or blindly accept information. Effective questions are open-ended and not leading questions. They are not "why" questions, but rather "what" or "how" questions. "Why" questions are good for soliciting information, but can make people defensive so be thoughtful in your use of them. When asking effective questions, it is important to wait for the answer and not provide the answer.

    LISTEN. the client comes to you, not only for your ability to win a lawsuit, to negotiatea settlement, or draft a document, but also for your wisdom. You evidence yourunderstanding or wisdom by listening to your client - not just asking questions ordelivering the service. When clients are listened to they feel understood and aremore trusting of you. Effective listening is a skill that requires nurturing and needsdevelopment

    IMPORTANCE OF RELATIONSHIPS. Develop genuine relationships, not just a businesscard exchange. Find something you have in common with, keep it light, makejokes, and above all, show that you care. BE INTRESTING - beyond the business talks.

    It starts with you!!

  • The Importance of Culture

    Culture is the collective programming of the mind (values, visions, artefacts,

    rules, working style, beliefs, habits) which distinguishes the members of one

    group/ category of people (populations and or countries) from another.

    Culture influences business management, decisions and all business functions

    from accounting to production. The failure to understand cultural differences

    can bear serious consequences, (specially in business): misunderstandings,

    poor interpersonal and intergroup relationships, inefficiency, higher costs and


  • The challenge lies in recognizing differences, combining

    the advantages that stem from different styles and

    approaches, adjusting and adapting to succeed with

    different people, in different partnerships, and in different


  • Collaboration -

    Have high standards

  • A step back why would you want to connect?

    CEN/TS 16555: A standard for connecting

    & collaboration management




  • Innovation, connecting, collaborating







    Connecting as part of Innovation


  • CEN/TS 16555

    A technical standard for innovation?? An

    operating manual on how to be creative ??

    Sounds like

    Management of Innovation using a

    technical standard?

  • Like ISO 9000 all about management

    Covers 5 areas:

    1. Strategic Intelligence

    2. Innovation Thinking

    3. IP Management

    4. Collaboration Management

    5. Creativity Management

    What is CEN/TS 16555?

  • Defines types of collaboration

    Open Innovation, Consortium, Bilateral, Internal

    each of which could happen within the

    following business scenarios:

    Project driven

    Ad-hoc/ opportunity driven collaboration,

    generating new business/concepts

    Long term strategic collaborations

    Collaboration Management in

    CEN/TS 16555

  • How to plan it

    Project review

    Inbuilt checkpoints procedure needed?

    Opportunity driven

    Where to look - procedure needed?

    How to assess, and authorise - procedure needed?

    Long term

    Is there a policy? (do company strategic

    plans mention anything?)

    Collaboration Management in

    CEN/TS 16555Collaboration Management in

    CEN/TS 16555

  • How to implement

    Training? Resources (legal, IT)?, Integration into

    company procedures?

    How to monitor it

    CRM system?

    How to assess it


    Collaboration Management in

    CEN/TS 16555

  • You dont have to follow standards or copy other organisations, but if you dont you should make that an informed decision.

  • Success StoriesSteve Crighton,

    Managing Director, Pollywood

    Wood tubes an alternative to steel, aluminium and glass fibre

    Mick Karol,

    Managing Director, Blueprint Product


    The next generation of design

  • Thank youAre there any questions?