How Draw Birds

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  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds




    A brief guide

    by Michael Terry

    Michael Terry Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved

  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    Welcome to www.performingpencil.comthe site dedicated to drawing.

    How to draw birds.Birds are very rewarding to draw, there is such variety in shape andsie !ro" the tiny wren to a "agni!icent golden eagle# Can you thin$o! any other group o! creatures that has such contrast, on the onehand you have the s"all plain and hu"%le dunnoc$ and on theother a strutting glorious peacoc$& There is so "uch to draw hereso "uch to o%serve and capture#'or the "ost part %eing a%le to draw so"ething is down to care!ul

    o%servation, ta$e ti"e to study what you wish to draw# (oo$ at it)sproportions, how %ig is one part to another, !ind a part o! it that youcan co"pare to the rest # Also loo$ !or how things relate, visualie ahoriontal line running !ro" lets say the %ea$ that you are drawingacross to the %ac$ o! the head, does it line up li$e this on the %irdyou are drawing* +r a vertical line running up !ro" where you aredrawing in the legs to the %ac$, do they need to %e "oved either tothe le!t or right or are they ust !ine*

    But %e!ore you start !irst chose a soft drawing pencil like a 4B or8B and get a soft putty eraser rather than a conventional eraserand a good -uality drawing pad, these will help in achieving theresults you are a!ter#'or drawing %irds sit at your window and do -uic$ s$etches o! %irdson your %ird ta%le, this is a good way to get to $now di!!erent %irdspostures and %ehaviour# +r go to a par$ with a la$e or pond anddraw the water !owl and pigeons who can %e o%liging#

    .hat / a" going to show you now is how to start and wor$ throughto a !inished drawing#
  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    So lets get started.tart %y getting the overall shape o! the %ody, head and tail, thehead %eing the s"allest can %e used as a "easure !or the rest#ere / would li$e to "ention a very use!ul tool !or getting

    proportions right, its called the 'roportion !easure' and isincluded within the !ull eBoo$#To continue "a$e sure you s$etch lightly as you will want to re"oveany unwanted lines later#e3t s$etch in the wings then the %ea$ and legs4!eet, once you aresatis!ied that all these are in proportion you can start de!ining the%ird)s shape#e3t you can start on the detail %ut %e!ore you do so you can erase

    any unwanted lines, other wise it will %e di!!icult once all the detailsare in place#

    ow you can render in so"e shading, this will give it a "ore threedi"ensional appearance#

  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    "ow # want to show you the different

    stages of producing a drawing.

    'irst here is an overview o! the process#

  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    $his first e%ample is of a robin.

    Stage &neThe !irst stage is to get the overall %ody shape, once you are happywith this then you can "ove to the ne3t#

  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    Stage $wo/ have now added the %asic shape o! the tail#

  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    Stage $hreeow / have added the head and the wing, the with o! the head isthe sa"e as the length o! the tail#Measuring one shape against another will help you get shapes theright sie#

  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    Stage ourere / have added the %ea$, !eather areas on the wing and a%ranch#

  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    Stage i(e/ have added the eye, legs and "ore detail to the drawing, this isthe re!ining stage#

  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    Stage Si%This is "y !inal stage, / have lightly ru%%ed out the pencil lines sothat / can put in the detail li$e the !eathers on the wing#/ have also added shading to give the %ird !or"#

  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    $he second e%ample is an egret toreinforce the principles.

    Stage &neere li$e the !irst e3a"ple / have drawn the %asic %ody shape#

  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    Stage $woow / have added the head, nec$ and lower %ody shapes# ere youcan now use the head as a "easure, in this instance the length o!the head goes one and a hal! ti"es into the length o! the top %odyshape#

  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    Stage $hreee3t / have added shape to the head#

  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    Stage our(egs have now %een added and so"e ripples to indicate the water

    it)s standing in#

  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    Stage i(eere / have now %egan to add shape to the %asic shapes, the eye

    and head !eathers have also %een added#5ery close to !inishing the drawing#

  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    Stage Si%ere is the !inal drawing, / have added "ore detail li$e the !eathers

    near the tail and detail on the %ody also shading to help show !or"#

    +ne thing to re"e"%er, this is ust a s$etch not a !inished piece thatis going into the Royal Acade"y u""er 63hi%ition& 7ust rela3 itdoesn)t "ater i! you "a$e "ista$es, ust learn !ro" the" and enoyyour sel!&8on)t !orget ust rela3 and enoy drawing, its a %ig adventure with agreat ending#

  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    urther Help./ hope you have enoyed this eBoo$ sa"ple and have !ound ithelp!ul in developing your drawing s$ills, i! so then why not get holdo! the co"plete %oo$ which is !ull o! help!ul advise on drawing#

    .hat / have given you in this sa"ple is only a %asic guide, there isa lot "ore in the !ull eBoo$ which will help you to produce a drawingyou will %e happy with# Below are the su%ects covered within the%oo$#

    As / said at the %eginning / have also included an invalua%le toolthat will go a long way in helping you to achieve the results you areloo$ing !or in your drawings# / have called this tool the 'roportion!easure'and / thin$ you will !ind this indispensa%le#

    The eBoo$ 'How to )raw Birds' has a great deal "ore within it tohelp you to develop your drawing s$ills#

    The su%ects covered are9

    amiliari*ing yourself with the sub+ect.How much to draw.

    How to hold and use a pencil or pastel.!easuring proportions.)rawing through the sub+ect."egati(e space.Shading to show form and depth.erspecti(e.

    Step by step guide on how to draw a Bu**ards head

    ere / will go through the stages o! a drawing which will !urther helpyou to understand the process#

    (astly / cover the su%ect o! how to render !eathers#

    And also the invalua%le 'roportion !easure' tool#

    :o to www.performingpencil.comto o%tain this or one o! the

    other eBoo$s availa%le#
  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    Below are some more photos for you to draw from.

    Black tailed Godwit

    Blue Tit

  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds



  • 5/20/2018 How Draw Birds


    Widmonths/! you want to go even !urther in your develop"ent there are

    courses availa%le at These provide proects !oryou to wor$ on and also i! you wish personal !eed%ac$ and helpwith your wor$#There is also a !oru" and gallery to show your wor$ on#

    o go and have a loo$ at, apart !ro" the coursesavaila%le there is a wealth o! in!or"ation on wildli!e together with"y wildli!e diary which include "any o! "y photos ta$en in the !ield#

    A deeper understanding o! wildli!e can only help in your drawing#

    www.wildmonths.comHelping your understanding of the natural world