How To Build Self Confidence To Approach Women

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  • 1. How To Build Self Confidence To Approach Women

2. What is self confidence? How do you build and improveyour self esteem, The problem of many guys are justhaving the confidence to walk up to a girl and talk to her,they get their brains frozen once she shows up, mostguys can't just stand up and address their peers. Nowthat is low self esteem but it could be improved over-timethrough a tried and tested techniques.Many guysare stuck with inferiority complex, I was at first, I wasscared of approaching pretty girls, like they would beatme up if I say the wrong things, I tried to change but itonly takes them showing up again before I start sinkingagain, this problem lingered for months and even yearsbefore I figured I could improve. 3. Low confidence is not being able to state the obvious; itis whimpering when you are giving the opportunity tolay your claims, you always end up worried behind thescene, throwing dirt on your skin. Women yearn fortough and confident guys; guys that know what they aredoing so if you want to get the right girl you aredreaming about you need to have self confidence.Hereare three major moves to make to build your selfesteem, to be able to pass all the test of women.Women test men in relationships, you know those daysthey refuse to pick your calls and those days she showsup after you have waited for hours, you know thosetimes she plays all those girl games and have you callingevery 4. other minutes just to make sure you don't lose her?Well, those are how women test men.And if you need toeffectively by-pass this sort of tests you need toeliminate inferiority complex, how? 5. You'll never rise up if you continually pull yourselfdown.Look Good, Feel Good - Look after yourappearance. When you know you look good, you feelmore confident. Wear styles and colors that suit you.You can get help with this from image consultants or usethe Internet to find tips and ideas. Two easy ways tolook good: Improve your posture, walk tall withshoulders back. There's plenty of videos on You Tubeshowing you how to do this. Not only does thiscommunicate confidence to others, it makes you feelmore confident too. Combine this with exercising forthirty minutes three times a week and you will easilyboost your confidence levels and improve your health atthe same time. 6. One more simple little action to take to help you feelgood and build confidence. Cut down on the amount ofjunk foods and processed foods. As well as beingnutritionally poor, they can leave you feeling sluggishand tired. Eat the best fresh food you can, it's anotherway of respecting yourself and remember: Garbage in,garbage out.You deserve to eat much better thangarbage. Unleash Your Power - You have the power ofchoice and the quality of your life will be determined bythe choices you make. So unleash your power andchoose to be self confident. Create a positiveenvironment around yourself by reading positiveaffirmations on waking. Watch motivating videos on YouTube and search for 7. positive blogs and websites to gain even moreinspiration. 8. As part of this positive environment, you will need tohave Good Company and associate with positive, like-mindedpeople as often as you can. Negative people willdrain you of energy, fill you with limiting beliefs andlower your confidence levels.Conversely, positive peoplewill inspire you, energize you and their assured selfconfidence will raise your confidence levels. They are apleasure to be around too. 9. It learns that whenever someone puts a piece of ropearound its ankle, it just won't be able to freeitself.People are very similar in that aspect. They stopbelieving in themselves after they've failed a fewtimes.Don't be like that elephant. You need that belief,as well as the other things we talked about, to reallyknow how to build self-confidence. 10.