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HOW TO ANSWER EXAM QUESTIONS. Understanding how to tackle different styles of questions: a,b,c,d and e. Tackling (a,b, c & d) questions AO1. AO1: Demonstrate knowledge, understanding and analysis[12 marks] Question: Short factual answer: one word/phrase one-two sentence.[1 mark] - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • HOW TO ANSWER EXAM QUESTIONSUnderstanding how to tackle different styles of questions: a,b,c,d and e

  • Tackling (a,b, c & d) questions AO1AO1: Demonstrate knowledge, understanding and analysis[12 marks]Question:Short factual answer: one word/phrase one-two sentence.[1 mark]Short explanation/outline: two points. Give a reason [2 marks]Short description of Christian beliefs/practice about an issue: four or five sentences/one paragraph. [3 marks]Explanation/analysis of an issue of Christian belief/practice: two or three paragraphs Levels marking. [6 marks]AO1: TOTAL 12 Marks

  • Tackling (d) questions AO1AO1: Describe, analyse and explain Christian beliefs/practices about an issueExplain the issues involved in the questionAs far as is relevant explain:How are individuals affected?How is the community/church is affected? (Social implications)Spiritual implicationsMoral dimension

  • Tackling (d) questions AO1

  • How to tackle (e) questions AO3AO2: Evaluating different responses to religious and moral questions and issues. Exploring different viewsGive 2 3 viewpoints including your own personal viewpointBack each viewpoint with evidenceInclude relevant evidence from Christianity.Some Christians would agree with this viewpoint because.Other Christians might disagree with this view because.My attitude/beliefs about this issue are. The reasons for my views are.because AO2: 12 MarksTOTAL 24 Marks

  • (e) Discuss an Issue/Statement: Give reasons, show that you have considered different views and refer to Christianity.My views about the issue/statement Evidence/reasons to support my views/ideas. (Give as many reasons as possible). back your ideasDifferent Christian beliefs, and arguments about the statement/issue Evidence/reasons to back Christian ideas. (Give as many reasons as you can)

    CONCLUSION: Summarise your main argument/explain why you agree/disagree with the statement or have no fixed opinion. Explain why you agree/disagree with Christian ideasIntro: Explain what the question is about: what are the issues

  • Question - Part (d) AO1: Demonstrate Knowledge, Understanding and Analysis [1-6 marks]Level 1 [1-2]: A weak attempt to answer the question.The inclusion of a small amount of relevant informationList with little description, explanation or analysisLittle or no use of specialist termsAmbiguous and/or disorganisedMany errors of grammar, punctuation and spelling (SPG)Level 2 [3-4]: A satisfactory answer to the question.Relevant but lacking detailSome description, explanation and analysis, but not fully developedInformation presented in structured form for the most part.Some use of specialist terms, but not always accurate/appropriateSome errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation still presentLevel 3 [5-6]: A competent answer. A fairly complete and full description/explanation/analysisComprehensive account with range and depth/Well structuredGood/significant use of specialist terms/Few errors of SPG

  • Question (e) AO2: Use of Evidence,Evaluation and Argument. [1-12]Level 1 [1-3]: An weak attempt to answer the question.Simplistic, lacking relevance/Little evidence to support ideas/viewpointsAmbiguous and/or disorganisedLack of specialist terms/many errors in SPGLevel 2 [4-6]: A limited answer.Some relevant information/one-sided views - little argument/discussionSome organisation. Vague reference to Christianity. Some specialist terms Level 3 [7-9]: A satisfactory answer.Relevant material with appropriate development. Evidence of appropriate personal response. Justified arguments. Different points of view. Structured response. Appropriate reference to Christianity. Specialist terms used accurately. A few errors of SPGLevel 4 [10-12]Answers reflect significance of issues raise and are supported with examplesA clear and supported personal response is givenRange of supported viewpoints/justified evaluation/ Well organised/structuredClear reference to Christianity/Appropriate use of specialist terms/Good SPG

  • Grade% OverallMarks for individual questions approximations (0-20)A* L490%23-24A L3-480%19-22B L370%16-18C L360%14-15D L250%12-13E40%10-11F30%7-9G20%5-6u0-15%0-4