How French People Celebrate Christmas BY: SHIVANI PATEL

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Slide 2 How French People Celebrate Christmas BY: SHIVANI PATEL Slide 3 French Christmas Desserts Throughout the French Christmas season, there are special traditional desserts that include: La bche de Nol - A log shaped cake made of chocolate and chestnuts. Le pain calendal Christmas loaf, part of which is traditionally given to a poor person. La Galette des Rois Round cake which is cut into pieces and is distributed by a child. Slide 4 French Christmas Decorations The sapin de Nol is the main decoration displayed in homes, streets, shops, offices, and factories. The sapin de Nol is decorated with apples, paper flowers, and ribbons, and was introduced in France in 1837. Mistletoe is hung above the door during the Christmas season to bring good fortune throughout the year. Slide 5 Le Rveillon- The Special Feast Every year, in France, Christmas is famous for le Rveillon a well known tradition for people all around the world. Rveillon is a French custom of breaking fast and eating a night- time meal after the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. This nineteenth century tradition is still celebrated within France and in many French Quarters around the world, including Canada and New Orleans in America. Slide 6 Yule Logs Yule Logs, made out of Cherry Wood are often burned in French homes. The log is carried into the home on Christmas Eve and is sprinkled with red wine to make the log smell nice when it is burning. Slide 7 Live Entertainment Christmas plays and puppet shows are popular entertainments at Christmas, especially in Paris and Lyons. The shop windows of large department stores have wonderful displays of animated figures that families like to visit. Slide 8 Shoes in place of Stockings Instead of stockings, sometimes French children set a shoe outside their door on Christmas Eve to be filled with candy, fruit, nuts, and small gifts. Although Christmas trees are not wildly popular, for those families that erect them, Pere Noel also decorates the tree on Christmas Eve when he comes to leave gifts. Slide 9 French Christmas Markets Similar to other countries in Northern Europe (Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland), most towns and cities in France host a Marche de Noel (French Christmas Market) at some point between late November and the end of December. They exude a fantastic atmosphere and offer great shopping opportunities. Slide 10 French Christmas Foods Each region in France has its own traditional Christmas menu. A traditional French Christmas will usually include: smoked salmon and oysters with bran bread and (real) butter, foie grass (goose of duck liver pate), goose, capon, or turkey stuffed with chestnuts and served with vegetables like green beans cooked with garlic and butter and provincial herbs sauted potatoes. Slide 11 Thats All Folks. Joyeux Noel!!!!!! Slide 12 Helpful Links Christmas Christmas