How to buy cheap WOW Gold from WOWGOLDUP?

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Would like to buy the cheapest WOW Gold? Come and buy world of warcraft gold from WOWGOLDUP!


How to buy WOW Gold at

How to buy WOW Gold at 1:Visit our site(, andyou will find a navigation bar that is placed at the top of the page. You can click the collectionthat you want to buy(such as WOW Gold US orWOW Gold EU).

You can also choose thecollectionfrom here:.Step 2:Choose your product and World of Warcraft Gold amount that you want to buy. For example, If you want to buy10,000 WOW GOLD US,just click anywhereas below:

Step 3:Fill your gameinformation and choose yourFaction,Server andDelivery Method. Click the button"Add to Cart".Notice: if your delivery method is Auction House, please enter your auction house name and gold amount in the "Note" box.As below:

Step 4:Shopping CartConfirm your order information that you have just entered. You canmodify the amount of gold give usleave a message. If you confirmed as correct, please the button"Checkout".As below:

Step 5:Customer informationEnter your personal info in this page. If have already an account with us, please click "Log In".In order to fast checkout next time, we strongly recommend that you check this box. You can enter theCoupon Code(Please pay attention to our promotions, you will know the discount code.).After completed, Click the button"Continu to payment method", you will choose the payment method.As below:

Step 6:Payment methodYou will choose your payment method in this page(We are so sorry! Currently, we only accept Paypal payment.). You will subscribe to our newsletter, we will give you send promotional news about WOW Gold. If you forgiven to enter the Coupon Code inprevious page, you can also enter the Coupon Code in this page. After Completed, click the button"Complete Order",you will be redirected to Paypal page to complete payment.

Step 7: Completed PaymentEnter your paypal info or credit card info, andcompleted yourpayment.We will receive your orderand delivery atthe first time for you.During this period,if you have any questions, please contact us.Similarly, we will contact with you if we have question.Completed these steps, you have bought WOW Goldfrom WOWGOLDUPsuccessfully!Thank you for your coming andhappy shopping!

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