How moms use social media to shop!

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Moms go Social Media savvy! What are mothers busy with? Nursing kids, sending children to school, cleaning home and buying groceries? Well that is very old news! New-age mothers do not just dothis; but they also find time for various other activities to keep them connected with rest of the world. Mothers these days are technologically more advanced than you might even imagine! They are super-connected virtually as they areveryactive users of social media. Todays digital momscommunicate on smartphones, exchange ideas through blogs, share thoughts on Facebook, suggest solutions through Twitter, populate interests via Pinterest, discuss concerns on Quora and even shop online. Mothers, especially in India are the gateway to sales; she is still the Chief Purchasing Officer at home! The shopping she does is not restricted to herself; but also for her family and friends. Did you know that about 58% of all online purchases are done by women; the rest are probably men buying what the women at home asked them to buy!No doubt; momsthese days have embraced social media to the fullest, it has now become the part and parcel their shopping agenda. Let us further find out how mothers make use of social media to meet their shopping requirements.


<ul><li>1.HOW MOMS USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO SHOPHow much does online networking influence our shopping habits?</li></ul> <p>2. WHY SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SHOPPERS? First place shoppers turn for advice Belief in virtual word-of-mouth Convenience &amp; time-saving Fetch great deals Helps shoppers stay trendy Online recommendations andsuggestions are highly valued 3. SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS MOMS FAVOUR Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest - three most popular social media platforms among moms Pinterest was the platform that most moms tried for the first time in the recent times Instagram is the technology moms are likely to try in future Polyvore and Olioboard are the new online services moms are exploring 4. 81%BLOGof usersBlogs are one of the chief influencers when itcomes to purchasing decisions.Moms approach blogs with an open mind tolearn something about particular topics relatedto child care or baby products.Depending on how influential the blogger is,parents trust their recommendations 5. 81%PINTERESTof usersMoms play a huge role in the rise of this social mediachannel.Destination for discovering products, shoppinginspiration, and tracking.Moms are usually here to find cool stuff for their kids.They are open to getting a direct recommendation ona product. 6. 73% of usersTWITTERMoms turn to twitter for recommendations for apparelsand toys for kids.They enrol themselves in special contests throughcompanies Twitter pages where they can availdiscounts.They also join workshops and other training classeslike parenting, recipes for children, etc. 7. 67% FACEBOOKof usersOnline users spend more time on Facebook than any otherwebsite.Though their main focus is on connecting with friends andfamily, they also get into conversation with friends to find outcool products and brands.Facebook ads attract many moms. Ads influence their buyingdecisions.Some moms enjoy interacting with their favourite brands as itmakes them feel more loyal to the brand. 8. TOP SOCIAL MEDIA SHOPPING CATEGORIES Video GamesToys 9. SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCEPercentage of consumers that use social media for specific product category video games 27% and systems baby 16% food baby and 23%toddler toys chocolates8% and sweets 10. DIGITAL MOMS ON SOCIAL MEDIAMothers are the gateway to sales.In India, mother is still the Chief Purchasing Officer at home!The shopping she does is not restricted to herself; but also for herfamily and friends.Social Media has now become the part and parcel of any mothersshopping agenda. They have embraced social media to the fullest. 11. </p>